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January 1st 2017: Super-fan Meggy Blaine shows us a mega Scream & GhostFace Collection!

Well, this video came online via Meggy Blaine (A long time fan of Scream and GhostFace) on December 18th 2016… via a tweet she posted… it shows a brilliant collection that’s been built up over many years.. some absolutely gorgeous masks there among other things..  Meggy has some jewels’ in her possession here… including early tagged masks and even a Silver Chrome 25 Year Prototype Mask sent to her by RJ Torbert!
Watch below.. and Enjoy!

September 22nd 2016: GhostFace 25 Year Silver Masks are here!

25yrmasktypewpWell, finally i can give all the UK fans the same news as the USA fans have had for a couple of weeks…. The Silver GhostFace Masks are now IN STOCK on the MadboutHorror.co.uk Website!!
After a long struggle of trying to obtain these the UK fans can now finally see their Pre-Order paying off… Literally!!  If you have Pre-Ordered one from them, then you may have to check your inbox for a notification of payment being due, in which they will then send your brand new Anniversary mask to you ASAP.. (They are fast with postage too!!) … Even if you are a USA fan, or a fan in another country you can still contact them about purchasing one and whether they will ship a mask to you if you are in a far far away land..(Bear in mind that in some cases the postage may cost more than the actual mask!)
Click the Banner above for the listing on their site!

August 28th 2016: Obtaining a Silver 25 Year GhostFace Mask (Updated)


Well, as Halloween nears again fans have been commenting about the new ’25 Year GhostFace mask’.. as in, WHERE IS IT??? WHERE IS IT BEING SOLD?! I cant find it on Costume sites!!

Well, it seems that the fact of the mask being more of a Collector’s Piece has put off some retailers, which is daft really because with it being made ONLY in 2016 you would think that fans would be looking for this all over the place, but the normal sellers actually DONT have it ordered.. which has made some fans worry about HOW and WHERE they can get it.. Well, dont worry, because theres some Answers here..

The Mask does also come in Child and Adult Costumes.. Its THOUGHT to be the same size mask in both. (To be Confirmed).

So, where or how can fans in different countries obtain a mask? … See Below..

USA fans can find the Masks in…

Savers (Also Metallics will be in there)
Goodwill Stores
And also contact ‘ Erwin Distributing ‘ Who may be able to tell you more info

UK Fans

Palmer Agencies based in Belfast are the main UK Distributor, Info could be gotten from them maybe.
Places I KNOW THAT WILL have them are…

MadaboutHorror.co.uk (Linked on the ‘Links’ and ‘Costumes’ Page here)
On the costumes pages you will see images that link to ALL Scream/GhostFace items they sell.. (Always being added to)
The ‘Costumes’ page DOES HAVE an image link there to PRE ORDER the Silver 25 Year Mask (Deposit of £5 Required)

MadaboutHorror.co.uk WILL SHIP TO USA FANS IF NEED BE… But you have to take into account that in some cases the postage may cost more than the mask purchase itself !

Karnival House Costumes.. (Also linked to on the same pages, although NO PRE ORDER links are on the site over there yet??)

Any Australian Fans?

Well you can find out more info on the availability of the Silver mask via CostumeBox Website im told.
(There is NO item listed as of yet, but i suggest to contact them anyway and see what info they have)

I recently made a quick video below.. that covers this topic/article

UPDATE: Many fans have been to ‘Savers/Value Village’ Stores and NOT SEEN the Silver Chrome mask displayed… I have been told to advise fans to ASK FOR THE MASK, as it may not be out on display yet..
I STRONGLY advise that you CALL the nearest store to you first and save yourself the fuel if the Silver Masks are not there for whatever reason..  Question it first.. Then go in if you get the answer you want.
Also.. Regarding Goodwill’ Stores… Some fans tell me that their ‘Goodwill’ is actually a THRIFT STORE.. so will they have the masks? Answer: Not sure.. all i can advise is to maybe contact your local store first and ask if that mask is on the way in to the stores stock, or even out on display somewhere..

When i first put this article up some fans questioned about ‘Goodwill’ stores having the Silver masks, because they thought the store only sold donated items, i then contacted RJ Torbert and he told me that the store chain had been purchasing many a Fun World product for years… so there you have it.. NOT only a store that sells donated items only.. they do sell NEW merchandise too.

August 3rd 2016: The House that Eluded me – Casey Beckers House- Zach Cook


For a while now i have known loads of Scream and GhostFace fans because we all come to the internet to show our love of the films and general topic, and whatever else that is linked.. for instance.. Filming locations… for a while now, fan ‘Zachary Cook’ has been wanting to see his favourite location, the Casey Becker house, or in real life, ‘7420 Sonoma Mountain Road’.. ever since filming commenced and completed the access has been VERY limited, (and who can blame them, as its still a family home in reality isn’t it! )  … well, now the property is up for sale.. (Got 7 Million Dollars handy?!) and Zach has been online on and off seeking information… so below here i post info from Zach himself.. he wrote his own story below, and has provided many links and even found a YouTube video showing some of us fans what the house is REALLY like!! Its really nice to finally be able to see this place again after all those years ago when AND WHERE, it made its big screen appearance! Can you believe it was only built in 1994 !!!?

The House That Eluded Me… Until Now!

By: Zachary Cook

Wes Craven was THE master of Horror. I don’t think many people would attempt to argue that point. He had a keen eye for what would make people jump, or what would make the back of your neck burn with fear. That feeling that someone is watching you is something that we all have a natural sense for, and Craven knew how to exploit that as well… with a house.

A few years ago. I attempted to raise funds for a documentary project which would have included the many different locations used in the “Scream” film series. It would have included a detailed look into each and every locations little nuances that would have never been seen otherwise. It was also planned to do the documentary in a ‘sub style’ in which we could have replicated each shot of the movie, but with just the locations as the stand today. I really wanted this to have cast and crew interviews as well, and to be narrated by Roger Jackson, the voice of GhostFace! With that said, the project failed to find the necessary funds and with the decline of the popularity of Scream and the passing of Wes Craven, it’s unlikely at this point that I will continue to pursue this project. Though, never say never.

During the time I was researching each location that was used in all the films, I found it hard to gather much info on my favorite location of all… the Casey Becker house. It’s the home used in the opening scene of the first movie where actor Drew Barrymore and crew spent the first 3 very cold nights of filming what would be the kick in the ass that slasher films needed. The location scout James Marlowe probably found a few good homes in the same area that seemed to fit the build of the script. What he may not have expected is what Wes Craven would do to them, and how he would utilize the house itself, as a character. Casey Becker was caught in this fishbowl with the killer lurking on the outside looking in, watching her every move. But it was the one location I couldn’t find any information on at all. No pictures, very dodgy satellite images and no names of the owners, even though it was the same owners since the home was built. Sure, I could have dug deeper, been a bit more annoying, but I was just trying to do what I could with my computer and the good old internet. All I really had, was the address.

About 4 years ago, the house used in the final act (the one belonging to character Stu Macher) of the film was for sale, it went in the neighborhood of about $4million USD. That might sound like a lot but considering how much land that house has, the size of it, and the fact it’s in one of the most desirable locations in Northern California, that’s actually quite cheap. Not to mention, its in an iconic slasher film for the entire final 40 minutes of the film. It was exciting to see it, to finally get pictures that were recent of the entire property, inside and out. But still, of all the locations, my favorite one still eluded me.

Prior to about 6 months ago, I had given up. Our project to film the locations had failed to be funded, Wes Craven passed away and I finally gave up collecting and sold about 80% of my entire collection, only keeping the posters and a few other things. We moved far from where we once were and that was that. Then one day, I was watching “Scream” and I was trying to explain to my girlfriend about the house in the opening scene. So I pulled up the address and did a Google search to show her where it is on the map. But then I noticed a listing on a real estate website with the same address. My heart sank as I was sure I must have mistyped the address, there was no possible way that the owners were selling the house after 20+ years of living there. Was this the moment I finally would see the Casey Becker house in more detail? My girlfriend was wondering why my jaw was on the ground as I slowly clicked the link.

As the page loaded, I saw the front of the home with a new perspective for the first time in almost 20 years since “Scream” had wrapped filming. I couldn’t even click to see the next picture that came after at first because I was so shocked. I was just trying to soak it all in and observe that first new picture probably any of us “Scream Fans” had seen ever. I quickly went back and opened up all the links I could with that house for sale to find the original Realtor person that posted it and contacted them. Out of the few replies I got from them, I was unable to gain any more info than what was already provided on the listing, but it was fine, I finally had the pictures that showed this house in so much more detail than I could have ever imagined. I right clicked and saved every single picture and kept quiet about what I’d discovered in fear that some fans may try to contact the Realtor with even more questions. Questions that I wasn’t even getting a reply to, nor was fellow “Scream Fan” Ashley Lampton of the Drewseum. (Somehow I think she knew about it before me).

Neither of us were successful in getting any solid replies so we gave up. Not long after, the listings were all removed, along with the pictures that went with them. Again, I was in the dark, thinking I got just enough of a peek into my favorite house in the series to make my life complete. The listing was somewhere in the neighborhood of $7 Million USD. (See, I told you the other house was cheap by comparison) To me, this house was worth every penny and then some. It revitalized Drew Barrymore and Wes Craven’s career and launched writer Kevin Williamson and composer Marco Beltrami into new heights. All was fine again, until now.

The house was out to haunt me some more. I was going to send the pictures I had found to my super close friend Tim Wagstaff (the man who runs this site) and let him have at it. I pulled up the address one more time to see if I could find a decent satellite image that may have been updated since I first looked all those years ago, but then, there it was. The listing was back up, except this time, with more pictures from that same photoshoot of the original listing, and, (I cant believe I’m about to type this) the drone video. I’ve never cried before just by looking at aerial drone footage of anything, but this was all it took. Someone thought it was a good idea (and it was) to take a drone and film the land and house from up above. The same thing that I wanted to do nearly 4 years ago for a failed project and a wishful dream of mine. I finally got to see the pictures and footage of the house that scared the hell out of me as a kid. In a film that helped to me become more knowledgeable in filmmaking, collecting and of all things, music. It caused me to end up here sitting outside in this 97 degree Florida sun typing this on my break while attending college at Full Sail University for a Recording Arts bachelor degree.

You might think it’s “just a house”, but to me, its more than that. Maybe it’s more than that to other people as well. I certainly think that the filmmakers, the home owners and the fans looked to the final scene house as iconic, but this one is a bit more special than that for me.
So here it is, the footage, and the pictures. Enjoy.

-Zachary Cook

We have a few links here that give you info on the house and also the realtors listings.. LINK 1LINK 2LINK 3LINK 4  | Youtube Video below.

June 1st 2016: GhostFace.co.uk returns in a newer format!

gfpoweredbywpWell, after the last 2-3 weeks being up at all hours most nights i finally managed to get the site ready for visitors here… then disaster struck, ALL the effort of making a new site seemed to be for nothing, because last night the site went down, during the ‘WordPress Migration/Transfer’ process it all went wrong! After talking to the host support it re-appeared again, but it wasn’t located correctly in the files..  it was still in a sub folder!  Support comes back and says ‘ok, wait a minute while i change it’! then almost everything got worse. The theme vanished, images went out of sync and stopped working, then the main domain just started showing a blank page!  So… What now.. ?  Put the old version back? .. Give up??  or just pay a ridiculous fee for specialists to revive it.. ??    NO, NO, and NO!!   Find an old Ghost Hunting friend, ‘Paul Griffiths’ (www.Betelguise.com} … a  hell of a web designer and a man of many talents with code and fixing sites that look dead! He was here for a couple of hours or so and got the site back to standard.. he then left me to it, and i finished it off!!  MASSIVE THANKS PAUL!!!    So, finally we are here, in WordPress format, and working ok so far.. i think..

So from now on, the site will now have the ability for users to share the news posts.. along with many other things.. the mask page has been changed a little with some new images, as have all the pages..
Theres more to come to finish it off properly, but at least i managed to preserve all of my older news archives from around late 2011.. older posts do exist on older web pages on my PC, but i think we have enough archives so far… I hope site visitors enjoy the newer version here..

The site sits in a theme by a site called ‘Iceable Themes‘ although i have heavily modified it so it doesn’t look too much like the standard WP Layout look..
The chap over there gave me many additional codes to get the site how i wanted it.. THANKS .. (if he does see this).

Thats it for now..

Tim (GhostFace)

December 1st 2014: 8 Years later….

gf8yrslaterwpSo… after another year passing us by again its now up to the ‘8’ figure for online time here…
What can we say we have seen develop as fans this year then?!?

New Merchandise… Masks, figures..
Well we had the NEW Fade in and Out mask, and although not a new type we did also see the Metallic GhostFace masks appear again, in the Blue, Green, and Purple types once again… Looks like the Red has gone for good.
We also got the NEW NECA figures, and also Funko pop vinyl types are now online too..

Events in 2014..
Back in May GhostFace fan Dean Maynard arranged and hosted a Ghost hunt event for Charity, i was asked to be GhostFace for the night which involved me running around as him scaring the guests for the first two hours before the Ghost hunt went back to normal format, (really trying to see if any spirits/ghosts were about) …
Needless to say the night was successful.. and also RJ Torbert had provided Signed masks and Books for auction… at that time the amount raised was the highest made…
In October (Halloween night) we had the same again, with many of the guests being women it was paradise for me as a Scarer…because women SCREAM more than men.. I was GhostFace again, and this time joined by a mate who was GhostFace most the time in my ‘Arnold Scream’ fan films, now and again he would change mask and become Michael Myers, he even managed to really scare Dean himself.. among others.. again though, another good night.. all for charity, sadly the Gold hooded Flesh coloured mask didn’t sell in the online auction… it was returned to RJ at Fun World, so maybe it will be up for grabs again in future, depending whats going on that is..

MTV Series – Progress…
Well this year has also seen a bit more progress on the long gestating SCREAM TV Series.. firstly announcing possible cast and audition clips, and then stills from supposed shooting, and then the bad news.. that GhostFace wasn’t to be involved, at least from the start.. with a possibility of an appearance in the future, maybe..
And then… the even worse news.. the fact that MTV want to have their own ‘Evolved’ version of the mask, which could be good or bad, but as i say in the other news post, its not a good thing in my opinion.. again also i repeat.. Time will tell!

Future of the site
Well i say it almost every time i do these yearly anniversary posts i think.. that being that as long as the stats keep the same telling me that the visitors are still viewing the site then ill keep it online, it seems the mostly viewed pages are the main index, this news page and the masks page.. i keep in touch with RJ Torbert on a regular basis and plan to keep that the same as always.. Content will be added to in the new year with details of the newer figures… i also hope to get some more info off superfan Nate Ragon on masks and his collection and maybe possibly some info on mask mods as used in the SCREAM movies..

Costumes page..
While the page is limited on info compared to the popular ‘masks’ page, it does now contain links to a reliable site that does many a GhostFace item, reasonable shipping, and overall good prices compared to many other sites that seem to charge more for some things.. also the older links previously on the costumes page were from an affiliate account from BuyCostumes.. in which i never ever got NOTHING out of it.. so off those links went.. plus half the links in recent time either went to a product that was now discontinued, or to a page saying the link no longer worked.. As of now, ALL the links work and take you to the products pictured..
For now, from me.. as the date is now December 1st.. i say MERRY CHRISTMAS.. have a good NEW YEAR..
See you soon.

GhostFace (Tim)

December 4th 2013: 7 Years later….

7 Years of GhostFace.co.uk

So, here we are then, Still here still after 7 years online! … hard to believe that after all that time we have seen a new movie come and go, and nothing but rumours surface every now and again for a SCREAM TV series…
also in the last few months we have seen Halloween come and go yet again which is sometimes my favourite time of year as its not as over-hyped as Christmas.. plus it means more chance of GhostFace merchandise popping up, old and new.. as in lucky finds in stores or new mask types.

New York & Port Jefferson (Long Island)

This year also saw a personal ‘First’ for me as it was my time to head ‘Over the pond’ so to speak, and head to NYC, and it was a damn nice trip to be honest, we saw quite a bit to say we only had seven nights there, followed after that by another 4 nights in Port Jefferson, in that time there i got to meet RJ Torbert and get a tour of the town regarding locations as used in his book ‘The Face of Fear’ and have a tour round other locations used just outside of PJ too, so we got to see what life was like on the American roads too. After the tour i was honored to receive an invite to Fun World, to see the offices and building as a whole and even meet some staff there too, its a big place where there is much going on, and i was walking round with RJ being told information about areas and what they are used for etc.. it seemed like a dream.. Some may recall a picture i added onto the mask page temporarily of the Gold GhostFace bust, thats actually bigger than i thought it would be too.

Whilst in Port Jefferson also i did meet Joey Z who owns ‘Z Pita’ and most of the staff, who were ALL very friendly and always smiling and happy to be there, in the front entrance is RJ’s book sitting proudly greeting everyone as they arrive and even the staff have polo shirts with Ghostface printed on there and the book title with some blood.. i did manage to get a picture too of those. When it came to the end of the holiday it was a sad time as we had to go away from the place we had grown to love with the city and PJ, finally i could walk round various shops and come across GhostFace masks and other merchandise, and be on the same island as Fun World and also be minutes away from RJ’s favourite place to be, and for many others i think too as the locals of PJ we did meet said people would get the ferry to PJ on weekends and other holiday times because it was such a nice place. and i can vouch for that now too.

Fun World Mask in New Movie?

Well, another recent piece of news is that Fun World were in talks with Warner Bros about the use of a mask in an upcoming film, Twitter user and GhostFace fan ‘Josh b’ guessed correct that the movie ‘Horrible Bosses 2’ would be the movie to feature the mask, what mask? Well we font know yet, RJ Torbert will be updating us all soon hopefully via twitter.. Watch this space basically!

Recent tweet from RJ below..

As @Paradox_2015 guessed,FUN WORLD 2 have Mask in HORRIBLE BOSSES 2 w/Jennifer Anniston sched 4 FALL 2014 twitter followers will B 1st 2 C


With regards to the site as always it will be here, and hopefully will always be here as long as fans keep viewing it, one of the most common questions lately via the e mails here are WHERE to get a REAL Genuine Fun World GhostFace mask, some of these come from fans from all over the world that dont always have the easy access to stores who have lots of GhostFace stock or maybe not even a fancy dress/costume shop close by.. Normally i recommend Ebay and sites like it to get a mask (As some would have seen on the newer mask page) but these days not everyone always has, or has access to an ebay account, so with this in mind i have put forward an idea to help fans get the REAL DEAL GhostFace masks from this site, but at this time i am in progress with an enquiry about that and hope to do a good thing at the same time by putting the site to further good use with regards to helping out a charity. More on this will hopefully come soon. Another thing to stay tuned on here and to again, Watch this space!

So for now, i say Merry Christmas and Happy New year to all who visit here!
Stay safe, keep the drinking to a sensible level and have a good holiday with family and friends!

Tim (GhostFace)

October 31st 2013: GhostFace article in ‘Today’s Vintage’

magazine article tvintage

A couple of months back i was contacted by a lady called Julianna Palazzolo, she was after information regarding GhostFace for one of her upcoming article’s in the October edition of the ‘Today’s Vintage’ magazine, she asked about the website and about my collection and i also forwarded her to RJ too, as anything mentioning GhostFace was to always go by him. After a few E mails back and Forth we finally see the finished article! Thanks Julianna!

To read the article more clearly click the image, otherwise you can always order a copy or buy one..
Their website is linked HERE

June 4th 2013: A New Video Update!


Been a while since doing one of these.. In this video, we see the following topics mentioned.. The Face of Fear by RJ Torbert, Scream 5, Scream TV Series, Old Scream 3 poster concepts.. The Following, a few website mentions and fans also, plus more..

December 1st 2012: GhostFace.co.uk is 6 Years old!!

Well here we are again then, another year, another number, and a number that i had hoped to see regarding Scream Movies in total too! But who knows at this time.

So, on my sixth year online im glad to be here still, and according to the stats’ the site pages still get a fair few viewings, so at least i know what i write and do here still gets viewed, this year has seen a few changes here and there, some to the site, and some with how i talk to people online who are fans of GhostFace® and SCREAM movies, this year i have been onto Skype now and then talking to other fans, those mainly being Richie Suttles, Zakster, Steffen, aka ‘Norwegian Scream’ and JoshB and Meggy Huston! , a mad mad girl but in a good way! and how could i forget a chap called Lee! All in all a good bunch and like myself dont see all things like other fans do with regards to collecting and putting values on certain types of masks! Its a shame that some fans just want to go against other with collecting items and seeing it all as a big contest which it certainly isn’t for me! Thats for sure.. EBay auctions are now like ‘Battles’ with people these days, some just bumping up a price with NO intention of buying so others cant buy cheap or get a bargain, and sadly there’s still the idiots out there who put up four Metallic masks with a combined price of $100 for a set with postage!
BLOODY STUPID if you even think about buying them! anyway, let’s move on…


With regards to website things i try to keep the place fresh and changing but sadly it still sits in its ‘Tables within Tables’ format of HTML coding.. Another version is still up being tested but the skins out there arent too good, needless to say if i got one made up just for the site i may transfer to that format. At this time its a long way off as the Web Designer who i know who can do skins is a busy chap.


With regards to content this year not a lot has come here, mainly just changes or small image add-ons to the movie pages and even deletions to others. Another small change that is here is the ‘Snow’ , every year i have the snow added in the pages and forum just to keep a tradition i started on the site a few years back, this year we dont have balls of Snow or flakes, if you look close you will see 3 different images of the mask, the actual GHOSTFACE® name, Buck 120’s , and a Blood Splatter! These will remain on the site until January 1st.

Ghostface® ‘Project’

Well it was said via Twitter by RJ Torbert that ‘Buster’ will have the honour of telling us what one of the projects are, so all i can say is keep an eye on here and Twitter to see what is lined up, i have NO idea as to what it is but RJ keeps these mysterious tweets coming and keeps us all wondering too…


Well in the future i don’t know what exactly will happen with Ghostface® and more films coming, there have been a few fake rumors lately regarding Scream 5, and for the ‘Fake’ reason i haven’t put anything up here..
As far as anyone knows SCREAM 5 is at a standstill (at least from a fans point of view who have the brain to know fake and real info) Wes asked on Twitter if fans really wanted a fifth film and even David Arquette chimed in saying he did too! Kevin says he has a Script but nobody wants it! Baffling to say the least!

With regards to the site ill be here as always to see if anything develops over time with the movies we may see happen, and always with Ghostface® info that appears… but for now, i just say, Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Dont Drink and Drive, Dont do Drugs, and always buy GENUINE FUN WORLD Ghostface® mask’s! Enjoy the ‘Snow’ and ill be back as soon as any news arrives!