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Category: Fan Videos

August 30th 2019: Clever New Animated GhostFace Video

UPDATED: September 9th… An additional video showing GhostFace being created whilst reviewing the SCREAM Movies is now added too. 

A Brilliant NEW animated video of GhostFace has surfaced via TellitAnimated on YouTube… (Originally linked to via Fan John C Gritton on Facebook)
This site was partially used for reference for making it, which makes all the effort of making this site worth it.. Watch below!

September 13th 2017: GhostFace Masks chat, and New masks Reviews

Hello again… Here today we just have a new video showing the Devil Face mask and also a White GhostFace mask off the same mask mold.. Basically we see the New Devil Face and White PU Plastic masks are off the same molds as the 25th Silver Chrome Anniversary Masks… also talked about is the EU Stamp Mask, as its getting harder and harder to find now… I will let the video do the rest… see below..

Skele-Face Review… on receiving the new Skele-Face i decided to review that too… See below……

January 1st 2017: Super-fan Meggy Blaine shows us a mega Scream & GhostFace Collection!

Well, this video came online via Meggy Blaine (A long time fan of Scream and GhostFace) on December 18th 2016… via a tweet she posted… it shows a brilliant collection that’s been built up over many years.. some absolutely gorgeous masks there among other things..  Meggy has some jewels’ in her possession here… including early tagged masks and even a Silver Chrome 25 Year Prototype Mask sent to her by RJ Torbert!
Watch below.. and Enjoy!

September 6th 2016: Mega GhostFace Fan Adam Turner Shows us his GhostFace Masks

AdamturnerghostfacecollectionvideoswpWell, this may differ from the normal news category of a New mask or News on a Scream 5 or even an announcement from RJ Torbert, but that doesn’t mean that THIS post is any the less interesting..
We have a MEGA fan of GhostFace here.. Adam Turner, who collects many horror masks and GhostFace is just part of his large collection… He made a Video covering his GhostFace masks back at the end of September in 2015.. and now, he has returned with another.. I wanted to add his clips on here in the hope that many other fans can enjoy the viewing of lots of types of masks as used throughout the Scream Movies life and beyond.. He has some very nice masks and replicas, and even has a couple of ‘Public Enemy Studios’ custom GhostFace Robes.. Both clips are below.. Enjoy… And THANKS for the shout-out in the second video Adam.. Much appreciated..

June 13th 2014: GhostFace News Video Update!

It has been around a year since the last one of these… many things mentioned here for Ghostface and the SCREAM TV Series… also a few pics at the end showing some of the NYC and Port Jefferson trip i took… Enjoy! Its a longer video than normal though.. Dont get too bored.. ;O)

April 15th 2014: A NEW Fan film – SCREAM Italian Tribute


Its been a short while since ive seen a worthy fan film based on SCREAM, but ever since SCREAM 4 has been and left us again i have noticed quite a few fans getting together and making sure their GhostFace masks are ready again.. this clip came as recommended by Mr John Valeri, (Scream Franchise Examiner) and after watching it i quite liked it… See what you think!

PS. This is an Italian Fan film, with English subtitles.. Made by Christopher Allari/Frame Studios
(Make sure captions are turned on because the subtitles are not in the edited video itself like the French clip a few articles below)

December 15th 2013: A NEW Fan film from ScreamWeb.net

For a hell of a long time ive known of many a fan because of this site, and many a name i now recognise because of this, ‘Ronny’ who runs ScreamWeb.net has been busy with a fan film based on one of my favourite scenes in Scream 2, namely, the Cici Death scene… Ronny has made a short fan film based on this, watch it above!

PS. This is a FRENCH Fan film, with English subtitles..

June 4th 2013: A New Video Update!


Been a while since doing one of these.. In this video, we see the following topics mentioned.. The Face of Fear by RJ Torbert, Scream 5, Scream TV Series, Old Scream 3 poster concepts.. The Following, a few website mentions and fans also, plus more..

November 1st 2012: Miramax treats for ‘SCREAM’ and GhostFace® at Work Video!


On Halloween Miramax treated the fans of SCREAM to some old pictures which can be found HERE!
Also while there i found another featured clip on their ‘Subscript‘ page ! Watch the clip above.. and head over there to see the SCREAM pictures.. hard to believe it was almost 16 years ago now!

Thanks to Zakster as he linked the pics on FB!

July 8th 2012: John C Gritton’s STAB 8 !

With Scream 4 coming and going i notice a hell of a lot more Scream-based fan films appearing now, before it was a few here and there.. now it seems everyone wants to have a STAB at their own clips/films..

The film below is from a chap named John C Gritton, known to many a Scream fan im sure.. i know ive heard it before seeing the film.. what we have from John is a STAB fan film, the only bad thing is its length but even so its still an interesting watch to say its duration is only 13m:26s.. What we have is two stunner girls like in STAB 6 in Scream 4.. both talking and then the phone rings.. all in all its a cracker of a clip! Watch it below.