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October 16th 2018: How to get 2018 Manufactured Ghostface masks

Here we go, it’s been a short while since an update has come but i can now finally show fans what 2018 GhostFace masks i have, as in available via my site..

Video below will explain it all..

January 1st 2017: Super-fan Meggy Blaine shows us a mega Scream & GhostFace Collection!

Well, this video came online via Meggy Blaine (A long time fan of Scream and GhostFace) on December 18th 2016… via a tweet she posted… it shows a brilliant collection that’s been built up over many years.. some absolutely gorgeous masks there among other things..  Meggy has some jewels’ in her possession here… including early tagged masks and even a Silver Chrome 25 Year Prototype Mask sent to her by RJ Torbert!
Watch below.. and Enjoy!

October 2nd 2015: Metallic GhostFace Masks for 2015

saversmasks2015wpHello again… earlier this year (back in June) i asked RJ Torbert as to whether the GhostFace Metallic masks would be making another return this year.. to which he answered YES!!

The only trouble with that is the UK fans and of course fans in any other country that ISNT the USA then has to try and find a trusted USA based fan to source them for them if they desire them to be added to their collections.. But what if you dont know any fans?
Well, over the past few years i have got some via a few sources, fans i know over there, RJ Torbert himself, or from a Savers store you can get in contact with via Email.. (Or their Facebook page).
After seeing pictures online recently i can confirm that they ARE back in the same stores as they were last year… namely ‘Savers’, or ‘Value village’ in some areas… Whilst these stores arent FULLY nationwide in the USA we can still get in touch with the store a couple of my own sets came from in the past…
Details on stores are on the icon below (Click to Download)
And the shop i got mine from in the past was based in Nova Scotia, Canada.. i e mailed the store manager ‘Reg’ at the time and he sorted me a set out and got them sent over (Charges applie of course)
That same store has a Facebook page, linked below too.. Try your luck and see if you can obtain a set, otherwise maybe get in touch with some USA fans…

PLEASE NOTE: If you do find a store willing to help you obtain a set then its likely you may be contacted by their head office to pursue the transaction and take payment by a credit card over the phone.


September 28th 2012: GhostFace® Metallic’s Return again !

Last year saw a sigh of relief for some fans after they were told via myself after inquiring to RJ Torbert that they could get their hands on the Metallic GhostFace® masks, via ‘Savers’ or ‘Value Village’ stores.. as 4000 were made… many a fan took this chance and now own these mask types!

This year i e mailed the ‘Savers’ branch i got my masks from and gladly they do have them again..

On another note, a fan i know of ‘Sean’ from USA got some stores info from the head office and its available in a download-able file HERE… Numbers and Addresses of stores so you can check availability. Thanks Sean!

Some more facts from RJ Torbert about this years Metallic’s…

7,000 pieces only made and shipped of the metallic mask in four colors——PURPLE, GREEN, BLUE AND ORANGE

Savers’ Stores has about 3,700 Piece’s
Savers’ Canada stores have around 1,600 Piece’s
Small stores throughout the U.S have another 2,000 Piece’s.

So there you have it, More available and not just from one chain this year. Thanks to RJ for the info!