– Official Company Site !

What more can we say here, without this company having GhostFace or ‘The Peanut Eyed Ghost’ this site and many fans may not exist as such.. the site of Fun world is linked here, many different departments and costumes to browse through.

mahorrors – Recommended Site !

Mad About Horror are the UK’s leading online retailer of Horror Masks, Collectibles and Halloween Animated Props. Importers of Officially Licensed products from Ghoulish Productions, Trick or Treat Studios and other top US design studios. Stockists of Halloween Masks of the most popular Movies and TV Shows from around the world.

karnivalcs – Recommended Site !

A nice site where you can find many things and best of all GhostFace items are there, this is a site with a difference because the shipping charges are NOT a total rip off like many other sites we see, where we think we can order something then cancel it at the end because of the total! Not the case here!!

Deck The Halls – Recommended Site !

Situated in Kent, UK… ‘ Deck the Halls ‘ is a Seasonal Shop, so, for Halloween and Christmas items and more go check them out..
This shop was one of the very few who managed to get the 25th anniversary GhostFace Costumes, and currently await 25th anniversary masks!

Crusader – Recommended Site !

Situated in Nottingham and have been around for quite a while… Costume hire used to be part of the service but now its just buying online on their website…

The Dragons Den Fancy Dress Website – Recommended Site !

Situated in Blackpool, they stock many things ‘GhostFace’ as well as many other selections… They are more than willing to help as best as they can! Another site soon to be selling the Devil Face and Skele Face Masks!

Cavity Colors – Recommended Site !

A site thats new to me over the last year… Cavity Colors does justice to anything they touch it seems! Enamel pins in many forms here.. Two GhostFace releases so far, and all SOLD OUT of the 5 pin sets last time i looked!  So that says it all doesn’t it! Quality items!

siggfas – App Based Site !

If you have an iPhone or iPad then you can now download the Ghostface-Sightings app.. take a picture and add in GhostFace® or even have him waiting on the picture and place friends next to him! A nice app that allows you to post your Sightings to a Facebook official group!


Audubon Society – Wes Craven Suggested Charity

A site what many a Scream fan and others visited over the years.. Wes’s site, now revamped in recent time and done very nicely too, learn all about the films and TV work as well as other facts you may or may not have known!


Audubon Society – Wes Craven Suggested Charity

Audubon’s mission is to conserve and restore natural ecosystems, focusing on birds, other wildlife, and their habitats for the benefit of humanity and the earth’s biological diversity.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital – RJ Torbert Suggested Charity

St. Jude is leading the way the world understands, treats and defeats childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases.


The Brooke Jackman Foundation – RJ Torbert Suggested Charity

The Foundation brings a sense of personal value, joy, and hope to its program participants. We know that children are our future, and unless they are taken care of in their early years, the possibility of their contribution to society is less viable. We hope to lessen the achievement gap, helping each child to reach his or her potential.


Suffolk County Police Memorial Fund – RJ Torbert Suggested Charity

The Fund was established in 1972. It is a 501c3 not-for-profit corporation that addresses the needs of children and the surviving spouse of Suffolk County Police Officers who die in the line of duty. The primary mission of the Fund is to provide educational grants to these young persons whose law enforcement mother/father has suddenly been taken away as well as grants to the surviving spouse

hsidney – Highly Recommended Site!

A site that came about in 2010 which is Run by Rodrigo Kurtz from Brazil! Plenty of content there and im sure plenty to come, Since Scream 4 has come and gone its been quiet for us fansite’s and im sure he will be back soon with news headlines or new content, a nicely made site! Pay it a visit anytime.

sthrillogyfs – ‘Restored Fan Site’

Scream-Thrillogy was about years ago now when i started this site.. it is ran by another enthusiastic fan of GhostFace and SCREAM.. Nick Meece.. also a collector of many items and masks.. in early 2016 Nick decided he wanted to return his former website to the internet.. Looking good so far..


Scream Franchise Examiner – John Valeri

Originally coming to life in June 2010 John Valeri is a great lad who continues to write up good articles during the times we all want something to read with relation to Scream and GhostFace®! Articles include talking with Lynn McRee (Maureen Prescott) RJ Torbert (Fun World) among others.. John is one of the lucky people who got to go to LA to see the Scream 4 premiere. Well deserved too!


Scream – – Australian Fan Site by Ashley Tenace

An interesting blog with many many animated ‘Gif’ images… Also a ‘Downloads’ section there to have a play about with some images.. Get over there and have a look!

tdsfs – Highly Dedicated Fansite!

A very nice site with many many Drew Barrymore pictures and lots of info, certainly a big selection to browse there from two enthusiastic fans who know their stuff on Drew, from Younger years to present day!


Sidneyloverboy’s Screamorabilia

A Blog site with some goodies for fans to ogle at! “SidneyLoverBoy” , aka Anthony Torres has a monster collection of Scream and GhostFace® collectibles from a Screen used costume to just about every mask type you can find! Have a look on his site and see what his latest additions are !