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Hello again, today we see a new video appear online which features RJ Torbert talking about his new novel, ‘NO MERCY’… in this clip we RJ talking whilst at Z Pita, we even see Joey Z himself appear and even RJ’s Wife, Roseann… Check it out below!

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On 9th May 2015.. RJ allowed a long time fan of GhostFace (Rob Mac) to announce his upcoming new book ‘No Mercy’, due for release on June 21st 2016.. 

For quite a while RJ Torbert had been writing various tweets about the next Powers and Johnson novel, and saying that long time GhostFace fan ‘Rob Mac’ was going to be announcing it.. on May 9th 2016, we saw that happen… Rob was given the honour of doing the announcement by RJ and Rob was definitely surprised when he was first told, here were all are now.. months later and the day has already been and gone.. You can find out more on how to obtain a new book on the link below..


Book synopsis

NO MERCY: A Powers and Johnson Novel is the continuing story of two detectives, who with the help of their boss, Det Lt Cronin, solved The Face of Fear Investigation (from Torbert’s first book The Face of Fear).

As with anything in life, there are repercussions with the way we handle “life” and the way the law is interpreted. There is a difference between the letter of the law and the spirit of the law. There are those who do not forget and want revenge. Therefore, when it comes to revenge, there is NO MERCY.

A plot to eliminate the Priority 1 Task Force has been planned by placing bounties on those who were involved in The Face of Fear Investigation. Powers and Johnson are on the case to find out who is behind the revenge. 

Ghost Face has his own plans for revenge, and is also showing NO MERCY.

I must say…. Jace Lash did another Excellent job on the Art work again!

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(From Early 2013)
GhostFace Returns again.. But in a new light..

For a long time RJ Torbert has had an idea in his head of how to bring Ghostface back to fans, although while half way through the process he heard off Wes Craven saying Scream 4 was on’ and the ‘Project’ was put on hold until after the film had come and gone.. but now.. we find out what that project’ was..

The Face of Fear By RJ Torbert – A Powers and Johnson Novel.

Ghost Face returns as you have never seen or read before. The village of Port Jefferson, Long Island, NY is rocked by a kidnapping on the Cross Island Ferry that leads to a series of murders that adds to the mystery. Detectives Powers and Johnson, led by Detective Lieutenant Cronin, are pressured by national media, the FBI, and the public to solve the related cases before more lives are lost. Things become tense as the Detectives’ personal lives become complicated as the mystery unwinds in the case that would become known as “The Face of Fear.”

Also as a main feature in the book is the commonly tweeted ‘Z Pita’ restaurant.
RJ has made many mysterious Tweets in relation to this which is all revealed in the book. Many fans have been left confused after the mysterious tweets RJ has made in the past, and also in the book ‘Twitter’ is used too.
A fan people may know of since 2010 is John Valeri, people who know him knows he loves books, with a passion, he gives a review of the book below.. John is known by many an Author as the ‘Hartford Book Examiner’ and has reviewed many books and met many authors, including RJ!

“The Face of Fear reintroduces Ghost Face to the world, and you’ll never think of him (or her—or them) in the same way again. The mystery isn’t just in who’s behind the mask but why. Torbert gives readers all the pieces to the puzzle, though putting them together is another story. Equal parts horror and heart, The Face of Fear draws readers in with its complex characters and chilling plot only to prove that nobody is safe–or beyond suspicion. With The Face of Fear Ghost Face makes the transition from screen to page, proving that true terror is found between the lines.”
— Hartford Book Examiner

R.J. Torbert has been a key figure in the behind the scenes history of the mask since 1996 including being responsible for the legal “baptism” of the name Ghost Face and The Icon of Halloween trademarks. In addition to being a veteran of the Armed Forces, Torbert is the co-executive producer of the photo-sharing app Sightings: Ghost Face. He lives in New York with his family.

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Another slice of GhostFace history.

Well another slice of GhostFace history has now been created with this book, and a person i dont want people to forget is the lad that got to announce it.. real name Billy, but known at the time as ‘Buster’on Twitter, it was Billy’s 21st birthday in December 2012 and RJ let him announce the project as a present to him! He did a good job on it and this site is proud of him, as i am sure RJ is too! Good Work Billy!

I would personally like to thank RJ Torbert for all his hard work with Ghost Face® , and i think he is the busiest man i know! Yet with all the time he has that occupies him he still finds the time to write this book which i and im sure many other fans are desperate to obtain and read!
Thanks RJ.. You are keeping GhostFace® alive for us all to enjoy again!

R.J.continues his responsibilities as Director of Licensing for Ghost Face® as well as the protection of its copyright and worldwide Trademark. For which us fans are well and TRULY thankful!

Tim Wagstaff

THE FACE OF FEAR Novel is a publication of TWO HARBORS PRESS ©2012 Entertainment 21 Corp All Rights Reserved.
Ghost Face mask used by permission Easter Unlimited Inc/Fun World Div. All Rights Reserved.

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On October 13th at Port Jefferson, RJ and two other local authors, Judi Culbertson and Toby Speed were at the Port Jefferson library to answer questions… this is an event i did actually get to as i was in NYC from October 11th until the 22nd… The event was interesting to go to, we had three authors who all had based their stories in and around Port Jefferson, and was all Murder Mysteries, in the background of the room where it took place were GhostFace mask’s, ranging from the ‘Mask and Knife’ set, to a rare set of Metallic’s which RJ said in his speech were now mine to take home.. labeled as ‘SET 2’ for which i was surprised and entirely grateful. 

Also there were a couple of GhostFace Mummy mask’s and a Groundbreaker, and a Deluxe white mask (Which may have been a HHN, i didn’t look close at it).

After all Authors had spoke about their books and had answered questions, people had the chance to buy the books if they wished and have them signed. I waited for everyone to get what they wanted and then chatted to RJ, and met his Wife Roseann, Daughter Shannyn, and a couple of his friends.. including the webmaster of the Powers and Johnson Site.. Brittany.. and her Mum, both very nice and generous people..

THANKS to RJ and everyone who made this a nice event and welcome to Port Jefferson.