gfpoweredbywpWell, after the last 2-3 weeks being up at all hours most nights i finally managed to get the site ready for visitors here… then disaster struck, ALL the effort of making a new site seemed to be for nothing, because last night the site went down, during the ‘WordPress Migration/Transfer’ process it all went wrong! After talking to the host support it re-appeared again, but it wasn’t located correctly in the files..  it was still in a sub folder!  Support comes back and says ‘ok, wait a minute while i change it’! then almost everything got worse. The theme vanished, images went out of sync and stopped working, then the main domain just started showing a blank page!  So… What now.. ?  Put the old version back? .. Give up??  or just pay a ridiculous fee for specialists to revive it.. ??    NO, NO, and NO!!   Find an old Ghost Hunting friend, ‘Paul Griffiths’ (} … a  hell of a web designer and a man of many talents with code and fixing sites that look dead! He was here for a couple of hours or so and got the site back to standard.. he then left me to it, and i finished it off!!  MASSIVE THANKS PAUL!!!    So, finally we are here, in WordPress format, and working ok so far.. i think..

So from now on, the site will now have the ability for users to share the news posts.. along with many other things.. the mask page has been changed a little with some new images, as have all the pages..
Theres more to come to finish it off properly, but at least i managed to preserve all of my older news archives from around late 2011.. older posts do exist on older web pages on my PC, but i think we have enough archives so far… I hope site visitors enjoy the newer version here..

The site sits in a theme by a site called ‘Iceable Themes‘ although i have heavily modified it so it doesn’t look too much like the standard WP Layout look..
The chap over there gave me many additional codes to get the site how i wanted it.. THANKS .. (if he does see this).

Thats it for now..

Tim (GhostFace)