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December 16th 2015: 25 Years Aniversary Silver GhostFace

gfsilvermask25wpALL these years later after the GhostFace mask’s creation and now ‘tonight’ we see another mask type unveiled by RJ Torbert… To be available next year, with a certificate of authenticity.. and with a special hood, and also in a special box… all commemorating the 25th Birthday of GhostFace!

Tweets came from RJ on the December 16th (UK Time) showing us the picture below..
Its a STUNNER!!! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!

stay tuned, GHOST FACE special edition for 2016 TO BE unveiled at 3 PM EST–TWITTER FOLLOWERS first to see publicly.


It’s the 25th anniversary of the Mask known around the world as Ghost Face in 2016…Unveiling coming in minutes from Fun World.

To be made only in 2016..Silver Anniversary..silver chrome mask .complete w/special hood..special box package.

Mask come with special hood ..stamped on inside..and certificate of authenticity. FUN WORLD is proud of this one.

Extended cloth hood for limited edition Ghost Face 25th anniversary Mark.
more info to come later in day.

packaged box——————to be shown next week. ————–
Dedicated to the MEMORY — of THE MASTER ——Wes Craven—-Stay Tuned.

December 10th 2014: NEW GhostFace mask for 2015!

newsmolderingmaskwpHello…. it seems we have had an early Christmas present as fans of Ghostface and Scream… RJ Torbert sent Wes Craven a new image of a NEWER version mask.. so Wes could tweet it to the fans… here we have a newer version Glow mask which does fade in and out also like this years version seen in some retailers like Party City… Over the years we have seen many a new version Ghostface mask, but nothing quite like this one.. i do like it, can only imagine what it looks like in the dark… im sure we will soon see.. Fun World are unveiling it officially today in New York City!

Tweet from Wes…
‘Sneak peek of new Ghost Face Mask! Fun World is introducing it tomorrow at the Halloween Show in NYC. @RJTorbert’

June 13th 2014: GhostFace News Video Update!

It has been around a year since the last one of these… many things mentioned here for Ghostface and the SCREAM TV Series… also a few pics at the end showing some of the NYC and Port Jefferson trip i took… Enjoy! Its a longer video than normal though.. Dont get too bored.. ;O)

January 2nd 2014: Upcoming event for Fun World

Its that time of year again, where i say HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all! So thankfully Christmas and New Year are now out of the way again, so we move onto what is coming soon, or at least for Fun World in this case, as with every year it is the Halloween Party Expo show in Houston, Texas… Fun World always have the biggest spot there and normally we get treated to some pics from RJ Torbert while setting up and after completion too!
Above is a clip from the year previous of the show and there are some damn nice costumes there worn by very nice models!! For the Halloween Party Expo Show official site CLICK HERE!!

UPDATED : January 30th
During the time at the show RJ Torbert posted up various pictures on Twitter, some are below..
Click for bigger size picture!

January 19th 2013: Fun World turns 50! Expo show pics..

1963!! I wasn’t even thought of.. even my mum was only 8 years old! , but at that time a company grew from this point, the main man being Stanley Geller.. and here we are 50 years later, Fun World still going good, and they now have 3 generations of family in the staff, Stanley, Allen, and Allen’s daughter, Samantha.
Fun World have an interesting history, Read more HERE.

This weekend see’s a yearly event come round again, the Halloween and Party Expo show, if you find Booth 1817 then you will find Fun World, normally on the biggest plot there.. as always since 2011 RJ has shared pictures with us via Twitter of the setup and other things in photo’s.. this year is no different, Pictures below that RJ posted on his Twitter account.. Happy 50th Anniversary Fun World!
More pictures are also on the Facebook page too!

January 28th 2012: Halloween & Party Expo show in Houston.


In Houston the set-up is coming along nice according to RJ Torbert, last year we saw many a picture from him and hopefully this year we will see more pictures too.. many a fan would love to go there im sure and see many a mask and costume close by, last year RJ was giving away $100 dollar bills to people with GhostFace® ties who he picked out, wonder if anything like it will happen this year.. ?

Below is a picture RJ tweeted of a Light-box featuring GhostFace® from the logo with his Registered trademark of “The Icon of Halloween” proudly above! RJ’s Tweet below..

What do U think. One of our light boxes in the booth http://yfrog.com/ob3kwzej

and another recent tweet…… Booth just about done. New light box http://yfrog.com/ocxf6mgzj

Other pictures taken are on RJ’s twitter profile, the show ran from January 28th -31st!

December 5th 2011: GhostFace® registered trademark now Official.


This is what you see when you are in new york looking at our building… Said RJ via Twitter!

A few days ago RJ Torbert Tweeted something i had been waiting for… The fact that the new trademark to be linked with GhostFace® had gone through!!

“YOU are the first to know publicly,-THE ICON OF HALLOWEEN® is officially a REGISTERED TRADEMARK of FUN WORLD. webmasters take NOTE.”

Followed by………..

“GHOST FACE is now forever linked, as THE ICON OF HALLOWEEN® twitter followers are the first to know.
happy friday. R.J.”

September 23rd 2011: Promotional Sightings-GhostFace® Video!

With the upcoming horror nights at Universal Studios new videos have begun to appear, the one below was shown the other day and now via Twitter today Jef Workman (Red Dot Media) has added a new promotional clip for us all to see! Enjoy! (If you look closely you will see Fans created “Sightings” pictures there too!)

September 4th 2011: GhostFace® Deluxe Masks Listed for Halloween

Well its getting near the preferred time of year for myself at least.. Halloween!!! Only a few more weeks left now.. and already we are seeing many items of merchandise appear, GhostFace® invades America pretty well in this way but UK dont always have the luck of the Americans.. we have to hunt seriously to find our “GhostFace® Booty” im afraid, but its all worth it in the end..

On my forum today a member called “GhostFace0095” posted up links to masks i want.. Deluxe version.. and Deluxe Zombie.. New to us all now when it comes to actually owning them, some lucky people have won Deluxe versions already, including myself, But anyway, if you want to order one of the pictured masks then click each mask on the image as its “Hyperlinked” letting me have a link for each mask!

August 4th 2011: EXCLUSIVE GhostFace® Door Cover seen HERE FIRST!

EXCLUSIVE GhostFace® Door Cover seen HERE FIRST!

“Take your treat ….. AND RUN!”

Plain and simple, yet effective for a nice new Door Cover coming from Fun World for Halloween!

Mr RJ Torbert was kind enough to let GhostFace®.co.uk reveal this new item FIRST as it hasn’t appeared anywhere online as of yet, not until now..
Im sure many fans out there will be heading to stores to get one along with the usual mask and the new Deluxe version coming to us soon with the new style logo tag attached!

I thank RJ for letting this site reveal the new Door cover first!

Click image for full view of how your door could look this Halloween!

I myself might just dress as GhostFace® and scare everyone who comes to the door!
As for the rest of you i hope you all have fun!