In Houston the set-up is coming along nice according to RJ Torbert, last year we saw many a picture from him and hopefully this year we will see more pictures too.. many a fan would love to go there im sure and see many a mask and costume close by, last year RJ was giving away $100 dollar bills to people with GhostFace® ties who he picked out, wonder if anything like it will happen this year.. ?

Below is a picture RJ tweeted of a Light-box featuring GhostFace® from the logo with his Registered trademark of “The Icon of Halloween” proudly above! RJ’s Tweet below..

What do U think. One of our light boxes in the booth http://yfrog.com/ob3kwzej

and another recent tweet…… Booth just about done. New light box http://yfrog.com/ocxf6mgzj

Other pictures taken are on RJ’s twitter profile, the show ran from January 28th -31st!