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Tag: Halloween

January 20th 2020: Fun World at New Orleans Expo Show – GhostFace 2020 Selection…

Well, Here we are again… now in 2020!!! In 2011 we had a Tagline saying ‘New Decade New Rules.’… In this case, its more like, New Decade, New GhostFace…

As always Fun World have attended the Halloween Expo Show at New Orleans, an event which happens every year, either in January or February, this time it ran from January 17th-19th.
This is always anticipated by fans who normally get to see online images posted, either by RJ Torbert, or other fans who manage to attend, but it is not a public event, its trade only!
Even so, this opportunity gives the fans a first glance at what is due to come in the following Halloween season, last year we saw the reintroduction of the Fluorescent’s (Green, Pink and Orange) as last seen in the very late 90’s, and we also had Metallics back again, along with the EL GhostFace and also a selection of other masks that included Scary Movie types…
This year however we seem to have much less, The Devil Face has returned (After being discontinued before) and this is due to the masks popularity in the #DeadByDaylight game, and sadly we seem to have lost the Fluorescent’s, AND Metallic’s !!!  No sign of them anywhere.

There was another new type though, one that on first glance made fans think it was the 25th Anniversary mask again, but then when you looked closely it was similar, but different, this time with a rainbow reflective finish, which has been named (According to Frank McGovern- Fun World Designer) the ‘Oil Slick’ GhostFace mask… Frank did add some pictures for us all to see, but it looks really bare compared to previous years when seeing the selection as a whole.

Pictures that surfaced are below..  Picture Credit : Frank McGovern

April 1st 2018: Chiller Chat Talk to Nate Ragon!

Well, we have a rare sight here tonight, this popped up via Facebook and straight away i had to watch it and see what it was all about!
Over the years i have had brief contact with Superfan Nate Ragon, but if i message him he responds, and vice versa, He has also provided info for this site in the past on the FAQ page and by providing pictures and info in regards to Screen used mask types.. Needless to say, Nate is well known among SCREAM and GhostFace fans as he has had the honor of owning some damn good AND RARE props from the movies, including the KNB mask types, and many Fun World GhostFace masks as used on screen, and to my knowledge he was one of the first fans to probably get his hands on things that arent as easy to come by nowadays, as the collecting hobby has grown by massive amounts in recent years… Nate also was featured in the 2011 Documentary ‘Still Screaming’ by Anthony Masi, We saw him show off many items including the KNB mask (Which he no longer owns) but he still has many cool things from the films like the Screen used costume from Scream 3 from when Roman gets shot by Dewey, and he even has Romans award which loses its head in the STAB 3 Studio scene just before Jenny McCarthy’s character meets GhostFace!
The video below is from March 30th 2018, so its very recent at the time of posting this… Enjoy!
Also below is the first time Nate talked to Chiller chat, all the way back in 2011 !

January 15th 2017: Halloween Expo Show in New Orleans – Fun World is back again!

Well, Its that time of year again.. January, which means for Fun World that its a busy time, in part due to the Halloween Party Expo Show which they have attended for a long time, and every time they go they have the biggest booth! RJ Torbert always takes a few pictures and shares them as the show progresses… some are below.. Whilst GhostFace does appear it wasn’t until someone posted on a Scream & GhostFace collectors group that i saw some different GhostFace merchandise, as well as a couple of other related ‘FACE’ named items… ‘Skele-Face’ and ‘Devil Face’… (Although the Red ‘Devil Face’ GhostFace Mask IS in one of RJ’s Pictures) Fan ‘Alex Jones’ posted a picture up that his brother had sent to him who was attending the event.. We see a Red Devil GhostFace, and the Skele-Face.. Pictured below…
Picture Credits: First 11 images from RJ Torbert. The Next 11 image of GhostFace Masks Pictures by Sam Jones, Brother of a known fan among groups, Alex Jones. (Scream and GhostFace Fan).

January 28th 2012: Halloween & Party Expo show in Houston.


In Houston the set-up is coming along nice according to RJ Torbert, last year we saw many a picture from him and hopefully this year we will see more pictures too.. many a fan would love to go there im sure and see many a mask and costume close by, last year RJ was giving away $100 dollar bills to people with GhostFace® ties who he picked out, wonder if anything like it will happen this year.. ?

Below is a picture RJ tweeted of a Light-box featuring GhostFace® from the logo with his Registered trademark of “The Icon of Halloween” proudly above! RJ’s Tweet below..

What do U think. One of our light boxes in the booth http://yfrog.com/ob3kwzej

and another recent tweet…… Booth just about done. New light box http://yfrog.com/ocxf6mgzj

Other pictures taken are on RJ’s twitter profile, the show ran from January 28th -31st!

January 1st 2012: Happy New Year! What will happen in 2012?

Hello again, hope you all had a nice Christmas and New Year’s Eve party!! Well this time last year things were different, we were all still very much anticipating Scream 4’s arrival and news of Re-shoots was close, also the Halloween Expo show was held in Houston and RJ was there giving away $100 dollar bills to lucky winners there, a Statue of GhostFace® was there along with some nice models sporting many a costume from Fun World and also the GhostFace® Ties were on the odd picture! But now we look into 2012…

What’s coming?? Well hopefully more new goodies from GhostFace® in some shape, way or form, that’s the trouble with Halloween, its so far away again. But fans are also anxiously awaiting Scream 5 news, with TWC recently asking on a Facebook poll about it we know its in their heads to do, after all Kevin Williamson was contracted for a 4 and 5, but nothing was settled for a sixth! .. all i can hope right now is that we get Kevin writing again for Scream 5, Wes back to direct, and Cast as always wanted, Neve, David and Courteney, and maybe also fans will beg enough for Kirby to return! (Hayden Panettiere).

For the moment though have a good New Years Day, and lets hope the world lasts long enough so we can see more Scream movies! 2012 may be the year the world ends, especially if Kevin DOESN’T write Scream 5!

September 4th 2011: GhostFace® Deluxe Masks Listed for Halloween

Well its getting near the preferred time of year for myself at least.. Halloween!!! Only a few more weeks left now.. and already we are seeing many items of merchandise appear, GhostFace® invades America pretty well in this way but UK dont always have the luck of the Americans.. we have to hunt seriously to find our “GhostFace® Booty” im afraid, but its all worth it in the end..

On my forum today a member called “GhostFace0095” posted up links to masks i want.. Deluxe version.. and Deluxe Zombie.. New to us all now when it comes to actually owning them, some lucky people have won Deluxe versions already, including myself, But anyway, if you want to order one of the pictured masks then click each mask on the image as its “Hyperlinked” letting me have a link for each mask!