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February 21st 2015: Neve Campbell attending London Film & Comic Con

nevecomiccon2015wpToday’s snippet was known by fans a while back and i held it back a bit here as its a few months away yet. but then again its always good to have more time than having less time… so here we are.. UK fans will be happy to know that Neve Campbell will be attending ‘Showmaster’s’ London Film & Comic Con which will be held on July 17th-19th this year… It actually takes place at the ‘London Olympia’… Links below will help you out..

Location link and details | Neve Campbell Link | Main Site | ALL Guests attending page

January 27th 2015: Wes Producing SCREAM inspired movie…

wesgiphowpToday’s news comes via ‘HelloSidney.com‘ Rodrigo Kurtz, this being news on mr Craven, who is going to be producing a SCREAM-Inspired movie, called ‘The Girl in the photographs’… its early stages as of yet and casting is in progress.. but lets see what happens in future, could be good.. Click banner for FULL ARTICLE!

The company’s first project is “The Girl in the Photographs” with horror icon Wes Craven executive producing and Craven’s protege Nick Simon (writer of “The Pyramid”) directing. Chung will produce with Thomas Mahoney; Brandon M. Vayda and Krystal Tiffany Vayda will executive produce alongside Craven and Alghanim.

The film is inspired by the “Scream” franchise and set against the backdrop of the fashion world.

May 4th 2014: Upcoming Ghost Hunt at Darlington Civic theatre

In the past few weeks i have known of an event which i was informed about from Mr Dean ‘Midas’ Maynard, a follower of the site since 2011 to my knowledge at least, a fan of SCREAM and GhostFace and also this is a chap who does ALOT for others, especially in the world of charity… on Friday May 2nd he had an online radio show go out to listeners in which Dean talks about the SCREAM films, and gives us some tracks from the movies, we also hear from myself and Peter Tate who is in charge at Darlington Civic Theatre..

If you would like to hear more from Dean on his regular radio shows on ‘Artist Controlled Radio’ then Click HERE for their website!

A mask signed by Wes Craven was already sold to help the Charity, it raised £77.. Another mask signed by RJ Torbert sold for £52.00 ..

January 18th 2013: Old parts of the original SCREAM 3 used for ‘The Following’

Hello again, in recent time we have seen Kevin Williamson’s new TV series ‘The Following’ start to appear more on internet and such, whilst many keep calling this the ‘other’ version of ‘SCREAM 5’ it appears that it is wrong to say that! In a recent report from EW it seems that ‘Following’ is in fact a recycled version of SCREAM 3 that Williamson had about. Williamson had wanted to do ‘Following’ since SCREAM times..
Click Banner for FULL article..

“In my original story for Scream 3 [Ehren Kruger was brought in to write the threequel after Williamson exited], the killers were basically a fanclub of Woodsboro kids that had formed because of Stab 1 and Stab 2,” he tells me. “They were all doing the killings and the big surprise of the movie was when Sidney walked into the house after Ghostface had killed everyone … and they all rose up. None of them were actually dead and they’d planned the whole thing.”

March 16th 2012: Neve Campbell Pregnant !

Last year was all excitement for us fans with Scream 4, now Neve has gave herself something else to look forward to as well… In a recent Tweet ‘E! News’ asked whether Neve was Pregnant, on reading the article it then says that her rep confirms the news… Congratulations Neve from GhostFace.co.uk!!
(SORRY for the video being on ‘Autoplay’, i turned this off several times but it stays as it is).

‘It didn’t take long for the actress’ rep to confirm the happy news that Neve is expecting her first child.

And while it’s nice to have confirmation, it wasn’t entirely necessary: one look at the shots of Neve in her loose-fitting clothing, and it seemed not only possible but probable that the former Party of Five star was expecting a baby.’


January 1st 2012: Happy New Year! What will happen in 2012?

Hello again, hope you all had a nice Christmas and New Year’s Eve party!! Well this time last year things were different, we were all still very much anticipating Scream 4’s arrival and news of Re-shoots was close, also the Halloween Expo show was held in Houston and RJ was there giving away $100 dollar bills to lucky winners there, a Statue of GhostFace® was there along with some nice models sporting many a costume from Fun World and also the GhostFace® Ties were on the odd picture! But now we look into 2012…

What’s coming?? Well hopefully more new goodies from GhostFace® in some shape, way or form, that’s the trouble with Halloween, its so far away again. But fans are also anxiously awaiting Scream 5 news, with TWC recently asking on a Facebook poll about it we know its in their heads to do, after all Kevin Williamson was contracted for a 4 and 5, but nothing was settled for a sixth! .. all i can hope right now is that we get Kevin writing again for Scream 5, Wes back to direct, and Cast as always wanted, Neve, David and Courteney, and maybe also fans will beg enough for Kirby to return! (Hayden Panettiere).

For the moment though have a good New Years Day, and lets hope the world lasts long enough so we can see more Scream movies! 2012 may be the year the world ends, especially if Kevin DOESN’T write Scream 5!