1963!! I wasn’t even thought of.. even my mum was only 8 years old! , but at that time a company grew from this point, the main man being Stanley Geller.. and here we are 50 years later, Fun World still going good, and they now have 3 generations of family in the staff, Stanley, Allen, and Allen’s daughter, Samantha.
Fun World have an interesting history, Read more HERE.

This weekend see’s a yearly event come round again, the Halloween and Party Expo show, if you find Booth 1817 then you will find Fun World, normally on the biggest plot there.. as always since 2011 RJ has shared pictures with us via Twitter of the setup and other things in photo’s.. this year is no different, Pictures below that RJ posted on his Twitter account.. Happy 50th Anniversary Fun World!
More pictures are also on the Facebook page too!