Well, after a long time of seeing mysterious tweets, and thinking and thinking, ‘What could it be’ we have found out via ‘Billy’ aka Busted815 on Twitter what RJ Torbert has been teasing us with for the last couple of years..

The final outcome?! A novel by Mr Torbert himself based in the village of Port Jefferson,

Ghost Face returns as you have never seen or read before. The village of Port Jefferson, Long Island, NY is rocked by a kidnapping on the Cross Island Ferry that leads to a series of murders that adds to the mystery. Detectives Powers and Johnson, led by Detective Lieutenant Cronin, are pressured by national media, the FBI, and the public to solve the related cases before more lives are lost. Things become tense as the Detectives’ personal lives become complicated as the mystery unwinds in the case that would become known as “The Face of Fear.”

The new project has a permanent place now here too, you can view more info by clicking ‘The Face of Fear’ link above, a new site also was created for the novel which is also linked on the new page, as well as a facebook page.

The Face of Fear now has a ‘Support/Fan’ Twitter account in use, to help promote the book more! Click HERE!

Thanks to Buster aka Billy for doing the announcement and now its noted in Ghostface history, and noted on the ‘Project’ page..