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Tag: Scream 5

March 13th 2013: Wes has a chat..

Here we are again, in a similar position to a last year.. NOTHING on a SCREAM 5 and a Scream TV show mentioned again which is NOT what the majorority of fans want according to my poll on the forum.. anyway, Wes was recently at the SXSW film festival mainly for his comic book project with Steve Niles.. Whilst there he chatted with many including JoBlo.com… Click HERE for FULL article in which Scream 5 is mentioned.
News headline was alerted to me by R.Suttles whilst on Skype!

January 3rd 2013: Neve briefly mentions SCREAM 5!

It has been a while since SCREAM 5 has been in the immediate news and even this is still ‘small potatoes’ as we say… I saw an article linked via John Valeri on Facebook… Neve being interviewed about her appearance on Grey’s Anatomy’ , in the interview questions we see SCREAM 5 mentioned.. For FULL ARTICLE click banner!

Any chance of there being a Scream 5?

CAMPBELL: We’ll see. I’m not sure they’re going to make it, to be honest. If that were to come up again and they were to approach me, I’d have a chat with them about it.

March 1st 2012: Scream 5 wont be from Kevin Williamson it seems!

Well, finally something on Scream 5, only small and extremely brief because i saw HelloSidney.com just before writing this… so credit to Rodrigo’ over there really for adding the news first, Credit where its due.

So, whats the latest, well, at first we were all knowing that Kevin was on board for a fourth and fifth film originally, now it seems he isn’t on for a fifth.. i just hope he has given something for an idea to TWC so he has some sort of small influence on a future Scream movie.. The info came from an interview with AssignmentX.com that the following was revealed… FULL ARTICLE HERE
(I have no idea where ‘Generations’ came from).

AX: Can you say anything about SCREAM 5: GENERATIONS?

WILLIAMSON: I don’t know. I’m not doing it.

So, yet again, like with Scream 3, the fans dont get what they want in FULL at least.. As a webmaster and a fan of the films i dont know the full circumstances of why we are not getting Kevin back, we may never know the full truth, then again we may in a few years if some random site interviews him, but remember that the man is extremely busy these days, The Vampire Diaries, Secret Circle, and now he’s got Kevin Bacon as a main character in the new Serial killer drama to arrive in the near future.. something he has been wanting to do since SCREAM back in 1996.

All i can say is that without Williamson’s pen the Scream movies do lack some magic, Look at Scream 1 and 2, both MEGA, good earners, Scream 3 did good, and Scream 4 was very entertaining, i just wish we could have a FULL script off him like with the first two films. When it comes to writers this chap is sorely missed! He helped create what Scream movies became just like the GhostFace® mask and Wes and all cast and crew, with a little bit of magic gone in Williamson it IS noticed by us loyal fans.

January 1st 2012: Happy New Year! What will happen in 2012?

Hello again, hope you all had a nice Christmas and New Year’s Eve party!! Well this time last year things were different, we were all still very much anticipating Scream 4’s arrival and news of Re-shoots was close, also the Halloween Expo show was held in Houston and RJ was there giving away $100 dollar bills to lucky winners there, a Statue of GhostFace® was there along with some nice models sporting many a costume from Fun World and also the GhostFace® Ties were on the odd picture! But now we look into 2012…

What’s coming?? Well hopefully more new goodies from GhostFace® in some shape, way or form, that’s the trouble with Halloween, its so far away again. But fans are also anxiously awaiting Scream 5 news, with TWC recently asking on a Facebook poll about it we know its in their heads to do, after all Kevin Williamson was contracted for a 4 and 5, but nothing was settled for a sixth! .. all i can hope right now is that we get Kevin writing again for Scream 5, Wes back to direct, and Cast as always wanted, Neve, David and Courteney, and maybe also fans will beg enough for Kirby to return! (Hayden Panettiere).

For the moment though have a good New Years Day, and lets hope the world lasts long enough so we can see more Scream movies! 2012 may be the year the world ends, especially if Kevin DOESN’T write Scream 5!

September 28th 2011: Wes talks about Scream 5 !!

UPDATED: Wes has also spoken with other sites since this original news posting..
CLICK HERE for an interesting article on DreadCentral!

For a short while we havent heard off Wes, mainly due to having a nice summer vacation and sorting out other things like a new house being built and a comic series and he is due to give a talk about Fear on October 14th in Chicago… Shocktillyoudrop caught up with him, You can read up what he says by clicking the headline banner, Another site with info is MOVIEHOLE and MOVIEWEB! … BloodyDisgusting also have an article!

Quote from MovieWeb article below..

“Yes. The odds are that there will be (a Scream 5). It is something that Bob Weinstein wants to do. He tends to do what he wants to do. So I am inclined to think that there will be (another sequel). Whether I will be a part of it or not? I don’t know. My contract gives me the first look. If they show me something that is really wonderful? Of course I will be a part of it.”