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April 6th 2015: 25 Years Anniversary Silver GhostFace / UPDATES ? ? ?

25 Years Silver GhostFace mask


After speaking to the main UK distributor i was put in touch with another site who had also expressed an interest in ordering the Silver Ghostface mask.. after a phonecall i discovered someone who had the same goals as me with regards to GhostFace masks and getting the particular types that we wouldnt normally be able to find easily in the UK... types like the Metallics, 25 yr Silver version, TV Series types.. and whatever else may be attainable.. the website that you can get in touch with has been newly added on my links page very recently.. its Click image below..

I STRONGLY suggest if you are a UK fan (
Or even a fan in another country) who wants the 25 year Ghostface type then get in touch with them asap...
The link on the image below takes you straight to the Silver GhostFace masks page there..

Its also a possibility that 'Karnival-House' (linked on the Costumes page) may be getting some newer merchandise too for masks..


Mad About Horror are the UK’s leading online retailer of Horror Masks, Collectibles and Halloween Animated Props. Importers of Officially Licensed products from Ghoulish Productions, Trick or Treat Studios and other top US design studios. Stockists of Halloween Masks of the most popular Movies and TV Shows from around the world.

Mad About

Well.. here we are again... ever since fans knew the 25th Anniversary Silver mask was on its way i have had loads of questions from many of them, on the site contact link here.. and via Social media on Facebook.. and all of them ask the same thing! Including myself!

When is the mask coming out exactly? ...... How much will it be? .... Is the UK getting it too?......

Well the answers are still vague... i can only ASSUME that its going to be out for Halloween, because RJ Torbert told me people should be ordering NOW... and 2016 is the ONLY year these versions will be made.
And with retailers ordering now, its seems pretty obvious its in time for Halloween.

Cost... Well, its still unknown at this time.. whether its a U.S Dollar price, or a UK price.. or any other countries price.. We dont know.. I spoke with a distributor and even they are awaiting more info..

WHO is getting it?
Well, USA is more or less always the main country to seek newer GhostFace merchandise whether its an anniversary mask or a Metallic mask.. its always heavily ordered in its home country.

What about the UK?
.... Good question, well i asked RJ Torbert this on the phone a very short while ago, and he basically said.. 'if its ordered it will be made..' he then advised me to get to any shops i know who have GhostFace items and see if they are ordering any.. so go to your local fancy dress or novelties store and get asking.. as i say above... NOW is the time retailers are ordering... so get to a store you know that maybe has stocked GhostFace in the past and get asking.. maybe even try ASDA again if you are in the UK..
ASDA havent done any GhostFace items since 2013 but you never know... if its in demand, it sells..

SCREAM TV Series mask..
Well it seems from looking at Fun World's website that whoever wants the TV Series masks and merchandise that there are newer items added in the range this year.. CLICK HERE to see them!

NEW GhostFace items
Well i suggest you check out the link HERE... and maybe lookthrough some downloadable items on Fun Worlds page... you can see what retailers have a choice of... I did also hear that the Metallic GhostFace masks should be back in 'Savers' again this year too.. ;)

Until next time... (or when more info comes) ill catch you later.
Tim (GhostFace)

Silver Ghostface in packaging

Ghostface 25 year rear of box and history


January 20th 2016: Halloween Party Expo Show, New Orleans.

Fun World at Halloween Party Expo Show 2016

As New Year starts again i always know i will be seeing images like below of Fun Worlds attendance at the Halloween Party Expo Show... Last Year it wasnt until February but this year its back to being in January again, RJ Torbert has already been Tweeting the pics of the progress of the displays going up..
Its in New Orleans, and again its at the 'Ernest N. Morial Convention center.. housed in a million square feet of space... More pictures to come as time goes by... RJ did say the box for the 25th anniversary Silver mask would be shown 24 hours before the show started also.. and last year fans had a chance to win Gold Masks in Gold hoods briefly for poems wrote.. also sent over to fans were Ties made for the expo show, Ties that will again be appearing this year... Keep an eye on RJ's Twitter for more..

The Show runs from January 22nd - 25th .... The website is HERE!
('See Floorplan' as always Fun World has the biggest possble plot again.. )

Check out THIS LINK for Google Streetview! Cant believe how big it is! (Linked last year also)

UPDATE: Front of 25 Year silver GhostFace mask packaging now below.. Rear of the box coming on January 22nd... which will have some GhostFace hostory on it too....

UPDATED with Wes Craven Tribute picture, and box rear containing GhostFace History, and Cerificate...
Also... seem to be newer version TV Series masks too..

Mask selection

Ghostface 25 year rear of box and history

25 Year Ghostface certificate

Wes Craven Fun World Tribute

Silver Ghostface in packaging






Fun World 2016 Booth

Fun World Booth

Fun World booth

Fun World Booth

Fun World Booth

Fun World Booth

Fun World Booth


December 16th 2015: 25 Years Aniversary Silver GhostFace

25 Years Silver GhostFace mask

ALL these years later after the GhostFace mask's creation and now 'tonight' we see another mask type unveiled by RJ Torbert... To be available next year, with a certificate of authenticity.. and with a special hood, and also in a special box... all commemorating the 25th Birthday of GhostFace!

Tweets came from RJ on the December 16th (UK Time) showing us the picture below..
Its a STUNNER!!! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!

stay tuned, GHOST FACE special edition for 2016 TO BE unveiled at 3 PM EST--TWITTER FOLLOWERS first to see publicly.


It's the 25th anniversary of the Mask known around the world as Ghost Face in 2016...Unveiling coming in minutes from Fun World.

To be made only in 2016..Silver Anniversary..silver chrome mask .complete w/special hood..special box package.

Mask come with special hood ..stamped on inside..and certficate of authenticity. FUN WORLD is proud of this one.

UPDATES: Added Tweets from RJ.. and pictures of different hood and Certificate...
All below the mask picture...

Silver GhostFace

25 Year Silver GhostFace Certificate

Fun World proud to present Certificate of Authenticity..for 25th be made only in 2016.

25 Years GhostFace Hood

Extended cloth hood for limited edition Ghost Face 25th anniversary Mark.
more info to come later in day.

packaged box------------------to be shown next week. --------------
Dedicated to the MEMORY -- of THE MASTER ------Wes Craven----Stay Tuned.


December 8th 2015: 9 Years Later... 9 years old

Well here we are again then... a little late this year on the date but basically the end of November and start of December resemble the birth of, all that way back in 2006!
Whilst in the later part of November and start of December many see this as the start of Christmas coming, i tend to ignore that now, and see it as my websites birthday more.. I remember when the site was first in existence as a 'Proboards forum' (Which is still online) i remember the fans that did visit saying that IF a 'SCREAM 4' was made the must-have characters were always to be Sidney, Dewey and Gale.. otherwise there was no point, the other two key factors always mentioned were Wes and Kevin.. and only around a year and a half after going online the announcement came in July 2008 that the film was finally Green-lighted! The rest is history now! So... here we are now.. in 2015.. and still online.. what has 2015 given us ?!! Some good things, and sadly a major bad thing too!

2015 - Good and Bad
Well, with it being 2015 many of us that also like the 'Back to the Future' films saw it as a celebration of the dates that Doc and Marty time travelled to in the Delorean all the way back in 1989! And while Hoverbords DO exist in a capacity, its not as expected, or as they were portrayed in the film is it!
But thats life!
With regards to Scream & GhostFace fans we have a sadder reason now for remembering 2015.. Wes... Whilst the movie worlds of Horror and Thrillers (and sometimes romantic stories) suffers a major loss of a great director... a major loss!! In late August we all go the nasty news that he had sadly passed on... and i saw many things online in relation to this sad loss from fans..

Wes Craven - 1939 - 2015 / the man he was..
From the start of Horror movies in my life i always liked Wes's work.. Mainly because the first film of his i ever saw that was a horror was SCREAM... for years previous i hated Horror, couldnt stand it one bit.. i remember going round to friends houses in younger years and seeing their older brothers and sisters watching parts of Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees films.. from the very little i could manage to watch (i was only around 7-8 yrs old at the time) i remember thinking that some killers seemed indestructible, no matter what happened to them they kept coming back, and even as a young child then it put me off Horror.. plus it made me paranoid about walking back home at night! So Wes did so his job right in that respect, i only saw about 5 minutes of a Freddy film and i couldnt take no more.. I still havent watched them until this day!

With regards to meeting Wes though i never did sadly.. i have seen many fans post up pictures of themselves with him and reading how they met him, whether it was in an area he was filming, or at the Scream 4 premiere which was good for them too... but the closest i ever got was only via Twitter, he had Followed me in the last year and actually wished me a happy birthday back in June.. I had heard from RJ Torbert recently after i asked RJ about Wes ever viewing my site.. As far as RJ knew he said he had been on the site here.. So i hope he liked what he saw and read..
One thing i did notice about Wes was what the cast members and many others who worked with him said too.. that being that he was REALLY a good man, a nice man, a sweet man, and not the pyscho or mad man that people may have thought of him due to his ability to scare us all in his films.. From what i saw in recent years during Scream 4 being made (and on many DVD extras on the Scream movies) it was true, Wes was a genuine nice man, he was someone who had mastered his craft in the movie world, and remained one hell of a man in normal life, his love of birds and other hobbies shown this throughout some of his online media and interviews and even his own website.. I wont forget the presence on Twitter during Scream 4.. many fans were talking to him whilst he was in between working.. pictures of him on his phone tweeting, or playing Doodle Jump!.... i never did beat the score he put up! One thing i always remember though is the pic he posted of a tired GhostFace! Inbetween takes he snapped a picture of 'Dane Farwell' as GhostFace sat on a rooftop.. Poor chap looked knackered! | Pictured Below...

Tired GhostFace

I tink Wes knew what he wanted when it came to all the Scream films with the portrayal of Ghostface and all the characters we saw... I will always have him to thank AND all others involved in the making of these SCREAM movies.. They gave me a mask and icon i love! Its mostly shown in this site i think..
Rest in peace to Wes though.. i honestly hope we all go somewhere up above after this life, and if we do, i hope to meet him up there..

2015 for Ghostface

Well, as the year started we got yet another type of mask from Alan Geller, the 'Smoldering / Eerie Embers' mask... (Now on the masks page too) .. We also saw the return of more Metallic Ghostface masks.. ordered again by the 'savers' store chain..
In this year also GhostFace reached a new age, an age of 24, so next year i hope will see some type of anniversary masks i hope.. as 25 is a milestone for any type of mask! Particular one that's so well known!

Scream Tv Series - July 2015

Well after much discussion online between fans it finally did show its face to us.. literally... The MTV Scream series made it presence known at the start of July and weeks previously in the form of clips posted on YouTube by the MTV account there.. we saw Trailers and a 'first 8 minutes' clip debut.. Some fans hated it, some fans loved it, and some didnt even bother watching it.. I myself wasnt too keen after seeing a new mask created for it, but true to my word i did eventually watch every episode to give it a fair chance and to get the story completed...
My verdict was that it was ok but it didnt have the authentic 'Scream feel' to it like we saw in the movies.. and that it was a total different world in some ways in 'Lakewood'.. i do remember though, reading online that TWC wanted to keep the movie world and Tv Series world separate.. so that gave a reason for a new mask creation... at the end of the day i think the SCREAM name maybe helped it get viewers, but in my opinion it could have been named ANYTHING else in relation to Teens, School life, Mass murders, or pyscho killers... the fact it was called 'SCREAM the tv series' didnt make much difference to me.. i know of fans from the movies who think of the series as non existent because it doesnt come close to the quality of the films..

Series 2..
Whilst there is positive and negative points on the series there was a green light for a second series.. time will tell as to what happens and if the 'Brandon James' mask reappears...

Arnold Scream - the end of an era.
Well.. as time went on from me creating this site in late 2006 i had always wanted to put my old video footage online for anyone to see... as time went on we had many trailers and fan films go online.. it was originally known between friends in it as 'Scream filming' and later got the name of 'Arnold Scream' as many of us were from, or lived in Arnold at the time of making the clips, all of the time it was viewable i made it clear that it wasnt anything serious and was all for fun.. anyone that has seen the films will know this because the acting is bad.. its just friends messing about with a GhostFace mask, thats it..!! The website for the films came along on December 7th 2009... and was there for people to read details and see locations for what we were doing in the films.. the last ever footage i did for the films was back in June 2010.. and since then the site remained online for anyone interested to view.. now though its up for renewal but im letting it go... it was always there for a temporary period anyway, and this year i thought it had been online long enough.. it expired on December 7th 2015 and will no doubt be gone very soon after this post is read by some.. the clips on YouTube will remain (mostly trailers) otherwise its off to the Internet Archive site to view the site in previous years.. I have added a trailer below of the first film which i think sums up the basic description of Arnold Scream.. that being one of friends having fun with GhostFace.. and in this trailer that's exactly what you see!


Well, that's it for now... I hope you all have a good Christmas and Happy New Year!
Until January.. See you later!
GhostFace (Tim)


November 26th 2015: MTV TV Series content...

tv series

ALL SCREAM MTV SERIES related content now has its own page, the link has been added to the main navigation links above on every webpage of the site...  

All related news articles that were on this page have also been moved over to the newer page.



October 2nd 2015: Metallic GhostFace Masks for 2015

2015 Metallic Ghostface masks 

Hello again... earlier this year (back in June) i asked RJ Torbert as to whether the GhostFace Metallic masks would be making another return this year.. to which he answered YES!!

The only trouble with that is the UK fans and of course fans in any other country that ISNT the USA then has to try and find a trusted USA based fan to source them for them if they desire them to be added to their collections.. But what if you dont know any fans?
Well, over the past few years i have got some via a few sources, fans i know over there, RJ Torbert himself, or from a Savers store you can get in contact with via Email.. (Or their Facebook page).
After seeing pictures online recently i can confirm that they ARE back in the same stores as they were last year... namely 'Savers', or 'Value village' in some areas... Whilst these stores arent FULLY nationwide in the USA we can still get in touch with the store a couple of my own sets came from in the past...
Details on stores are on the icon below (Click to Download)
And the shop i got mine from in the past was based in Nova Scotia, Canada.. i e mailed the store manager 'Reg' at the time and he sorted me a set out and got them sent over (Charges applie of course)
That same store has a Facebook page, linked below too.. Try your luck and see if you can obtain a set, otherwise maybe get in touch with some USA fans...

PLEASE NOTE: If you do find a store willing to help you obtain a set then its likely you may be contacted by their head office to pursue the transaction and take payment by a credit card over the phone.


savers info

Numbers and Addresse's of stores so you can check availability. Click icon for download!
Formats are in XLS and HTML .... it contains a BIG list of stores info.

Ghostface on Facebook

The shop that have sent me my own Metallic GhostFace masks for the last two years have their own Facebook page linked on the icon..


August 31st 2015: Farewell Wes....


Scream 4 - On the set

One of the most nasty things a website owner has to do is post up about someone leaving us, a hell of a man sadly passing away... today we lost Wes... we all as fans knew how we all wanted him to direct our favourite films.. and even though after 10 years of not seeing GhostFace on the big screen, Wes returned and made us all happy we knew he was the one we all wanted to make Ghostface and 'SCREAM' live again..
I never got to meet him but ill always wish i did... this man was a great powerful force in what he did, R.I.P Wes...

Scream 4 Behind the scenes/ Gag Reel


Wes in 'Castle'



August 4th 2015: SCREAM Reunion Panel - Monster Mania 31


Thanks to Rodrigo for posting this on Facebook... What we have here today is a fan made video from the recent Monster Mania 31 Horror Convention which was on from July 31st - August 2nd... We have here Neve, Skeet, and the voice of GhostFace, Roger L Jackson too.... Filmed by someone called William Smith..
Similar to the other video further down the page this lasts almost 52 minutes.. Enjoy...


June 27th 2015: SCREAM 5 NON EXISTENT for good ?!

Scream 5 is dead 

Yesterday the well known Horror site Bloody-Disgusting had a headline go up about the much talked about (Mostly between fans) SCREAM 5.... and it seems that TWC have no plans for it at all now, and plan to let the TV Series continue the legacy... If this is still the case in a year or so then its not good. Many fans online have expressed much interest in doing a fifth film but to no avail, many of them saying a 'SCREAM 5' instead of a TV Series was wanted not so long ago... it seems we got what most didnt want when it comes to the fans.. FULL ARTICLE link on the banner! Info from BD below...

'When unconfirmed news of Scream 5 hit the web back in May, we did some digging and discovered the disheartening news that there was absolutely no internal chatter of a sequel at Dimension’s headquarters.

Now, on the heels of the MTV series premiere (June 30th), Bob Weinstein, co-runner of the Weinstein Co., tells the WSJ that there will be no more Scream films. Ghostface’s legacy will live on through the new MTV series…'

The site quotes Weinstein as saying:

…there won’t be any more ‘Scream’ movies, and that MTV is the right place for the property to find its next life. It’s like putting an art-house movie in an art-house theater—where the teens reside is MTV.


March 5th 2015: NEW Texas Frightmare weekend poster..

The Poster featuring GhostFace for the upcoming Texas Frightmare Weekend !

Ghostface at texas Frightmare weekend

The 'Gold on Gold' mask.. 1 of 9 made...

Gold GhostFace Mask 1 of 9


February 26th 2015: A few words from RJ Torbert..

Fun World and Texas Frightmare weekend

In a quick E mail to RJ Torbert regarding the upcoming Texas Frightmare Weekend, i asked about the involvement of GhostFace and when the Gold mask pictures will be coming for fans to see.. You have to remember he is a VERY busy man, but he did get back to me as always.. He has been working with Texas Frightmare people on the Poster and T Shirt designs.. what he says is below..

I was approached for permission to use GHOST FACE  in both designs,  and  it was granted, as long as  I had final approval, and that a donation was made to one of FUN WORLD  charities,   Fun World did not accept any money for licensing fees, for either the poster, t shirt, and allowing photos to be taken with Neve Campbell, and SKEET ULRICH,with FANS and the Mask. ---this way , fans gain,  and so do the charities,  in this case   THE BROOKE JACKMAN FOUNDATION

RJ assures me that the Gold Mask pictures will be arriving soon.. Only 9 of this type ever made!
Keep an eye on RJ's Twitter for announcements and pictures..


February 21st 2015: Neve Campbell attending London Film & Comic Con

Neve Campbell at 2015 London Film and comic con

Today's snippet was known by fans a while back and i held it back a bit here as its a few months away yet. but then again its always good to have more time than having less time... so here we are.. UK fans will be happy to know that Neve Campbell will be attending 'Showmaster's' London Film & Comic Con which will be held on July 17th-19th this year... It actually takes place at the 'London Olympia'... Links below will help you out..

Location link and details | Neve Campbell Link | Main Site | ALL Guests attending page


February 20th 2015: NEW 'Creature Caps' for 2015!

Creature Caps from Fun World

The other day while browsing Fun World's site i came across a newer item in the 'GhostFace' section... Creature caps! I kept quiet about it in case RJ was letting someone announce these via Twitter or something like it.. on contacting him he gave me permission to do the announcement, so here we are.. NEW for 2015, not only do we have the mask as announced in early December (Wild paint job green and black type) but we also now have the 'Creature caps' the description pretty much says it all, and the caps can be worn as normal like any other cap, but if you want to play jokes and the like, then you have the drop down face option too!
Click the banner for the page on Fun World's site which has the full descriptions there.

Pictured below, 'GhostFace' and 'Zombie' types... Devil version on Fun World site.

GhostFace Creature Cap™ Zombie Creature Cap™


February 6th 2015: Halloween Party Expo Show, New Orleans.

Fun World at 2015 Halloween Expo Show New Orleans

Year by year goes by and normally every January its me reporting about Fun World's attendance at the Houston Halloween Expo show... well, this year, its obviously not a 'January event'... its in New Orleans... at the 'Ernest N. Morial Convention center.. housed in a million square feet of space... and yet again Fun World have the biggest space there, biggest in the world RJ said via twitter... and as always RJ has been tweeting showing us pictures of the progression as things are constructed and finally ready for the three day duration... Pictures below..

The Show runs from today, February 6th - 9th .... The website is HERE!
('See Floorplan' link shows where peope are, Fun World space is massive!)

Check out THIS LINK for Google Streetview! Cant believe how big it is!

setting up 1

Fun World booth construction
Ghostface items display

Fun World Hanging Logo


FW complete 2

FW complete 3


January 27th 2015: Wes Producing SCREAM inspired movie...

Wes Producing SCREAM-Inspired Film

Today's news comes via '' Rodrigo Kurtz, this being news on mr Craven, who is going to be producing a SCREAM-Inspired movie, called 'The Girl in the photographs'... its early stages as of yet and casting is in progress.. but lets see what happens in future, could be good.. Click banner for FULL ARTICLE!

The company’s first project is “The Girl in the Photographs” with horror icon Wes Craven executive producing and Craven’s protege Nick Simon (writer of “The Pyramid”) directing. Chung will produce with Thomas Mahoney; Brandon M. Vayda and Krystal Tiffany Vayda will executive produce alongside Craven and Alghanim.

The film is inspired by the “Scream” franchise and set against the backdrop of the fashion world.

January 22nd 2015: TEXAS Frightmare Weekend!

Skeet Ulrich at Texas Frightmare Weekend

Neve Campbell Texas Frightmare weekend 2015

Hello, all week RJ Torbert has been tweeting hints at a special guest making an appearance at the upcoming Texas Frightmare Weekend.. which is from May 1st - 3rd, as you can see from the image Skeet Ulrich himself will be there, or 'Billy Loomis' as most of us fans think of him.. Grab your memorabilia and run i say.. as it has been mentioned that masks and the like can be signed.. not only is Skeet there though, but also announced a short while back was Neve Campbell who will be making her first ever convention appearance.. so while for us in the uk it may be quieter, its all good for those in the USA who can make it.. go and enjoy while the chance is there!

How many times could you meet Billy Loomis and Sidney Prescott under one roof?

The Texas Frightmare website is HERE!!

Check out Skeet's video on Facebook HERE!

Pre-Order your GhostFace / Texas Frightmare Weekend T-Shirt by Clicking the image below!

Ghostface Texas Frightmare T Shirt


January 12th 2015: SCREAM 5 Part 1 and 2!

SCREAM 5 Part 1 and 2

Hello again... Hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year... the New Year starts with what i think is a NEW Rumour! Over at 'Moviepilot' there are reports of SCREAM 5 being a two part film, they state how that in the past Wes Craven said he was down for SCREAM 5 and 6 if the fourth film did good enough, and we all know from Twitter info that Kevin Williamson has a SCREAM 5 ready... but it doesnt sound like the version they have in mind to use.. Info from Moviepilot's article below... Click banner for FULL Article! .... Me, well im not sure on this... the SCREAM films have always just stuck with progressing numbers in the titles, so why not just a 5 and 6.. ???

All right all of you Scream fans if you were exited about the upcoming MTV Scream series then you'll be happy for this news. A recent rumors has leaked to the internet saying that a fifth and final Scream film is coming in 2016 and will be set in two parts with part two coming in 2017.

Not much is known about the the film but it has been said that the Scream television series will have connections to the film with some of the characters from the show having some involvement.


December 10th 2014: NEW GhostFace mask for 2015!

NEW Fade in and out Wild paint job Ghostface

Hello.... it seems we have had an early Christmas present as fans of Ghostface and Scream... RJ Torbert sent Wes Craven a new image of a NEWER version mask.. so Wes could tweet it to the fans... here we have a newer version Glow mask which does fade in and out also like this years version seen in some retailers like Party City... Over the years we have seen many a new version Ghostface mask, but nothing quite like this one.. i do like it, can only imagine what it looks like in the dark... im sure we will soon see.. Fun World are unveiling it officially today in New York City!

Tweet from Wes...
'Sneak peek of new Ghost Face Mask! Fun World is introducing it tomorrow at the Halloween Show in NYC. @RJTorbert'

Smolderig GhostFace off Smoldering GhostFace on

Tweets from RJ... on December 9th..

Many of U R asking ..regarding The new Ghost Face introduced by @wescraven .yes it glows in dark w/fade in fade out 4 retail.Next Halloween


December 1st 2014: 8 Years later....

8 years later

So... after another year passing us by again its now up to the '8' figure for online time here...
What can we say we have seen develop as fans this year then?!?

New Merchandise... Masks, figures..
Well we had the NEW Fade in and Out mask, and although not a new type we did also see the Metallic GhostFace masks appear again, in the Blue, Green, and Purple types once again... Looks like the Red has gone for good.
We also got the NEW NECA figures, and also Funko pop vinyl types are now online too..

Events in 2014..
Back in May GhostFace fan Dean Maynard arranged and hosted a Ghost hunt event for Charity, i was asked to be GhostFace for the night which involved me running around as him scaring the guests for the first two hours before the Ghost hunt went back to normal format, (really trying to see if any spirits/ghosts were about) ...
Needless to say the night was successful.. and also RJ Torbert had provided Signed masks and Books for auction... at that time the amount raised was the highest made...
In October (Halloween night) we had the same again, with many of the guests being women it was paradise for me as a Scarer...because women SCREAM more than men.. I was GhostFace again, and this time joined by a mate who was GhostFace most the time in my 'Arnold Scream' fan films, now and again he would change mask and become Michael Myers, he even managed to really scare Dean himself.. among others.. again though, another good night.. all for charity, sadly the Gold hooded Flesh coloured mask didnt sell in the online auction... it was returned to RJ at Fun World, so maybe it will be up for grabs again in future, depending whats going on that is..

MTV Series - Progress...

Well this year has also seen a bit more progress on the long gestating SCREAM TV Series.. firstly announcing possible cast and audition clips, and then stills from supposed shooting, and then the bad news.. that GhostFace wasnt to be involved, at least from the start.. with a possibility of an appearance in the future, maybe..
And then... the even worse news.. the fact that MTV want to have their own 'Evolved' version of the mask, which could be good or bad, but as i say in the other news post, its not a good thing in my opinion.. again also i repeat.. Time will tell!

Future of the site

Well i say it almost every time i do these yearly anniversary posts i think.. that being that as long as the stats keep the same telling me that the visitors are still viewing the site then ill keep it online, it seems the mostly viewed pages are the main index, this news page and the masks page.. i keep in touch with RJ Torbert on a regular basis and plan to keep that the same as always.. Content will be added to in the new year with details of the newer figures... i also hope to get some more info off superfan Nate Ragon on masks and his collection and maybe possibly some info on mask mods as used in the SCREAM movies..

Costumes page..

While the page is limited on info compared to the popular 'masks' page, it does now contain links to a reliable site that does many a GhostFace item, reasonable shipping, and overall good prices compared to many other sites that seem to charge more for some things.. also the older links previously on the costumes page were from an affiliate account from BuyCostumes.. in which i never ever got NOTHING out of it.. so off those links went.. plus half the links in recent time either went to a product that was now discontinued, or to a page saying the link no longer worked.. As of now, ALL the links work and take you to the products pictured..

For now, from me.. as the date is now December 1st.. i say MERRY CHRISTMAS.. have a good NEW YEAR..
See you soon.

GhostFace (Tim)


October 3rd 2014: Q & A with RJ Torbert.... MTV SERIES, GhostFace masks Availability...

Q & A with RJ Torbert

Hello, as Halloween slowly approaches i have had the chance to speak with RJ Torbert via E mail on a couple of occasions, and of course the question of GhostFace being involved on the MTV SCREAM series was arisen too...
RJ answers many questions below... One of which starts us off here and was asked by myself on Twitter...

R.J. there has been much speculation, about the MTV series, SCREAM, the question remains, is GHOST FACE® involved in the series?

Tim ,

 To answer your question regarding the SCREAM T.V. SERIES.  Please note, that I had been in communication with TWC regarding this and they have informed me,  that  as of now, and during the initial launch that  GHOST FACE®  is not involved in the new format. They also indicated that because of this direction, it does not mean, that Ghost Face® will not be involved at a later date. So, there is still a question , to the question.  However, as of now,  there is no involvement.

 I’m  telling you now,  as we get closer to Halloween, because of the many inquiries, we have had from our RETAILERS,  as well as the FANS from all over the world. In addition, -------we have received pretty harsh notes, some addressed specifically to me, implying that Fun World  and/or me, is responsible for the SERIES  not having GHOST FACE® ----------nothing could be further from the truth.  We believe , SCREAM  is GHOST FACE,  and GHOST FACE® is Scream. However, while  GHOST FACE® is owned by Fun World, The Scream Motion Picture Franchise is owned by The Weinstein Company and it is their option to Film a movie or T.V.  SHOW without GHOST FACE®.

 Regardless, we wish them the best of luck and I’m sure SCREAM FANS will check out the series. Who knows what will happen in the future regarding the series and Ghost Face®. Never say Never.  

Q-- Have you found many knock offs  of GHOST FACE this Halloween?

 A--  This year, we have stopped many shipments on the knock offs,  -----our worldwide copyright and trademark  now recognized around the world has made it easier , however,  its time consuming .  It continues to amaze me how companies and people continue to try and knock it off. Not only ,  the copyright,  but our TRADEMARK, -------------we have and will continue to be diligent in enforcing our rights. I must also give credit to the followers on twitter, and thank them as well for sending knock offs to me, at FUN WORLD. Their loyalty and support has been terrific, and I (WE)  at FUN World  appreciate it.

 Q-- You have donated  a  ONE OF A KIND  GHOST FACE mask  to raise money for a charity in the U.K.   can you give us some background on it?

 A-- A COUPLE years ago, when FUN WORLD  was going to celebrate  fifty years of being in business.  I experimented with having  special MASKS  made,  ---------one of them  was the WHITE  MASK  with the GOLD SHROUD,  and ONE OF THEM was trying to do a GOLD FACE with a gold shroud.  I wasn’t  satisfied with the result, of how the gold shroud looked, so I  did not move forward with it.  However, as a result , both of them are  1 of a kind.  I hope something good happens, and money is raised for a good cause.

 Q-- YOU recently made a statement on twitter  about a new figure coming out from FUNKO,  and that it was  not the one we thought of.  Can you explain

A--  There are some who received  figures from FUNKO  from the U.K.  and I wanted to be sure, they did nt think it was those figures, ----------My twitter followers, are quite perceptive, and smart, so  I do have to clarify sometimes, that I may know what they are thinking, LOL—

 Q-- You continue to be available via twitter to your followers—Im sure it is appreciated by most.

 A-- I continue to be amazed by the loyalty , interest,  and the support  from  my twitter followers,  many of them are incredible, loving, people who have dreams,  and I try to be encouraging to them, as a way to show my appreciation to them. I will always do my very best to show that appreciation.  I have met many of them throughout the country and world as I travel and I have enjoyed every minute of it.  Sometimes, it is impossible  to meet everyone due to schedules,  but I think most of them know the effort is there!    

 Q--  What’s next in the world of Movies for  FUN WORLD?

A-- Horrible Bosses 2  with JENNIFER ANNISTON AND  JASON BATEMAN, ----------our skelebones  boy mask  is making a appearance  in a bank scene,  with the 3main  guys, that is very funny. Its due to come out  sometime in November.

 Q-- How is THE FACE OF FEAR  doing,  and when is the sequel due out?

A--  I’m  pleased with the performance of THE FACE OF FEAR--------and those who have read  a advance copy of the manuscript for the sequel have  either liked it very much or loved it, so I’m enthusiastic over the release of it, sometime in late may or early June of  2015

 Q-- Is there a meaning to the GHOST FACE being left handed both on the Registered  Logo  and in your book?

A--   This question has been raised a few times. –I’m left handed, and took liberty on making him left handed,  both on the logo and in the book.  While I wanted to do it, --------if you look closely at the logo,  myself being left handed aside,  I think the logo looks better with his left arm coming over the F .  It balances out  the logo.  I looked carefully at the logo with a  right handed  Ghost Face and it looked odd to me.  I think it flows better  and looks better to the eye this way.  I feel a bit  of a “closer” connection to  it  as well.   (smile)

Q-- last question, are you working on any projects we don’t  know about?

A-- Yes,   (laughing)

So , there we have it for now... now you know what to expect in the upcoming TV series, at the time of speaking to RJ via E mail i asked about the availability of GhostFace masks this year as i saw many a fan on social media saying there was not as many masks about compared to last year and previous years, something that rings true in the UK too, because ASDA stores who normally have the Glow types in stock have NOTHING at all this year..
So below is a list of places where you can find GhostFace this year.. mainly in the USA, or a couple online...

GHOST FACE®  is available,  in MASKS//COSTUMES,   and /or  Accessories in the following stores---there are  too many stores to list,  but these are the biggest supporters

















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