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November 15th 2014: SCREAM TV series - Mask Changes... Evolved Mask appearing.....

Mask changes MTV

Here we are again... this time with yet more news (Via Bloody / in relation to the upcoming SCREAM TV Series by MTV.... in recent time we all learned that GhostFace would not be Primarily involved with the project, but wasnt totally ruled out from making a possible appearance in the future... and now.. well MTV's senior vice president Mina Lefevre has said there will be a different version of a mask used... more below...
For the FULL article click the banner above and it will take you to Bloody

“It’s a darker, almost more grounded, evolved version of the mask,” says Mina Lefevre, MTV’s senior vice president and head of scripted development. “It’s something we’re constantly talking about. How did that mask become that mask? What’s its purpose? How did it evolve? If the Scream movie mask was the more plastic version, for a lack of a better description, this one is a more organic looking and frankly darker version.”

Lefevre—who insists not using Ghostface had nothing to do with rights issues— promises that the spirit of Kevin Williamson and Wes Craven’s films are intact. “Scream was incredibly iconic, but we wanted to reinvent that for TV while of course keeping all the main elements that made it so iconic, including a mask, but also the soapy teen stories, pop culture humor, the scares and the killer,” she says. “We’re tonally walking that line, yet delivering the scares in a significant way. The mask was a big discussion creatively. We wanted to get a nod and a wink to what the original was, but we definitely wanted to make it more on par with what horror is now, which is darker.”

As a major fan of GhostFace (as im sure my site shows) i am not impressed by the news frankly... like RJ said in the headline below... SCREAM is GhostFace... and GhostFace is SCREAM... my opinion at this time is that it may already be ruined, and dead and buried before its even started... Changing one of the main factors that helped SCREAM get its main killer face and overall appearance isnt good... when the pilot show does eventually air in the UK i WILL give it a chance to see how it looks, but with the recent news of no GhostFace and the mask changes im not getting excited about it... i hope it doesnt ruin or damage the SCREAM origins... Many fans have said they would prefer a SCREAM 5 to this... also many say if theres no GhostFace then why bother at all??!! Time will tell..


October 3rd 2014: Q & A with RJ Torbert.... MTV SERIES, GhostFace masks Availability...

Q & A with RJ Torbert

Hello, as Halloween slowly approaches i have had the chance to speak with RJ Torbert via E mail on a couple of occasions, and of course the question of GhostFace being involved on the MTV SCREAM series was arisen too...
RJ answers many questions below... One of which starts us off here and was asked by myself on Twitter...

R.J. there has been much speculation, about the MTV series, SCREAM, the question remains, is GHOST FACE® involved in the series?

Tim ,

 To answer your question regarding the SCREAM T.V. SERIES.  Please note, that I had been in communication with TWC regarding this and they have informed me,  that  as of now, and during the initial launch that  GHOST FACE®  is not involved in the new format. They also indicated that because of this direction, it does not mean, that Ghost Face® will not be involved at a later date. So, there is still a question , to the question.  However, as of now,  there is no involvement.

 I’m  telling you now,  as we get closer to Halloween, because of the many inquiries, we have had from our RETAILERS,  as well as the FANS from all over the world. In addition, -------we have received pretty harsh notes, some addressed specifically to me, implying that Fun World  and/or me, is responsible for the SERIES  not having GHOST FACE® ----------nothing could be further from the truth.  We believe , SCREAM  is GHOST FACE,  and GHOST FACE® is Scream. However, while  GHOST FACE® is owned by Fun World, The Scream Motion Picture Franchise is owned by The Weinstein Company and it is their option to Film a movie or T.V.  SHOW without GHOST FACE®.

 Regardless, we wish them the best of luck and I’m sure SCREAM FANS will check out the series. Who knows what will happen in the future regarding the series and Ghost Face®. Never say Never.  

Q-- Have you found many knock offs  of GHOST FACE this Halloween?

 A--  This year, we have stopped many shipments on the knock offs,  -----our worldwide copyright and trademark  now recognized around the world has made it easier , however,  its time consuming .  It continues to amaze me how companies and people continue to try and knock it off. Not only ,  the copyright,  but our TRADEMARK, -------------we have and will continue to be diligent in enforcing our rights. I must also give credit to the followers on twitter, and thank them as well for sending knock offs to me, at FUN WORLD. Their loyalty and support has been terrific, and I (WE)  at FUN World  appreciate it.

 Q-- You have donated  a  ONE OF A KIND  GHOST FACE mask  to raise money for a charity in the U.K.   can you give us some background on it?

 A-- A COUPLE years ago, when FUN WORLD  was going to celebrate  fifty years of being in business.  I experimented with having  special MASKS  made,  ---------one of them  was the WHITE  MASK  with the GOLD SHROUD,  and ONE OF THEM was trying to do a GOLD FACE with a gold shroud.  I wasn’t  satisfied with the result, of how the gold shroud looked, so I  did not move forward with it.  However, as a result , both of them are  1 of a kind.  I hope something good happens, and money is raised for a good cause.

 Q-- YOU recently made a statement on twitter  about a new figure coming out from FUNKO,  and that it was  not the one we thought of.  Can you explain

A--  There are some who received  figures from FUNKO  from the U.K.  and I wanted to be sure, they did nt think it was those figures, ----------My twitter followers, are quite perceptive, and smart, so  I do have to clarify sometimes, that I may know what they are thinking, LOL—

 Q-- You continue to be available via twitter to your followers—Im sure it is appreciated by most.

 A-- I continue to be amazed by the loyalty , interest,  and the support  from  my twitter followers,  many of them are incredible, loving, people who have dreams,  and I try to be encouraging to them, as a way to show my appreciation to them. I will always do my very best to show that appreciation.  I have met many of them throughout the country and world as I travel and I have enjoyed every minute of it.  Sometimes, it is impossible  to meet everyone due to schedules,  but I think most of them know the effort is there!    

 Q--  What’s next in the world of Movies for  FUN WORLD?

A-- Horrible Bosses 2  with JENNIFER ANNISTON AND  JASON BATEMAN, ----------our skelebones  boy mask  is making a appearance  in a bank scene,  with the 3main  guys, that is very funny. Its due to come out  sometime in November.

 Q-- How is THE FACE OF FEAR  doing,  and when is the sequel due out?

A--  I’m  pleased with the performance of THE FACE OF FEAR--------and those who have read  a advance copy of the manuscript for the sequel have  either liked it very much or loved it, so I’m enthusiastic over the release of it, sometime in late may or early June of  2015

 Q-- Is there a meaning to the GHOST FACE being left handed both on the Registered  Logo  and in your book?

A--   This question has been raised a few times. –I’m left handed, and took liberty on making him left handed,  both on the logo and in the book.  While I wanted to do it, --------if you look closely at the logo,  myself being left handed aside,  I think the logo looks better with his left arm coming over the F .  It balances out  the logo.  I looked carefully at the logo with a  right handed  Ghost Face and it looked odd to me.  I think it flows better  and looks better to the eye this way.  I feel a bit  of a “closer” connection to  it  as well.   (smile)

Q-- last question, are you working on any projects we don’t  know about?

A-- Yes,   (laughing)

So , there we have it for now... now you know what to expect in the upcoming TV series, at the time of speaking to RJ via E mail i asked about the availability of GhostFace masks this year as i saw many a fan on social media saying there was not as many masks about compared to last year and previous years, something that rings true in the UK too, because ASDA stores who normally have the Glow types in stock have NOTHING at all this year..
So below is a list of places where you can find GhostFace this year.. mainly in the USA, or a couple online...

GHOST FACE®  is available,  in MASKS//COSTUMES,   and /or  Accessories in the following stores---there are  too many stores to list,  but these are the biggest supporters

















September 23rd 2014: GhostFace Flesh coloured mask - Questions for RJ....

GhostFace Flesh Coloured mask

Hello again, well finally its coming to the favourite time of year for me and im sure others... Halloween...
As mentioned in the headline below this we have a ghost hunt coming up on Halloween night, and again this will feature GhostFace running about scaring many people with the help of Michael Myers and the Fisherman too..

But what about this Flesh Coloured GhostFace mask?? Well, to help raise money as always RJ Torbert has sent over a special mask very similar to the Gold hooded mask as seen on the Masks page, both masks have back stories, and RJ promises to share the story of the Gold Hooded Flesh colour mask pretty soon.. this particular mask WILL be placed in an online auction to raise money for Charity... (Auction ended)

Ghostface Gold Hooded Flesh Coloured Mask Auction

Tweets from RJ... on September 23rd..

One of a kind Ghost Face mask 2 B shown 2 twitter followers 4 first time anywhere later today.
2 B auctioned off in U.K. courtesy Fun World

Here it is of a kind Ghost Face mask. .story behind this coming in interview next week.
To B auctioned in U K


August 19th 2014: The Face of Fear - Signed book for sale - Various Tidbits..

The Face of Fear By RJ Torbert

Its been a slow couple of months since the last video i added on here, various small tidbits popping up in regards to the SCREAM TV series, cast news, crew mentions, and others talking about what is coming in the future.. while it may give us fans something to think about we still dont have the news as to whether GhostFace will be involved.
Many fans were wondering what will happen if the mask isnt approved for use.. others saying it would have to be involved for it to carry the name SCREAM in the title... Myself?.... well, im not sure, i dont always think that franchises can always do both sides of TV and films... things like Star Trek, then yes, Police Academy, then maybe... Even the old Disney Herbie films had a TV series that was short lived but is still watchable... With SCREAM... i dont think it will be the same, especially as Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson arent anywhere to be seen.. well not in a direct capacity like the first two films.... Time will tell... I only hope it doesnt mark the SCREAM name, because if it does then a SCREAM 5 is most likely a 'Big No No' as Randy would say... not that its not the same now...

The Face of Fear - Signed book
Back in May of this year i did a charity Ghost hunt (Listed further down the page) with Dean Maynard.. at that time we had things to auction off to try and help get a bigger sum of money raised, we have a signed book or two around and currently one sits on Ebay.. as signed by RJ Torbert himself.. Click the link on the top banner here for the auction...

RARE GhostFace mask coming soon for auction...
I can only say a few things on this at this time... a rare (1 of 1) GhostFace mask is going to be coming soon for auction, with the word 'rare' being involved i may put a reserve on the mask at the time of going online, as i dont want it being wasted on someone who only wants to pay a low amount on it... i will say that i have never seen a mask like it in all of Ghostface's life, and i hope fans like what they see come the time of showing pictures.. More soon on this.. keep an eye on this page..

Thanks to 'Joshie B' ... Another Domain added here..
Fan of SCREAM and Ghostface made a generous contribution a short while back to this site in the form of another domain name, if you were to type in your browsers... then it will come back to this site..
THANKS VERY MUCH Mr Josh... Much appreciated.. I would have put something up sooner but its been busy over here with other things lately..

GhostFace, Michael Myers and The Fisherman will be in force on Halloween.
Yes, after the Charity Ghost Hunt was successful back in May we now have another Halloween event going on back at the Darlington Civic Theatre, and again its that Dean Maynard thats behind it.. More to come on this in the very near future...


June 13th 2013: GhostFace News Video Update!

It has been around a year since the last one of these... many things mentioned here for Ghostface and the SCREAM TV Series... also a few pics at the end showing some of the NYC and Port Jefferson trip i took... Enjoy! Its a longer video than normal though.. Dont get too bored.. ;O)


June 7th 2014: SCREAM TV series - Audition Videos

Scream TV Series

Well, yet again this subject has come up and seems to be gearing up for reality more than a SCREAM 5, NEW videos featuring audition clips for new characters have appeared on Vimeo and my friend Rodrigo who runs the popular site has linked to them.... (Rodrigo's site is currently offline for maintenance but he has a temporary blog in use) You can click the above banner to visit his page as it is via him that i saw the link and clips first.. One of the many videos is below.. Go to Rodrigo's Blog for the rest.. The only question that remains is.. Will GhostFace appear? (Tweet from RJ Torbert regarding GhostFace below.. from June 10th)

RJ Tweet



June 6th 2014: GhostFace and The Face of Fear items.. for Charity. UPDATED

The face of Fear books and signed masks

JUNE 6th 2014
UPDATE: As of June 6th the GhostFace signed masks are ALL now sold..
Thanks to ALL who donated and received the masks... There are still some Books left up for grabs...

Hello again, this time i am happy to say i have an interesting article here for GhostFace and Scream fans to Snap up, that being some rare items, there are 15 books signed by RJ Torbert and Wes Craven, you can read up on how to obtain one of these below.. also as well as a book, there are masks up for grabs, and before anyone E mail's in asking what type mask, then they are the regular NON Glow (Ultra White) Ghostface masks.. again, read up below how you can obtain one of these.. Info and text below this is from RJ's 'Powers and Johnson' site..


We will be giving away copies of The and Face of Fear &  Ghost Face masks signed by R.J Torbert and Wes Craven with 100% of proceeds going to charity!

The Face of Fear Signed by Wes Signed By RJ

For a rare copy of The Face of Fear signed by Wes Craven & R.J Torbert a $100 donation can be made to the Audubon Society.

The mission of the Audubon Society is to conserve and restore natural ecosystems, focusing on birds, other wildlife, and their habitats for the benefit of humanity and the earth's biological diversity.

Checks can be made payable to Entertainment 21 Corp. with "Wes Craven" in the memo and sent to:

Entertainment 21 Corp, 5507 Nesconset Hwy-271, Mount Sinai, NY, 11766


Signed Mask


Signed by Wes Craven on the top of the mask, and by RJ Torbert on the inner of the mask..

Inside of mask

For a Ghost Face mask signed by Wes Craven with an authentication signature by R.J Torbert a $75 donation can be made to the Brooke Jackman Foundation or the Suffolk County Police Memorial Fund.

The Brooke Jackman Foundation’s vision is that every single child is entitled to a life full of possibilities. The Foundation brings a sense of personal value, joy, and hope to its program participants. We know that children are our future, and unless they are taken care of in their early years, the possibility of their contribution to society is less viable. We hope to lessen the achievement gap, helping each child to reach his or her potential.

The Fund was established in 1972. It is a 501c3 not-for-profit corporation that addresses the needs of children and the surviving spouse of Suffolk County Police Officers who die in the line of duty.  The primary mission of the Fund is to provide educational grants to these young persons whose law enforcement mother/father has suddenly been taken away as well as grants to the surviving spouse. Additionally, the Fund hopes to motivate young people in law enforcement families to continue their education through its Active Duty Scholarship program.

Checks can be made payable to Entertainment 21 Corp. with "R.J Torbert" in the memo and sent to:

Entertainment 21 Corp, 5507 Nesconset Hwy-271, Mount Sinai, NY, 11766

THE FACE OF FEAR Novel is a publication of TWO HARBORS PRESS ©2012 Entertainment 21 Corp All Rights Reserved.
Ghost Face mask used by permission Easter Unlimited Inc/Fun World Div. All Rights Reserved.

Used with permission on this site.


June 6th 2014: Ghostface Metallic Mask's are back for 2014

Metallic GhostFace masks

Just a small couple of facts here... the GhostFace Metallic masks WILL be returning yet again this year..

Where can you buy them? Savers Stores, aka Value Village..
Amount made: Unknown at this time..
What colours are coming? .... Blue, Purple, and Green, (Red was Discontinued in 2013)
How can i get hold of them? .... If you live in the USA then seek out a Savers or Value Village store near you, some fans have travelled across states at a time to get these..

UK fans can be helped by doing a credit card transaction over the phone via the head office... in 2011 & 2012 i myself did this, and received what i ordered in good shape, which was a full set every time.. last year i got some as a surprise off RJ Torbert while i visited NYC and Long Island.

savers info

Numbers and Addresse's of stores so you can check availability. Click icon for download!
Formats are in XLS and HTML .... it contains a BIG list of stores info.

Ghostface on Facebook

The shop that have sent me my own Metallic GhostFace masks for the last two years have their own Facebook page linked on the icon..


May 4th 2013: The Face of Fear - Various images and designs..

The Face of Fear By RJ Torbert

In recent time we have had various pieces of news to keep us going and just ticking over, but this time the content comes via RJ Torbert with material and designs from his novel, The Face of Fear... Click the banner above to see a beautiful page FULL of images showing what was at the time 'Works in progress' .. Some absolutely brilliant images including a full image of the mask from the rear of the book jacket, and even the original picture of the HHN version GhostFace mask which ended up on the front cover of the book! All work done by Jace Lash..

Original Tweet below...
To celebrate 1st year anniversary of The Face of Fear here is the history of the Art working with @jace_lash …"


May 4th 2013: Upcoming Ghost Hunt at Darlington Civic theatre

Dean Midas Maynard

In the past few weeks i have known of an event which i was informed about from Mr Dean 'Midas' Maynard, a follower of the site since 2011 to my knowledge at least, a fan of SCREAM and GhostFace and also this is a chap who does ALOT for others, especially in the world of charity... on Friday May 2nd he had an online radio show go out to listeners in which Dean talks about the SCREAM films, and gives us some tracks from the movies, we also hear from myself and Peter Tate who is in charge at Darlington Civic Theatre..

If you would like to hear more from Dean on his regular radio shows on 'Artist Controlled Radio' then Click HERE for their website!

A mask signed by Wes Craven was already sold to help the Charity, it raised £77.. Another mask signed by RJ Torbert sold for £52.00 ..


Dean and GhostFace

GhostFace with Dean Maynard

Kiki and GhostFace

GhostFace with Kiki De Ville


April 30th 2014: NEW NECA GhostFace Figure..

NEW GhostFace NECA 8" figure

Hello again... its been a short time since a new merchandise announcement, last time it was the Green glowing fade in and out mask... this time we have a new addition coming to GhostFace fans again from NECA.. this time an 8" 'Retro Style' GhostFace figure with cloth robe... arriving in September... RJ Torbert posted the picture via Twitter and also it is on NECA's Facebook page... I look forward to seeing one for real later in the year..

This poseable 8" figure is dressed in tailored fabric clothing similar to the retro toy lines that helped define the licensed action figure market in the 1970s.

Ghost Face stands 8" tall and is fully poseable, with a tailored robe, hood and sleeves modeled after the real life Ghost Face costume. He features a screen-accurate sculpted mask and 3 different hands and comes complete with a cell phone, voice changer, and his trusty knife. Blister card packaging with removable protective clamshell and custom illustrated artwork.

Pre - order it here!


April 30th 2014: SCREAM TV Series Casting calls...

Scream TV Series

Just a quick link here as im not 100% on how real this recent news is with regards to the T V series.. a link appeared and took me to a Tumblr post on the casting for the new series.. have a read and see what you think..

Below the link ois info from the page too..

Tumblr Post Link (Ultimate Model Management Inc)

Atlanta - Casting Attractive, Young Actors for MTV TV Show Pilot “Scream”

Project: TV Show Pilot “Scream” | SAG-AFTRA
Shoot Date(s): June 4th
Location: TBD
Pay Rate: TBD

Story Line: At the start of the pilot, we learn that a YouTube video has gone viral, which has adverse repercussions for Audrey. This video is the seeming catalyst for a murder and opens up a window to the town’s troubled past…

Our agency is currently submitting experienced actors (all ethnicities) to audition for the following role(s):

[WILL BELMONT] 18+ to play 16, tall, very attractive, athletic, a good kid. Will’s a high school basketball player who wants to get a basketball scholarship to college. Will loves his girlfriend, Emma (fka Harper)…SERIES REGULAR

[KIERAN WILCOX] MALE. 18+ to play 16, smoking hot, with intense eyes and smoldering appeal, smart, wry, a bit more mature than his peers, Kieran is the new kid at school who has moved here because his mother and stepdad died in a car accident three weeks ago. He is somewhat reluctantly forced to live with his dad—who is Sheriff Hudson..SERIES REGULAR

[BROOKE MADDOX] Female, 18+ to play 16, gorgeous, the high gloss queen bee who thinks she’s nice and the world’s just reading her wrong, capable of being bubbly and seemingly-genuine and also capable of being ferociously sexy, Brooke is the leader of the popular girls, but she’s not technically a mean girl. The daughter of a very wealthy family, Brooke’s achievements include ballet, horseback riding and world travel…SERIES REGULAR

[SHERIFF CLARK HUDSON] MALE. 40s, handsome, smart, compassionate. Sheriff Hudson is a good man and a good sheriff, who doesn’t go with the easy answers. He’s kind and empathetic when he has to deal with a young person who’s been traumatized, but he’s clearly not going to stop till he finds the truth…SERIES REGULAR

[JAKE FITZGERALD] 18+ to play 16, handsome, athletic, Jake is Will’s well-muscled wing man, who’s also on the basketball team. Jake has a wry humor which can turn crass sometimes; he’s got a crush on Brooke but seems to take her careless rejection of him in stride. Jake likes to play pranks, especially when he’s at a party and drinking too much, but it’s possible that one of Jake’s “pranks” went too far…RECURRING GUEST STAR.

[RILEY MARRA] Female, 18+ to play 16, a gorgeous “ditz” who may be deeper, smarter and have more eclectic interests than is first apparent, Riley is a member in good standing of the popular group that includes Brooke, Will, Emma and Jake. Unlike the classic popular kids, Riley doesn’t mind going beyond the clique if she finds someone whom she connects with…RECURRING GUEST STAR.


April 15th 2014: SCREAM 5 Dead?!

Scream 5 Neve Campbell

For a long time there has been the odd chatter about the SCREAM TV series, and even less chat about SCREAM 5, in recent time Neve Campbell appeared in TV series 'Mad Men' and recently answered questions from 'The Daily Beast' about it, in those questions SCREAM 5 was mentioned, as far as Neve is concerned, she thinks its DEAD at this time...

Part of the interview below.. Click banner for full article! (
Credit to Rodrigo of '' for the article)

I grew up with a lot of your films, and movies like Scream still hold up so well. Have you ever received a bad prank phone call?

No, I haven’t! I haven’t, weirdly. I unfortunately had some stalkers during that time but no weird prank calls. Although Halloween is always fun because I’ll be at the door handing out candy and someone will come by in a Scream mask. It’s just an easy costume, now. I’ll just be Ghostface!

Are we going to see another Scream film?

I don’t think we’ll see it again. I know they’re doing a TV show for MTV that I just read about, but originally they’d talked about Scream 4 being the beginning of another trilogy, but once we made it, it was such a challenge to do a good job with it, give the audience what they wanted, have it be fresh, and have it still retain the elements from the older movies people loved so much. I think we did a good job with it, but I don’t know if you can do it again and again and again. We’d be pushing it. So I think they’re smart with just doing a TV show and leaving it alone. 


April 15th 2013: A NEW Fan film - SCREAM Italian Tribute

Its been a short while since ive seen a worthy fan film based on SCREAM, but ever since SCREAM 4 has been and left us again i have noticed quite a few fans getting together and making sure their GhostFace masks are ready again.. this clip came as recommended by Mr John Valeri, (Scream Franchise Examiner) and after watching it i quite liked it... See what you think!

PS. This is an Italian Fan film, with English subtitles.. Made by Christopher Allari/Frame Studios
(Make sure captions are turned on because the subtitles are not in the edited video itself like the French clip a few articles below)


April 7th 2014: Dean Maynard's Charity Ghost Hunt - Mask Auction

Ghost Hunt

Auction now ended.. £77 raised towards helping the charity so far.. Thanks to the winner!

All the way back in 2011 i had a news article up about a well known North-East chap called Dean 'Midas' Maynard... at that time Dean had a Charity Ghost hunt on the 8th of April at the Manor House Hotel, West Auckland, and a chap was dressed as GhostFace running about too, so just days before Scream 4 was due out GhostFace was back out terrorising people again..

Here we are now in 2014 and again we see Dean doing yet another Charity Ghost Hunt, this time at the Darlington Civic Theatre... Details below... from Dean...

On Friday May 9th, paranormal investigator Dean 'Midas' Maynard will host a 'Scream' style charity ghost-hunt at the Darlington Civic Theatre in the UK with all proceeds going to St Teresa's Hospice.

Dean said "It is a ghost-hunt with a twist, as Tim Wagstaff from '', will be hiding in the theatre in his Scream costume, ready to jump out on unsuspecting souls"

Dean has also been sent a Scream mask (picture attached) from America via, that has been personally signed by Wes Craven, the director of all four Scream films and the upcoming new Scream MTV series. It has also been signed by Fun World Licensing Director R.J. Torbert. Mr Torbert is the man responsible for naming the mask prior to its film debut, deciding on "GhostFace" with the blessing of Fun World owners Stanley and Allan Geller. The Ghostface design and title are owned by Fun World.

Stacey McClean from S Club Jnrs and Kiki DeVille from this years The Voice are also attending.

Mask Auction... Click the Mask picture below for the Ebay auction on the Deluxe Mask, for the fans out there this is a nice addition to the Collection, Signed by Wes Craven and RJ Torbert, the mask pictured is the one you will get.. (Info that follows is aimed to please the collectors out there) , On a 'Black and Red' older style Ghostface tag, MFG date is 'APR - JUN 2010' .. Also a NON Glow mask..

Signed Deluxe GhostFace Mask


April 2nd 2014: NEW info on SCREAM TV Series...

Scream TV Series

In recent time since way past Scream 4 had left Theaters we have heard on and off on a few occasions about a so called 'SCREAM TV SERIES'... on past occasions we have heard about various things saying that Wes Craven would direct it, that Fun World have heard nothing of the GhostFace mask being enquired about its use in it..

After a while you just dont know what to think anymore, and today we have another new headline, this time from Bloody , and TVLine.. the new info saying that a writer called Jill Blotevogel has a screenplay ready, and casting will be underway soon, and again that Wes will direct.. and as said before in previous old news that Summer 2014 is the Due date.. The yellow text below is from the article, Click the banner for the full read!
There is also info there based on some new characters.. NOT to my liking so far.. Give us SCREAM 5!!!

I’m told that Craven will actually be directing the pilot(!) this summer from a screenplay by Jill Blotevogel.
Our source explains that the “rules” of slasher movies is at the center of this new series, as it has been for the franchise. The pilot explores a YouTube video that has gone viral and causes problems for the protagonist, Audrey, who is caught in the middle of murder and the town’s troubled past.

Casting should be underway soon.


March 5th 2014: Hyaena Gallery feature.. Wes Craven

Wes craven Art

Hello again, today we have some different news involving the Hyaena Art Gallery, mostly known by fans from 2011 back when art from Scream 4 had been featured there, along with many other great pieces of memorabilia.. this time we have paintings based on Wes Cravens Legacy... All sorts of art work here from Freddy Krueger to GhostFace, and even Shocker! ... To check it out please click the main banner... Two pieces of work are below.. by a chap named 'Chogrin' in this case.. some good stuff alright... Very creative.. Click For FULL Size!

UPDATE: Didnt notice them before, but about just past halfway down the page there are now two other items, a 'Dummy Book' Scream 4 prop (Out of Darkness) signed by Neve Campbell, and also a mask (NOT SCREEN USED) signed by Wes Craven and Neve Campbell too!
Both with COA's... Book = $100 , Mask = $175

Exhibition now finished..


GhostFace by 'Chogrin'

Freddy Krueger by Chogrin


February 8th 2014: NEW GhostFace Mask for 2014

2014 Fade in and out Ghostface

With it being rather quiet in recent time its good to see something pop up and make us all a bit more excited for Halloween 2014, just like back in 2011 when we had the Deluxe masks to look forward to, this time we have a new Battery powered mask, simply named the 'Fade in & out' mask...the mask fades on and off in an eerie green colour and actually looks quite effective, RJ Torbert gave the privilege of the announment to 'Mr Robert Scott Bean' on Twitter..

Click banner for the info section on the mask page..


January 2nd 2013: Upcoming event for Fun World

Its that time of year again, where i say HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all! So thankfully Christmas and New Year are now out of the way again, so we move onto what is coming soon, or at least for Fun World in this case, as with every year it is the Halloween Party Expo show in Houston, Texas... Fun World always have the biggest spot there and normally we get treated to some pics from RJ Torbert while setting up and after completion too!
Above is a clip from the year previous of the show and there are some damn nice costumes there worn by very nice models!! For the Halloween Party Expo Show official site CLICK HERE!!

UPDATED : January 30th

During the time at the show RJ Torbert posted up various pictures on Twitter, some are below..
Click for bigger size picture!

Stanley Geller


Ghostface Halloween Merchandise

Booth set up



White dress


December 15th 2013: A NEW Fan film from

For a hell of a long time ive known of many a fan because of this site, and many a name i now recognise because of this, 'Ronny' who runs has been busy with a fan film based on one of my favourite scenes in Scream 2, namely, the Cici Death scene... Ronny has made a short fan film based on this, watch it above!

PS. This is a FRENCH Fan film, with English subtitles..


November 21st 2013: GhostFace Mask info updated

Mask page update

Here we are then, just over a week away from this sites 7th birthday, but todays headline isnt for that, in this case its to update you ALL as loyal GhostFace fans with the most amount of GhostFace mask info i can come across and fit in a webpage! Yes, for a long time the Mask page has attracted many a fans attention when reading up on info about all the types and colours etc... now, after working over a week updating the page i can honestly say that fans WILL have a LOAD more info to take in regarding the many versions of our favourite icon of Halloween! Click the GhostFace logo image above or just hit the MASKS link at the top of the page!

If you havent seen the page before and love GhostFace then you are in for a long read up on him!


October 31st 2013: GhostFace article in 'Today's Vintage'

Todays Vintage Article October 2013

A couple of months back i was contacted by a lady called Julianna Palazzolo, she was after information regarding GhostFace for one of her upcoming article's in the October edition of the 'Today's Vintage' magazine, she asked about the website and about my collection and i also forwarded her to RJ too, as anything mentioning GhostFace was to always go by him. After a few E mails back and Forth we finally see the finished article! Thanks Julianna!

To read the article more clearly click the image, otherwise you can always order a copy or buy one..
Their website is linked HERE


October 2nd 2013: Small Scream 5 Update (UPDATED)

Scream 5 Update

When it comes to news on Scream 5 it has been basically unheard of for a while, last thing i remember was seeing Kevin Williamson tweet about having a script completed yet nobody wanted it he said..
The latest we hear now is that Harvey Weinstein is pressing his brother Bob to get Scream 5 made so it can be ended once and for all, so cancel out all hopes for a second trilogy, there wont be a Scream 6!

Text below is from - FULL ARTICLE here..

He's urging his brother to make "Scream 5" happen.

Weinstein said that he's urging his brother Bob, who heads Dimension Films, to make "Scream 5" happen. "Everyone lived in ‘Scream 4," he said. "I'm begging him to do the movie and just end it. We've milked that cow."

(UPDATED October 4th) From ok, to worse...

I was (as a Scream and Ghostface fan) willing to give a TV series at least a 'Look-in' when the time came for its debut on the small screens, but now a new recent development has popped up which just makes it too daft to believe or add into the series... It seems that a 'Super Natrual' element will exist in the show.. My God, what next?... the ONLY good thing is that it seems the films and series wont be directly linked or overlapped..

Bloody Disgusting have a report online HERE...
(Rodrigo Kurtz of posted the news via twitter originally, thanks to him for alerting us all)

Weinstein told the Zurich Film Festival audience that there’s no overlap between the series and film franchise, adding that the series “is supposed to represent a new beginning and also pursue a supernatural direction.


August 20th 2013: Ghostface Metallic Mask's are back for 2013

GhostFace Metallic Masks 2013

Well, here we are again, with only just over 10 weeks to go before Halloween creeps up on us, in recent days i thought of E mailing an old friend in Canada who i have been in touch with since 2011, Reg' at the Nova Scotia branch of Value Village/savers has beaten me to it..... An E mail came today saying he had been unboxing stock and came across the regular colours of Metallic GhostFace mask's... Green, Blue and Purple, but no Red ones.

As of last year Reg did ask me what colours of mask are rare or not seen so much anymore and i referred to the other two colours the mask's have been seen in, which in the past were a Silver and Vibrant Red mask.
At this time Reg is still going through his stock for this year and has said he will keep me updated to see if any other colours show up for the Metallic's... He will also keep me up to date as to what other GhostFace merchandise he has too.

If any fans reading this are saying to themselves.. 'Where do i get Metallic masks then?' then E mail the address here... and im sure they will help you no problem.. There are small fees for paperwork and processing etc.. also postage.

NEW INFO UPDATE: Savers' was the only company to order the Metallic's this year, a total of 4,000 were made.
Also the only colours out this year are Blue, Green, and Purple... no more Red/Orange masks..

savers info

Numbers and Addresse's of stores so you can check availability. Click icon for download!
Formats are in XLS and HTML .... it contains a BIG list of stores info.

Ghostface on Facebook

The shop that have sent me my own Metallic GhostFace masks for the last two years have their own Facebook page linked on the icon..


July 15th 2013: SCREAM TV series Voting poll with varied options..


Hello again, a while back now all of us SCREAM and GhostFace fans saw some news in relation to a SCREAM TV series.. From what i saw online myself the reaction was negative mostly but some people were coming around saying.. Hmmmm, Maybe.... and that sort of thing, since the first time the rumour came online again there has been mentions from Wes Craven himself saying he was contacted on the subject in hand too.. Which leaves me to make up a NEW POLL on the forum here... You DONT have to register to vote, and you can select up to FOUR options to vote on in this new poll.. as there are a few selections that could be chosen per person/fan..
Click HERE or the image banner above for the NEW POLL, and PLEASE let me know what you ALL think by voting in it.. (REMEMBER, YOU DONT HAVE TO REGISTER ON THE FORUM, YOU CAN JUST VOTE AS A 'GUEST')


UPDATE: (July 26th)
A New Headline from E! Online has appeared with regards to TWO writers taking on the TV series of SCREAM... CLICK HERE! The HUFFINGTON POST also has an article!

A NEW online petition to get SCREAM 5 made has been put online by a fan named Alejandro Dieguez Garcia.
Click HERE to sign it!


June 4th 2013: A New Video Update!

Been a while since doing one of these.. In this video, we see the following topics mentioned.. The Face of Fear by RJ Torbert, Scream 5, Scream TV Series, Old Scream 3 poster concepts.. The Following, a few website mentions and fans also, plus more..


April 26th 2013: SCREAM TV series comes up again...

Scream TV Series

Hello, a while back now all of us SCREAM fans saw some news in relation to a SCREAM TV series..
Fan's Richie and Josh had sent a tweet to me saying to get online, and as soon as i did i saw this nasty news..
Why nasty?? because normally when things go through the Movie-TV conversion it isnt always good..
I REALLY hope that if something does happen then it is done right, but i must say that me and others arent happy about this at this time.. Articles exist on the net now and im sure it will keep appearing on other sites as you read this.. Hollywood Reporter and NY Times already have articles up!!

Produced with Dimension Films, MTV is currently in search of writers for the one-hour project while Scream director Wes Craven is in discussions to direct the pilot. Should Scream receive a series order, it would be slated for a summer 2014 launch and would join current scripted offerings Teen Wolf (also adapted from a film franchise) and Awkward.


March 18th 2013: The Face of Fear 'Twitter' Banner Picture!

The Face of Fear at Z Pita

Hello again, a few days back RJ had said that once the new banner was up at Z Pita that the Fan/support Twitter account could release the new picture of it in its full glory! Click the banner to see the picture!

If you havent ordered your book yet then you can do so by clicking HERE! Who do you love?


March 13th 2013: Wes has a chat..

Scream 5 Latest

Here we are again, in a similar position to a last year.. NOTHING on a SCREAM 5 and a Scream TV show mentioned again which is NOT what the majorority of fans want according to my poll on the forum.. anyway, Wes was recently at the SXSW film festival mainly for his comic book project with Steve Niles.. Whilst there he chatted with many including Click Banner for FULL article in which Scream 5 is mentioned.
News headline was alerted to me by R.Suttles whilst on Skype!


March 9th 2013: Fun world in ST.Louis

Fun World at Transworld Show

While checking Facebook i saw that Easter Unlimited inc/Fun World had posted up a video that featured the GhostFace® mask and a chap called Phil Talio who is a Sales manager for Fun World.. Watch the Video by clicking the banner for the FULL article! GhostFace® appears at the one minute mark. the video was embedded here but sat in an unchangable size, it also completely BLANKED this headline and the text and banner and the video wouldnt show on iPhone devices.. So it has been removed off here. The video works fine on the other site itself though.


February 28th 2013: GhostFace Project finally revealed!

The Face of Fear By RJ Torbert

Well, after a long time of seeing mysterious tweets, and thinking and thinking, 'What could it be' we have found out via 'Billy' aka Busted815 on Twitter what RJ Torbert has been teasing us with for the last couple of years..

The final outcome?! A novel by Mr Torbert himself based in the village of Port Jefferson,

Ghost Face returns as you have never seen or read before. The village of Port Jefferson, Long Island, NY is rocked by a kidnapping on the Cross Island Ferry that leads to a series of murders that adds to the mystery. Detectives Powers and Johnson, led by Detective Lieutenant Cronin, are pressured by national media, the FBI, and the public to solve the related cases before more lives are lost. Things become tense as the Detectives' personal lives become complicated as the mystery unwinds in the case that would become known as "The Face of Fear."

The new project has a permanent place now here too, you can view more info by clicking 'The Face of Fear' link above, a new site also was created for the novel which is also linked on the new page, as well as a facebook page.

The Face of Fear now has a 'Support/Fan' Twitter account in use, to help promote the book more! Click HERE!

Thanks to Buster aka Billy for doing the announcement and now its noted in Ghostface history, and noted on the 'Project' page..


January 19th 2013: Fun World turns 50! Expo show pics..

Fum World 50 Years old

1963!! I wasnt even thought of.. even my mum was only 8 years old! , but at that time a company grew from this point, the main man being Stanley Geller.. and here we are 50 years later, Fun World still going good, and they now have 3 generations of family in the staff, Stanley, Allen, and Allen's daughter, Samantha.
Fun World have an interesting history, Read more HERE.

This weekend see's a yearly event come round again, the Halloweeen and Party Expo show, if you find Booth 1817 then you will find Fun World, normally on the biggest plot there.. as always since 2011 RJ has shared pictures with us via Twitter of the setup and other things in photo's.. this year is no different, Pictures below that RJ posted on his Twiitter account.. Happy 50th Anniversary Fun World!
More pictures are also on the Facebook page too!

Photo Links..

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4


Buy The Face of Fear By RJ Torbert


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