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July 21st 2016: RJ Torbert’s Q&A at the Port Jefferson Library

nomercybanner2016wpWell, on July 16th at the Port Jefferson Free Library RJ Torbert had another event in relation to his new novel ‘No Mercy’.. last time he was there was back in October 2013.. along with two other authors.. This time around, it was John Valeri (aka The Hartford Books Examiner) .. John had some Questions lined up.. and RJ also had something to announce regarding a third story and it also had Wes Cravens input…

Needless to say the ‘announcement’ as it was, is referring to something happening with Wes and GhostFace, and Wes had gotten pictures of whatever it was that had happened.. Wes had then urged RJ to ‘use it’ in future… While i was at the 2013 event, i wasn’t at this one, sadly…  but it sounds as though it was similar to the 2013 event, posing for pictures, taking questions from audience members.. and one young fan even gaining a NEW SILVER 25 YEAR GHOSTFACE MASK..

Mr John Valeri and RJ had managed to add pictures of the event online, some of which are below.. (look out for RJ and Kevin Cronin, a real retired cop, who plays a main part of the first and second book)..
As it was John Valeri who hosted this Q&A event, he has put an online article up.. and its an enjoyable read.. CLICK HERE TO READ IT!

November 9th 2012: RJ Torbert reveals molds on Twitter!


It seems to be the year of ‘Mold Reveal’s’ this year as RJ and Fun World have shown us both GhostFace® spoof and normal molds… Picture courtesy of Fun World!

Tweets from RJ came below before the pic came!

coming soon, the “MOTHER” mold of Ghost Face, twitter followers are the “first” to see. Stay Tuned! as promised

“mother”mold on right- 2 on left were done in case problems,+ have been used due 2 volume.Enjoy!courtesy Fun World

Since the picture has surfaced here and generally online there has been speculation among some as to whether these were actual FANTASTIC FACES/Peanut Eyed Ghost mask Molds.. The Mother one on the right and the two copies ARE the Genuine article! Not SCRE4M tagged types we see today!
The Mother Mold was the main one for use until volume increased and the others were made just in case as RJ tells us.

July 18th 2012: Whatever happened to the GhostFace® Spoof Molds ?

I remember a while ago now that RJ told me about the Molds for the Scary Movie’ GhostFace® spoof masks STILL existing… when i asked where they were he simply said.. ‘I have them LOCKED in my office’ …

After requesting some photos of the rare GhostFace® booty’ i have been told i can have some pictures soon..
We will finally see what mask molds look like after all these years locked away!

Whilst on the subject i asked about what it was like and who did the deals with regards to the ‘Scary Movie’ project.. The answer back was…

‘RJ and Alan negotiated the deal. RJ was at 100% of the meetings, while Alan was at 90% of the meetings. Details can not be released, but it would have made a great reality series!’

Thanks to RJ for the info so far.. I look forward to seeing the pictures which will be along in the next few days or so..