It seems to be the year of ‘Mold Reveal’s’ this year as RJ and Fun World have shown us both GhostFace® spoof and normal molds… Picture courtesy of Fun World!

Tweets from RJ came below before the pic came!

coming soon, the “MOTHER” mold of Ghost Face, twitter followers are the “first” to see. Stay Tuned! as promised

“mother”mold on right- 2 on left were done in case problems,+ have been used due 2 volume.Enjoy!courtesy Fun World

Since the picture has surfaced here and generally online there has been speculation among some as to whether these were actual FANTASTIC FACES/Peanut Eyed Ghost mask Molds.. The Mother one on the right and the two copies ARE the Genuine article! Not SCRE4M tagged types we see today!
The Mother Mold was the main one for use until volume increased and the others were made just in case as RJ tells us.