Last year saw a sigh of relief for some fans after they were told via myself after inquiring to RJ Torbert that they could get their hands on the Metallic GhostFace® masks, via ‘Savers’ or ‘Value Village’ stores.. as 4000 were made… many a fan took this chance and now own these mask types!

This year i e mailed the ‘Savers’ branch i got my masks from and gladly they do have them again..

On another note, a fan i know of ‘Sean’ from USA got some stores info from the head office and its available in a download-able file HERE… Numbers and Addresses of stores so you can check availability. Thanks Sean!

Some more facts from RJ Torbert about this years Metallic’s…

7,000 pieces only made and shipped of the metallic mask in four colors——PURPLE, GREEN, BLUE AND ORANGE

Savers’ Stores has about 3,700 Piece’s
Savers’ Canada stores have around 1,600 Piece’s
Small stores throughout the U.S have another 2,000 Piece’s.

So there you have it, More available and not just from one chain this year. Thanks to RJ for the info!