Since early June we heard rumors of MTV having a SCREAM TV Series in the works apparently.. after that it went quiet for headlines, and many fans let their thoughts be known on it, some saying maybe, and others saying quite plainly.. No! !

I was one of the ‘maybe/but probably , NO!’ types… but tonight on Twitter a fan asked RJ to do him a favour, that favour was to deny MTV permission to use GhostFace® in the new series to which RJ replied with the following Tweet which also linked to me in the tweet, hence why im adding this now….

Tweet from JoshieB93 to RJ.. Then RJ replying..

‘@RJTorbert Do me (and numerous other GF fans) a huge favor? when mtv comes to you for permission to use GhostFace in there show just say no?’

‘@JoshieB93 U R first to know. Good timing–I spoke to MTV——-as of now there is nothing to talk about @Ghostfacecouk’

Followed by me.. ‘So, at this time there is no TV Series of SCREAM in the making…’

RJ: ‘As of now. Nothing’

So there you have it, for now anyway.. NO SCREAM TV series is in the works at this time.

Thanks to RJ for info, and to JoshieB93 for asking RJ!