Hello again, a while back now all of us SCREAM and GhostFace fans saw some news in relation to a SCREAM TV series.. From what i saw online myself the reaction was negative mostly but some people were coming around saying.. Hmmmm, Maybe…. and that sort of thing, since the first time the rumor came online again there has been mentions from Wes Craven himself saying he was contacted on the subject in hand too.. Which leaves me to make up a NEW POLL on the forum here… You DONT have to register to vote, and you can select up to FOUR options to vote on in this new poll.. as there are a few selections that could be chosen per person/fan..
Click HERE or the image banner above for the NEW POLL, and PLEASE let me know what you ALL think by voting in it.. (REMEMBER, YOU DONT HAVE TO REGISTER ON THE FORUM, YOU CAN JUST VOTE AS A ‘GUEST’)


UPDATE: (July 26th)
A New Headline from E! Online has appeared with regards to TWO writers taking on the TV series of SCREAM… CLICK HERE! The HUFFINGTON POST also has an article!

A NEW online petition to get SCREAM 5 made has been put online by a fan named Alejandro Dieguez Garcia.
Click HERE to sign it!