In recent time since way past Scream 4 had left Theaters we have heard on and off on a few occasions about a so called ‘SCREAM TV SERIES’… on past occasions we have heard about various things saying that Wes Craven would direct it, that Fun World have heard nothing of the GhostFace mask being enquired about its use in it..

After a while you just dont know what to think anymore, and today we have another new headline, this time from Bloody , and TVLine.. the new info saying that a writer called Jill Blotevogel has a screenplay ready, and casting will be underway soon, and again that Wes will direct.. and as said before in previous old news that Summer 2014 is the Due date.. The yellow text below is from the article, Click the banner for the full read!
There is also info there based on some new characters.. NOT to my liking so far.. Give us SCREAM 5!!!

I’m told that Craven will actually be directing the pilot(!) this summer from a screenplay by Jill Blotevogel.
Our source explains that the “rules” of slasher movies is at the center of this new series, as it has been for the franchise. The pilot explores a YouTube video that has gone viral and causes problems for the protagonist, Audrey, who is caught in the middle of murder and the town’s troubled past.