fwcreaturecapwpThe other day while browsing Fun World’s site i came across a newer item in the ‘GhostFace’ section… Creature caps! I kept quiet about it in case RJ was letting someone announce these via Twitter or something like it.. on contacting him he gave me permission to do the announcement, so here we are.. NEW for 2015, not only do we have the mask as announced in early December (Wild paint job green and black type) but we also now have the ‘Creature caps’ the description pretty much says it all, and the caps can be worn as normal like any other cap, but if you want to play jokes and the like, then you have the drop down face option too!

Click the banner for the page on Fun World’s site which has the full descriptions there.

Pictured below, ‘GhostFace’ and ‘Zombie’ types… Devil version on Fun World site.