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Tag: GhostFace.co.uk

December 1st 2012: GhostFace.co.uk is 6 Years old!!

Well here we are again then, another year, another number, and a number that i had hoped to see regarding Scream Movies in total too! But who knows at this time.

So, on my sixth year online im glad to be here still, and according to the stats’ the site pages still get a fair few viewings, so at least i know what i write and do here still gets viewed, this year has seen a few changes here and there, some to the site, and some with how i talk to people online who are fans of GhostFace® and SCREAM movies, this year i have been onto Skype now and then talking to other fans, those mainly being Richie Suttles, Zakster, Steffen, aka ‘Norwegian Scream’ and JoshB and Meggy Huston! , a mad mad girl but in a good way! and how could i forget a chap called Lee! All in all a good bunch and like myself dont see all things like other fans do with regards to collecting and putting values on certain types of masks! Its a shame that some fans just want to go against other with collecting items and seeing it all as a big contest which it certainly isn’t for me! Thats for sure.. EBay auctions are now like ‘Battles’ with people these days, some just bumping up a price with NO intention of buying so others cant buy cheap or get a bargain, and sadly there’s still the idiots out there who put up four Metallic masks with a combined price of $100 for a set with postage!
BLOODY STUPID if you even think about buying them! anyway, let’s move on…


With regards to website things i try to keep the place fresh and changing but sadly it still sits in its ‘Tables within Tables’ format of HTML coding.. Another version is still up being tested but the skins out there arent too good, needless to say if i got one made up just for the site i may transfer to that format. At this time its a long way off as the Web Designer who i know who can do skins is a busy chap.


With regards to content this year not a lot has come here, mainly just changes or small image add-ons to the movie pages and even deletions to others. Another small change that is here is the ‘Snow’ , every year i have the snow added in the pages and forum just to keep a tradition i started on the site a few years back, this year we dont have balls of Snow or flakes, if you look close you will see 3 different images of the mask, the actual GHOSTFACE® name, Buck 120’s , and a Blood Splatter! These will remain on the site until January 1st.

Ghostface® ‘Project’

Well it was said via Twitter by RJ Torbert that ‘Buster’ will have the honour of telling us what one of the projects are, so all i can say is keep an eye on here and Twitter to see what is lined up, i have NO idea as to what it is but RJ keeps these mysterious tweets coming and keeps us all wondering too…


Well in the future i don’t know what exactly will happen with Ghostface® and more films coming, there have been a few fake rumors lately regarding Scream 5, and for the ‘Fake’ reason i haven’t put anything up here..
As far as anyone knows SCREAM 5 is at a standstill (at least from a fans point of view who have the brain to know fake and real info) Wes asked on Twitter if fans really wanted a fifth film and even David Arquette chimed in saying he did too! Kevin says he has a Script but nobody wants it! Baffling to say the least!

With regards to the site ill be here as always to see if anything develops over time with the movies we may see happen, and always with Ghostface® info that appears… but for now, i just say, Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Dont Drink and Drive, Dont do Drugs, and always buy GENUINE FUN WORLD Ghostface® mask’s! Enjoy the ‘Snow’ and ill be back as soon as any news arrives!


November 29th 2011: 5 years later….

Well, many may remember a similar image from last year saying we were “4” years old! , i remember ripping the “4” from the Scream 4 trailer screen cap i got… Well, here we are, another year later.. now 5 years old!

Some of what i write here may sound similar already to last years post, but here we go anyway…

Being 5 years old and looking at the stats its not hard to see this place is strongly viewed by many a fan and internet user, Stats may be just be numbers to many and not always mean a lot but here im happy with the attention we get! So what will be going on in the future??

Well, the site at the time has 2 versions of itself, one is always being played about with and tested in its other format, and this version is sometimes played with, as you may notice with background images changing here and there from time to time! (Sorry for that, but im too fussy with main backgrounds).. i try to stick to what i think are Scream and GhostFace® related colours.. which i think at this time is about right!

What else then you say?!!

Well, im always on the lookout for more new software on major site add-ons, i still await a nice new forum software from some developer out there, i also still want to learn FLASH too, but overall i think the site is nice to peruse and read through at this time, ive never been 100% happy with the forum but thats life, some boards are busy, others just arent! .. A lot of customization goes into this site but sadly forum-wise it doesn’t get what it deserves.. not the end of the world though.

What else then?? Anything?

Well, nothing major i know of yet, i hope a Scream 5 arrives in the future sometime, and i hope Kevin is mainly, if not fully behind the scribes pen again, same with the crew and cast, Wes, David, Neve, and Courteney are all wanted back, but i wouldn’t want them to be killed off.. Give out some harsh beatings if needed but i wouldn’t like to see any of the main trio die, the minute that starts happening its isn’t SCREAM… These characters give the feel of the movies, same with GhostFace®, if the main cast changed it would be like another film.

Back to the site, with regards to new content i am in progress of adding major mask facts to the mask page, thus helping fans identify a type of mask, many masks have their own certain mold marks and are known of by fans, some can be almost impossible to see differences for various reasons.. many fans know the certain eye shapes and nose differences, other types are worlds apart, like the solid masks, (Color Changing, Bleeding, Flip up, Kids masks).

The main mask types being concentrated on are the Fantastic, Fearsome, ASIS Tag mask, EU types, and the later version masks bearing the early familiar Black and Red “GhostFace®” tags… also the latest versions will be compared to past versions, like the “Ultra White, Walgreens, Deluxe, and Horror Nights masks!

Since starting my site i thought i knew a lot of trivia on masks and films but i have learnt a LOAD of new info since arriving online! Some just in recent months, i look forward to learning more in the future with the aid of fans and this site and of course RJ and Fun World giving us GhostFace® for years to come!
Rest assured as long as im here ill always keep this place going! It may go through many a change and we may see a few more films and even masks in that time, but we will have to all still go online to find out first!

Thanks for reading.
GhostFace® (Tim Wagstaff)