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S C R E A M 2
Tagline: Someone Has Taken Their Love Of Sequels One Step Too Far.
Year of release: 1997 | Written by Kevin Williamson | Directed by Wes Craven
Gross Revenue: $172,363,301 | Filming Dates 16th June 1997 – 29th August 1997

David Arquette, Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, Jerry O`Connell, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Laurie Metcalf, Jada Pinkett, Jamie Kennedy, Timothy Olyphant, Liev Schreiber, Lewis Arquette, Omar Epps, Joshua Jackson,
Marisol Nichols, Elise Neal, Rebecca Gayheart, Portia De Rossi, Duane Martin

Here’s the incredible follow-up to the smash hit phenomenon Scream! Away at college, Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell — Scream, TV’s Party of Five) thought she’d finally put the shocking murders that shattered her life behind her…until a copycat killer begins acting out a real-life sequel! Now, as history eerily repeats itself, ambitious reporter Gale Weathers (Courteney Cox — TV’s Friends), deputy Dewey (David Arquette — Beautiful Girls) and other Scream survivors find themselves trapped in a terrifyingly clever plot line where no one is safe — or beyond suspicion! Director Wes Craven (Scream) and hit-making writer Kevin Williamson (Scream) team up once again and deliver the big screen’s hippest, coolest, edgiest thrill-ride ever!


1. Scream
2. Surbarban life
3. Rivers
4. Shes always in my hair
5. Help Myself
6. She said
7. Right place,Wrong time
8. Dear lover
9. Eyes of sand
10. The Swing
11. I think i love you
12. Your lucky day in hell
13. Red right hand
14. One more chance
15. The race

Master P
Kottonmouth kings
Sugar Ray
Dave Matthews Band
Collective Soul
Jon spencer blues explosion
foo fighters
Less than jake
The eels
Nick cave and the bad seeds
Ear 2000


SCREAM 2 : Original Soundtrack

Overall it is actually a really good album and i enjoy a few songs on there but im afraid there are quite a few that go on for a long time which get boring! For instance “Shes always in my hair” used at the very start of the movie! A good track but goes on far too long for my liking. Where as the Tracks 2, 6, 7, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15 are more of an easier and shorter good listen! My favourite here is Eels “Lucky day in hell”….


SCREAM 2 : Original Score By Marco Beltrami

Tracks galore and loads more which keeps this CD alive and kicking unlike some victims in the movie! The “Dewey theme” ISN’T on there.. It was composed by Hans Zimmer for the movie “Broken Arrow” Originally!



Mask Types used in the Films. (Info also on the ‘Masks’ page)

SCREAM 2 – Fearsome Faces – Fearsome Faces (EU) Stamp, RDS = ‘Randy’s Death Scene’

In Scream 2 we also had two types used, both from the “Fearsome Faces” line.. there are always many factories that made these all with different molds, and in Scream 2 we had a regular Fearsome type and also a Fearsome Faces ‘EU’ type, noticeable differences are easily seen when looking at the images here.
Many a fan will mention and know what an ‘RDS’ mask is, for those who still wonder.. it means ‘Randy’s Death Scene’.. Ghostface had an RDS mask on when in the van driving the knife in and out of poor old Randy.
The ‘RDS’ mask as its nicknamed can also be seen scattered around on various kids on the cinema scene at the start of the film also… one being just a few seats to the left of Maureen and the killer!

In REAL terms the nicknamed ‘RDS’ mask is basically a Fearsome Faces mask with an ‘MK’ stamp, although some types have a more Squinty look, the alternate type to the one pictured is on the main ‘Masks’ page as linked above in this section and in the main site links.. again, notable differences are easily seen.


Neve Campbell : Sidney Prescott

Sidney heads to Windsor college to carry on with her life, she hopes the past stays in Woodsboro, but after the first two murders she gets that gut feeling again where she knows it may not be over.

David Arquette : Dewey Riley

Dewey was lucky in Woodsboro and survived leaving him with a limp due to a severed nerve, his first priority is to get to Sidney after seeing the news, especially after what happened to Tatum, He’s a Surrogate Big Brother.

Courteney Cox : Gale Weathers

Back again after getting a Big Break with the murders in Woodsboro, Gale did help save the day where Billy and Stu are concerned but she still has a cameraman with her most the time and will do anything to get the story.

Jamie Kennedy : Randy Meeks

After the Woodsboro murders Randy is more than happy to get out of Woodsboro, College is a positive way forward for any film buff, but with the murders starting again theres no telling if he was at risk, he still has a thing for Sid and suspects Derek and Mickey among others.

Elise Neal : Hallie McDaniel

Hallie is Sid’s room mate and new best friend, she wants Sid in her fraternity and convinces her to check them out, Hallie is generally a good egg and looks out for her friends.. shame she doesn’t look out for a GhostFace killler more.

Jerry O’ Connell : Derek Feldman

Derek is devoted to Sid and knowing her past in Woodsboro makes him give her a lot of attention he wants to be a Doctor and seems like a perfect match for Sid, he suffers a wound at the hands of GhostFace® but still wants to protect Sid at all times! He is in a Fraternity too and doesn’t mind giving his “Greek Letters” to sid for protection!

Liev Schreiber : Cotton Weary

Cotton is out of jail and all he wants to do now is get his side of the story straight for the world to know and understand, he is still friends with Gale it seems but needs her to get to Sidney.. Can he convince Sidney to do an interview with him?!

Jada Pinkett : Maureen Roberts

Maureen is a Student with good levels of intelligence, she prefers to spend Phil’s money instead of her own if possible! She thinks the horror genre excludes the African American elements! She thinks “STAB” is predictable but doesn’t Predict her own death in the cinema!

Omar Epps : Phil Stevens

Phil Stevens is a Windsor College Senior.. He loves to be scared and doesn’t seem to like paying high prices for cinema tickets unless theres nudity in the films. Maureen doesn’t like his jokes all the time and thinks the killer is him in the theater at first!

Sarah Michelle Gellar : Cici Cooper

Cici loves her films and TV shows and attends Windsor college.She is a member of Omega beta zeta! She believes that movies arent responsible for our actions! She finds out different when alone in her frat house though. 

Marisol Nichols : Dawnie

Dawnie is part of Cici’s Sorority and we don’t know much about her, just that she lives with Cici and the rest of “Omega Beta Zeta”.. A nice girl it seems..

Portia De Rossi : Sister Murphy

Lois wants Sid to be in her Fraternity so bad as shes friend of Hallie who pledges her sorority! Her best friend appears to be Sister Murphy! She also believes in safe sex!

Rebecca Gayheart : Sister Lois

Like Sister Lois sister Murphy wants Sid in her sorority and is also friends with Hallie. Shes always friendly and outgoing and will do anything it seems to get people she wants in her Frat! She also knows Cici, who is part of her Frat house!

David Warner : Gus Gold

Gus believes Sidney is a fighter and therefore insists she continue with her role as “Cassandra” although it leads to a good scare from the killer, a genuine old chap though.

Duane Martin : Joel Jones

Joel is a keen Cameraman and almost won an award for shooting the bingo finals. He doesn’t realize what happened to Gale’s last cameraman until reading her book and becomes very on edge! He makes a very rash decision to “Get the f*** out of here” and lucky for him he doesn’t follow Kenny’s footsteps!

Timothy Olyphant : Mickey Altieri

Like randy mickey loves his films but isn’t too keen on sequels that ruin the first movies. He is friends with Derek, Hallie, Randy, Cici, and Sid and is always carrying his camcorder about! He wants to interview Sid for his documentary but doesn’t get his wish in the end! He knows of Debbie Salt but doesn’t let on to that!

Laurie Metcalf : Debbie Salt / Mrs Loomis

An ambitious reporter so it seems and manages to get to Cici’s death scene very quick! Debbie as she calls herself tries as much as she can to suck up to Gale! She soon reveals her dark side which wasn’t expected by Gale or Sid and then mentions that she backed Mickey and is Billy’s mother! 

Lewis Arquette : Chief Lewis Hartley

Chief Hartley doesn’t know loads about Woodsboro until Dewey and Gale start to realize that the killer is copying what happened in Woodsboro. He straight away puts his two best detectives out to Guard Sid and wants as many murders as possible to be prevented and the death toll to stay to a minimum! He doesn’t get his wish entirely though.

Phil Pavel : Officer Andrews

A young officer of the law, like Dewey was, Its Officer Andrews first priority to protect Sidney Prescott, which he does ok to an extent! He doesn’t manage to protect himself as good though.

Chris Doyle : Officer Richards

Another good copper! He doesn’t seem to smile much, perhaps due to taking his job seriously when it comes to Sidney’s protection, He doesn’t do well against GhostFace® though whilst on a moving car!

Heather Graham : “STAB Casey”

A hot actress to play Casey! Just like the Original movie! no doubt a big hit with the male population, Casey in “Stab” decides to shower but dies first! Typical!

Tori Spelling : “STAB Sidney”

Sid herself thought she would have Tori cast as her if a movie was made, not that she was thrilled about it, Although the scene shown to was perfect for a film within a film. 

Luke Wilson : “STAB Billy”

Stab Billy! He was funny to look at and the hair seems a bit too over the top but oh well, he seems less darker than the real Billy Loomis but still tells himself off for saying the wrong thing!


Death no. 1 : Phil Stevens | Stabbed in the ear.

Taking his girlfriend to the cinema is ok for FREE, apart from when she wants his money for refreshments, trouble is mother nature always calls when getting into the film, then GhostFace® calls too!

Death no. 2 : Maureen Evans | Stabbed several times.

Why go to see “Stab” when Sandra Bullock is on right down the street? Maureen thinks she knows how to act in a scary situation, i’m afraid not, especially when taking place sat next to the killer.

Death no. 3 : Casey Cooper “Cici” | Stabbed, Thrown off the balcony.

Being “Sober Sister” can result in all things going on, catching up with friends over TV shows and Drunk boyfriends?!
Afraid not, GhostFace® wants to catch up with her too after all those stairs, Cici takes an easier way out, to her death.

Death no. 4 : Randy Meeks | Stabbed several times and throat slashed.

Knowing the rules in Scary movies you would think Randy would know not to wind up a killer too much, especially with unattended news vans providing an unseen kill!

Death no. 5 : Officer Andrews | Throat Slashed.

Guarding Sidney isn’t the easiest job and thinking your partner or even a car can provide safety then your wrong, all it takes is a red light for him to stop and let GhostFace® surprise him with one swift slash, im afraid hes out!

Death no. 6 : Officer Richards | Impaled on pole in roadworks.

A Gun cant always stop a killer, especially if you dont use it, and with Red lights and ongoing roadworks it doesn’t help if your on the bonnet of a car being driven by a mad killer. He gets the point.

Death no. 7 : Hallie McDaniel | Stabbed repeatedly.

Best Friend duties are hard especially when in a cop car that doesn’t open, crawling over a killer is very brave and courageous, but waiting around afterwards isn’t!

Death no. 8 : Derek Feldman | Shot in chest.

The perfect lad to take home to mom! Derek pays a higher price than bargained for when he gives his Greek letters to Sid, he wouldn’t have hurt Sid, But mickey hurts him!

Death no. 9 : Mrs Loomis/Debbie Salt | Shot twice.

Raising a family is hard especially when your husband cheats, Revenge is old fashioned but it works until getting clumsy and under-estimating Sidney and Cotton

Death no. 10 Mickey Altieri | Shot several times.

Being a Psycho in the classifieds can be good for being a killer, but it can also lead to killers that turn on you too! Is that right Mickey?!


Here’s some info and trivia you did not know for Scream 2!

The film’s title was almost as much of a mystery as its plot while filming. “At times we’ve called it Scream Louder and Scream Again,” said director Wes Craven. “But it’s been going so fast, we haven’t had a chance to name it.” The most common title the sequel to Scream had been referred to was Scream: The Sequel.

Kevin Williamson named the Rialto theater after the theater in his hometown where he watched horror movies growing up. His TV series “Dawson’s Creek” also features a Rialto theater.

The theater usher outside the building is Neve Campbell’s double. The one inside handing out the Ghost Face costumes is a contest winner who got a role in the movie.

The girl being chased screaming up the aisle of the theater when Maureen and Phil first enter is the neice of Liev Schrieber (Cotton Weary).

The STAB sneak preview at the theater took 3 days to film. Almost immediately after filming was done the scenes were on the internet, due to the huge number of extras present.

The scenes in the Stab movie were filmed originally by an uncredited by Robert Rodriguez (Desperado, The Faculty, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Dusk ‘Til Dawn, Spy Kids Trilogy). But for legal reasons they had to take his scenes out and have Wes (or his assistant director) re-film them.

The employee selling popcorn to Maureen is Director of Photography Peter Deming.

Phil’s death in the bathroom was improvised by Wes Craven. Kevin’s script more or less just said “Phil enters the bathroom and Wes makes it scary.”

In the background of Sidney’s room you can see a sweater hanging in the closet that looks like a Freddy Krueger sweater.

The man interviewing Cotton on Current Edition is writer Kevin Williamson.

Dewey’s theme is from “Broken Arrow” it was put in as a temp track until the score was created, but everyone agreed it just fit Dewey’s character so well it had to stay. They bought the rights to it and used it, and by Scream 3 Marco Beltrami had taken the song and put his own spin into it, which all the cast and crew agreed was even better than the original (by Hans Zimmer).

The girl talking to Cici on the phone is played by Selma Blair (Hellboy, Cruel Intentions) who auditioned for the role of Sidney in the first Scream.

Matthew Lillard (Stu from Scream) can be seen in the background at the party at the Delta Lambda Zeta’s just as Randy arrives in the frame with drinks, Matthew can be seen in the background on the left, wearing glasses, a blue shirt, and dyed white hair. He and Neve Campbell were dating at the time.

After Cici is killed when Sister Lois and Sister Murphy encourage everyone to go check it out, you can see everyone filing out of the front doors. The dog on the leash is Liev Schrieber’s (Cotton) dog, named Rudy.

Wes Craven’s girlfriend has a cameo at the scene of the crime where Cici was killed, standing next to Chief Hartley.

Wes Craven has a cameo as a doctor in the background at the hospital, when Mickey first is seen on frame, Wes is walking toward the foreground.

Chris Doyle who played Officer Richards, was the stuntman for Skeet Ulrich in Scream 1, for the scene where Billy falls down the stairs.

After Gale’s line to the reporters “Dewey’s one of the good guys… unlike some of us.” Courteney turns and walks across the street toward a woman and three kids; they are her sister and nephews.

In Scream, Sidney laments that with her luck, she’d be portrayed by Tori Spelling if they made a movie about her. In Stab, the film-within-a-film in Scream 2, Tori Spelling does in fact play Sidney.

The Cassandra Aria theme for the play Sidney is in was composed by Danny Elfman, not Marco Beltrami.

The line by the killer “Have you ever felt a knife cut through human flesh and scrape the bone beneath?” was added on the spot by phone voice Roger L. Jackson.

The scene in which Randy is killed in broad daylight is kind of ironic, because Jamie Kennedy who plays Randy commented to Kevin Williamson on the set of Scream 1 that if he wanted to break a cliche he would kill a character in broad daylight.

When “The Brothers” come for Derek for giving away his letters, the first word “You!” is said by Roger L. Jackson, to kind of trick the audience into thinking the man was the killer coming for Derek. The rest of the line “Prepare to die!” was said by the actor onscreen.

The pipe which skewers officer Richards through the head was originally intended to go through his back and out his chest. Wes was so pleased with the turn of events he told the Special Effects crew (KNB) that they didn’t have to redo it, that they would keep this idea.

Because of trouble with the MPAA and Scream’s original NC-17 rating, and all the footage that had to be cut in order to achieve an R rating, while filming Scream 2, extra gore or attacks were thrown in even though they were never intended to be in the final cut. This way if they showed the film to the MPAA with extra blood and gore, the MPAA would tell them to cut back more and more, and the final product cut back would be what the production actually wanted in the first place. For example, Phil is stabbed in the stall 3 or 4 times in the head; its ridiculous to think that the killer would be able to stab 4 times before the guy would fall back dead on the floor–but it was never intended to be kept. Randy was stabbed 4 times in the final cut. While filming they had him stabbed an absurd amount; dozens of times. Oddly, the MPAA did not tell them to take out anything, not even the stuff they never intended to use; because the MPAA said the moral of the story was strong enough to counterbalance the violence.

Hallie was only stabbed once in the chest originally, but after Sidney climbing past the killer, then Hallie doing it, Wes felt too much suspense had been built up to end it with one blow; that it was anticlimactic, so they added 4 more stabbing sounds offscreen.

Just like in Scream 1, where Dewey was thrown into the ambulance as an afterthought of Wes’s, though he was originally scripted to die, in Scream 2 he was supposed to die as well, and again Wes thought a shot of him getting put in the ambulance was a good idea.

Natasha Wagner (Urban Legend, Lost Highway), Eric Mabius (Resident Evil) and Paula Marshall (Hellraiser III, Cheaper by the Dozen) were among the stars who tried to join the cast of Scream 2 but didn’t make the cut.

Since the Scream 2 script was kept confidential, the cast and crew were kept in the dark about the killer’s identity. “The whole time we were shooting, we had no idea who the killer was,” Jerry O’Connell says. The actors even cast bets, and after the final days of shooting, it turned out David Arquette had won the wager.

Had two short scenes cut from the theatrical release; one was a different version of the classroom discussion about sequels. It was in a much larger room, almost an auditorium, with a different teacher at the head of the class. In the original version it was just Mickey and Randy fighting about the merit or lack thereof of sequels. In the re-shot version of course it is a class discussion. Cici was not in the original scene either. The dialogue was almost the same with a few differences, noticeably Mickey defending horror films bad rap, “Horror films are only as good as their villains. How can Freddy and Jason possibly be scary after they’ve been dilluted through 3, 4, 5, or 6 sequels?” Another scene had Mickey and Derek bringing donuts and roses to Sidney and Hallie. They discuss a plan of who is going to stay with Sidney and when. Hallie first, to be relieved by Mickey, followed by Derek. A little of the distrust Sidney has in her boyfriend is introduced then, when Derek has to remind her that he’s “One of the good guys, remember?” was bought shortly after Scream 1 came out, by someone not affiliated with the franchise whatsoever. He refused to sell it to Dimension films and was not even so much as a fan of the movies.

The script to Scream 2 was leaked to the internet while in production; Kevin Williamson did vast re-writes to change it up. Included in these re-writes were:

-Much less dialogue between Phil and Maureen before they enter the theater.
-Maureen goes to the bathroom, not to buy popcorn. Phil pops out and scares her as she leaves. He goes to use the washroom, but Ghost Face is waiting just inside the door. He stabs Phil twice in the stomach to kill him, not in the head.
-Its revealed that Phil’s free tickets were given anonymously–obviously the killer had planned to kill Phil and Maureen long in advance, since he is a copycat. Giving free tickets ensured that they would be there. The movie never really says where he got them.
-Gale punches a reporter outside Sidney’s dorm when they crowd her, and she says “Go! I’ll find you later.” obviously different than Scream 2’s meeting between the two. The reporter she punched was Debbie Salt.
-Dewey did not fly in from Woodsboro like in the movie. Instead he was campus security at Windsor College.
-Sid and Dewey discuss how two people were killed at the theater, the conversation held by her and Randy in the movie.
-Joel is not Gale’s cameraman, Randy is. Joel was still in the script, though as a friend of Sid, Derek, Mickey, etc.
-The sequel discussion in the class has Sidney, Derek, and Hallie there, but not Randy.
-Sid is reluctantly pledging Delta Lamda with Hallie.
-Randy isn’t even a student at Windsor. When he appears with Gale and Cotton, filming Sid, it eats him up inside and shocks Sidney speechless.
-Cici is half strangled and thrown through a ground level sliding door, later revealed to be gutted (like Casey Becker, copycat style) and hung from a tree. Fleeing the killer, Sidney finds her body.
-Randy is not at the party with Sid, Derek, Mickey and Hallie.
-Ghost Face doesn’t stab the door and barely miss Derek. Derek kicks a window in and goes inside, while Sid runs out the back (and finds Cici’s body)
-When they discover that the killer is a copycat, the police ask Gale who died next in Woodsboro, she asks “Book or movie?” and they say “Reality.” to which she says “Himbry” but to also check out “Tatum Riley” which the police head off to look through student names matching last name Himbry or Riley.
-Joel is pre-med, not Derek. Derek is a film student.
-Gale gets a call while in the open field (by herself) from the killer. He threatens her a bit and she goes toward a campus security guard, but the killer tells her to stay away from him, watching. As soon as he hangs up on her Dewey appears.
-The play Sid is in is “Our Town” not “Cassandra” and she is not attacked at the rehearsal. Randy shows up after though, and they talk for a minute, then leave to–of all places–the movies. They go watch Stab.
-Gale tells the police that the killer called/threatened her, to which they say they will assign a guard to her. Dewey volunteers and Gale accepts.
-Mickey and Hallie are dating in the script.
-Sidney is not in the cafeteria, but Derek, Hallie, Joel, and Mickey are. The four of them discuss Sidney’s past and her safety. Of course Derek doesn’t do his song, since Sid isn’t there. Mickey however does sing “I Will Always Love You” for Hallie, and he gives her his Greek letters.
-At the ending of Stab when Billy and Stu stab each other Sidney gets up and runs out of the theater. Randy and her bodyguards run after her but they go outside, she was behind a curtain. Cotton is there too. They have a similar conversation to what they have in the movie version at the library. However he turns realnasty on her and her guards and Randy appear. The guards search him and find a revolver hidden.
-Randy and Dewey don’t have a discussion about sequel rules, suspects, etc.
-Gale and Dewey talk for a while, some really great dialogue where he sums up who she really is inside, the side she never shows anyone, not even him. Randy shows up and the killer calls asking for Gale. He says “She’s not here right now.” to which the killer says “But she’s standing right next to you.”
-Randy cuts even deeper into the killer with insults.
-Randy’s death is offscreen, he is found with his throat slit in the van.
-Mickey is taken by “The Brothers” for giving Hallie his letters.
-Dewey and Gale come to Sid’s place to tell her that Randy was killed.
-Hallie and Joel go to get Mickey who was tied to a tree (not the stage prop like in the movie) while Sidney is escorted by police alone.
-Gale and Dewey break into Derek’s room, suspecting him. Joel is his roommate, and the gutting on Cici earlier was said to be autopsy precision. They jump to the conclusion that Derek and Joel are partners, and that they have dropped the exact copycat idea, no longer after a “Tatum” but the new Tatum instead; Hallie.
-Sid’s guards are killed differently: The passenger-side cop is killed first, and while the one driving struggles to remove his seatbelt Ghost Face pulls his door open and stabs him in the throat. Ghost Face still drives the car, but without a cop on the hood threatening to shoot him. Sid pulls out a pencil from her bag and stabs through the metal grate into Ghost Face’s neck. He loses control of the car and crashes into a lamppost, with the passenger side against a building still. Sid opens the driver’s door and just about has Ghost Face’s mask off when he wakes up and lunges at her, she falls to the ground, and he grabs her foot, tries to pull her back into the car. Sid kicks free and slams the car door on Ghost Face as he tries to get out, toppling him back.
-Sidney flees and finds Mickey chained to the tree. She takes a shovel to try and break the chains, and Ghost Face appers. She hits him with the shovel as he swings for her, and then she turns to run, but another Ghost Face is right there. They have Sid surrounded, and go to attack, when Mickey barrels one over. Sid runs, Mickey is now surrounded, and is stabbed simultaneously in the back and the stomach by the two Ghost Faces. Sid then heads for the theater.
-At the stage as the 3 walls fall into place, a body is on each of them. Dewey is hung there, dead. Hallie comes down next, then Joel, also dead.
-Sid runs for a door, Cotton is behind it, but he is bound with electical tape on the wrists and ankles.
-Derek is the first killer revealed, and Cotton begs Sid to untie him. Derek tapes much of what happens from then on.
-Hallie is not really dead, tied up. She is the second killer, very much alive. Derek is cheating on Sidney with her as it turns out. The dialogue that occurs is much different than Mickey and Sid’s conversation in the movie. Unlike Mickey who will be caught but get away with it, Derek and Hallie actually want the death penalty.
-Sidney says to Derek and Hallie “You freaked out movie-nut psychos…” and from off camera Ms. Loomis says “Don’t blame the movies, Sid. Movies don’t create psychos…” then is shown. -Ms. Loomis shoots Hallie in the forehead, then turns on Derek and shoots him in the stomach, then again shoots, killing him. His knife lands by the still tied up Cotton.
-Ms. Loomis plans to frame Cotton just like her son did. Cotton frees himself from his bindings, leaps up with the knife and stabs Ms. Loomis in the chest, she falls to the ground and he goes with her, stabbing her again and again in the chest.
-Gale goes to hug Cotton, and he stabs her in the back. He was not a killer (a partner to Derek, Ms. Loomis, Hallie) throughout the script, but at this moment becomes one.
-Cotton plans to use Derek’s tape of the entire event to show that he is innocent. The last thing taped was Ms. Loomis saying that she planned to frame Cotton.
-Cotton chases Sidney up the catwalk, around, back down to the stage where she gets her hands on the other knife. She stabs him, he stabs her, she stabs him, they trade off until they both fall to the ground, dying. Gale called the paramedics before entering the building, so they are almost there, and can save Sidney or Cotton, whichever has not passed out from blood loss at the time. Fade to black.

There was much different dialogue throughout, and subtle changes in events not listed. The above is just a generalization.

Not only was the cast not informed who the killer was until the last days of shooting, they also didn’t receive the last 10 pages of the script until it was time to film them (the last two days of filming). The last 10 pages were also printed on grey paper, therefore making them unable to be illicitly Xeroxed; and made them a real pain to read as well. All cast members had to sign contracts that they would not discuss the movie’s outcome or the killer’s identity with the media.

Scream 2 cost around 24 million dollars to make. It opened December 12th, 1997, and in its opening weekend, Scream 2 took first out of the Top 10 movies–But not only that, it made more than the other nine top movies combined. It grossed over 101 million domestically (33 million its opening weekend alone), just under 60 million overseas, and made 39.5 million in rentals.

Scream 2 sold more tickets in its first three days than Scream did after 15.

80% to 92% of those who had seen the original said they liked Scream 2 more or the same.