GhostFace NECA Figures

Above we have pictures of the new figures, both versions look nice. The Packaging has a familiar name on too, on the bottom of each figure package there is a part saying Special thanks to .. Fun World Staff, and Nate Ragon.. Nate helped NECA out with the costume details that normally go unseen.

As it was 2011/2 when the figures first arrived they are more scarce now. There are still quite a few on Ebay..

Gallery images from Left to right – Top Row – Left: Fabric Version, Right: Plastic Skirted version, (Seen in Scream 4 limited edition Box Set’s)
Far Right – GhostFace Head Knocker

Bottom row – Left: Retro GhostFace 8″ Figure – Right: Retro GhostFace Figure Packaging