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Scream 3 facts and trivia from an old site!

Postby Ghostface » Thu Nov 13, 2008 12:23 am

Some facts and trivia on Scream 3

The first thing filmed was the scene where Dewey and Gale are in Detective Kincaid's office the day after the explosion which destroys Jennifer's house. David Arquette and Courteney Cox were married just before filming began, and cut their honeymoon short to get back in time for filming. They were in the bahamas on their honeymoon, as can be noted by the extreme tan look of Dewey and Gale in this scene.

The last thing filmed was Gale and Jennifer walking down the stairs to the studio archives.

Liev Schrieber worked out a large amount between Scream 2 and 3. When Cotton takes off his coat in his home in Scream 3, it was by Liev's request that he get to show off his muscles.

The role of Christine was added after filming had already begun.

The poster from "The Fall of Troy" (The play in Scream 2) can be seen in Sidney's house by her door.

The photos of Sidney's mother when she was 18 really were of the actress who plays her mother (Linda McRee) as she was a model when she was younger.

The green outfit worn by Parker Posey while on set is the same one worn by Courteney Cox in the first movie.

Sarah complains about constant rewrites on Stab 3's script. These complaints actually originated with the cast of Scream 3, because of frequent rewrites and three different endings.

The part where Jennifer's house blows up is a 1/4 scale model replica.

The entire street where Gale is attacked by Ghost Face after the explosion at the house was created for Scream 3. It was actually a wilderness park. They built the road, wall, streetlights, and had the outer walls of houses (empty inside) built on the other side of the wall, then parked several cars along the "street".

The police station in the movie really was a recently abandoned police station in Los Angeles.

The "aliens" crossing the street that Det Kincaid almost hits as he drives through the studio parking lot disappointed Wes Craven. He wanted full costumes, instead they just look like two guys walking around with masks on their heads.

The empty cinematographer's chair on the "Stab 3" set has the name of the actual Scream Trilogy cinematographer, Peter Deming.

The bathroom Sidney finds Angelina in on the set of "Stab 3" is a reference to the bathroom used when Sidney is attacked in the original "Scream." The wall color and tiles and doors are all the same, but it is not the same set used. You can tell because in Scream the sinks are on the right side of the room from the doorway) and the stalls are on the left. In Scream 3 the stalls are on the right and the sinks are on the left. It was done merely as a close reference to Scream.

Stu's house and Sidney's house are both exact replicas of the real homes used filming Scream 1 (Those were real homes, not sets).

Originally, at one point of the different versions of Scream 3's scripts, Randy had survived the stabbings of Ms. Loomis, and his family had hidden him away for safety reasons and to give him time to heal.

The scenes for Randy's tape were originally 2 or 3 times as long. Among the things cut was another rule Randy states, "Never allow yourself to be alone."

When browsing the archives with Gale and Jennifer, Bianca Burnett is wearing the ring Jennifer gives her the scene before in exchange for her help.

Creed executive produced the soundtrack for Scream 3. On the set replica of Sid's room, where her poster for Indigo Girls was, is now a Creed poster.

From the second Sidney closes the door to the replica of her house, it becomes an almost shot for shot remake of Scream 1's attack, with the exception of Sidney throwing things at Ghost Face on the way up the stairs (which in the original Scream script she did throw stuff at him going up the stairs)

In an early version of the script (supposedly this scene was also filmed) it had Ghost Face sitting at a computer sending voice clips of different characters to his voice changer. This was to show you how it worked, but it was cut for two reasons; one, it was obvious by the end of the film that you simply click a different button to change voices, and two, it looked odd to see Ghost Face sitting at a computer. Why would the killer be wearing his costume when he is at home, alone, with no one to hide his identity from (except the audience)

John Milton's house is the same house used as a school in Halloween H20. And it was used in the TV movie "David and Lisa" which Scream Trilogy composer Marco Beltrami also did the score for.

The one way mirrors that Jennifer is trapped behind with Ghost Face really were soundproof.

Because many people thought that it was Dewey's bullet that killed Jennifer, Wes Craven had to speak out, that it was not him, he was aiming far higher on the mirrors than Jennifer's body is.

The knife being thrown at Dewey and hitting hilt first came about when Wes Craven commented that he had always seen knives, axes, and the like thrown in horror movies and they always stick. He wanted to scare the audience into thinking that Dewey was about to be killed with a knife to the face. It worked.

Originally instead of Dewey and Gale tied to a chair inside Milton's house when Sidney arrives, Jennifer, Tyson, and Angolina were all strung up dead on the walls. Dewey and Gale were in the screening room. In that version Angolina was a second killer, and her body on the walls wasn't of course really dead.

The bookshelf with the hidden passage that Sidney takes is now in Courteney Cox and David Arquette's house. Courteney loved it and bought it off of the producers of Scream, and had it installed complete with hidden passage in her own home.

When John Milton has his throat slit by Roman, Scott Foley really did throw Lance Hendrikson to the floor with his hands bound. Scott was so in character that he forgot that they were supposed to cut the camera after the throat slitting, bring in a stuntman with a mat to land on, and just threw Lance. Lance nearly broke his arm and badly hurt his head in the fall.

Sidney uses an icepick to stab Roman. A throwback to Scream 1 in which Randy more or less implies that a woman can't use a knife to kill someone, that an icepick is a much smaller gore inflicting weapon while still being effective.

When Sidney pops up from behind the counter and stabs Roman with the icepick, Neve really did stab Scott. There was a pad on his shoulder which she missed, and the prop didn't work properly. Scott's reaction of pain on his face is very real.

David Arquette really wanted the killer to appear at the scene where he proposes to Gale, and kill everyone there.

Jay and Silent Bob have a cameo in the final Scream movie, confusing Gale Weathers for Connie Chung. Scream itself has a cameo (with Wes Craven) in the final Jay and Silent Bob movie, as Jay and Bob stumble on the set of Scream 4 while looking for their monkey (who is the killer in Scream 4)

Wes Craven and Peter Deming (director of photography) both have cameos at the scene where Gale is being thrown off the set of Stab 3, being led by a tour guide, who is also a cameo by Lisa Beach (Casting agent), Peter Deming sells popcorn in a cameo in Scream 2; in this movie he is eating popcorn on the tour.

The man who asks Gale if they should go out and cut each others throats because thats what she did, is David Arquette's brother, Richmond Arquette.

Dewey says "We don't know everything Gale." David Arquette adlibbed the line "Well you think you do, but..."

The line after Gale punches Jennifer "My lawyer liked that" was ad-libbed by Parker Posey.

Deon Richmond who plays Tyson Fox adlibbed the line "Don't look at me, I didn't take shit"

Jenny McCarthy passed up the role of Drew Becker in Scary Movie for the role of Sarah Darling in Scream 3. She then later had a role in Scary Movie 3.

Kate Winslet, Shannen Doherty and Charisma Carpenter were all close contenders for the part of Christine. Kelly Rutherford got the part.

The Song "Red Right Hand" is played in all three of the Scream movies.

The photo of Sidney with her mother appeared in all 3 Scream movies.

Neve Campbell made a deal which stated that she could have been on set just for 20 days, which is also why she isn't as predominant a character as she is in the other films. Though she did come back for additional reshoots on the film.

Throughout the film Sidney can be seen to be wearing the Greek letters around her neck that were given to her by her boyfriend Derek, in Scream 2, shortly before he was killed. Neve Campbell had the idea of wearing the necklace.

Dewey has the same pin on his jacket in Scream 3 as he did in Scream 2.

Though Kevin Williamson could not write the script for Scream 3, he did write a 30 page outline on it. No one knows for sure if Ehren Kruger even used it, nor what was in the outline. But Williamson likely had some idea of a Hollywood setting for Scream 3; Wes Craven said in an interview "I think Kevin Williamson has the notion that Sid's character will probably drop out of school and maybe go to Hollywood. He told me that just because I had suggested that maybe we should stage Scream 2 in L.A. and then have scenes take place in the actual Hollywood Boulevard. He said to me, 'That's the idea for the third one, okay?"
Scream 3 had many different script incarnations. There were huge differences in each draft. The first one's noticeable differences were as follows:

-A young famous actor named Ben is stuck in traffic, not Cotton Weary. He has an upcoming cameo in Stab 3. His girlfriend had one in Stab 2; there is a premiere tonight.
-The killer does not use a woman's voice while talking to Ben.
-The killer is at the premiere of Stab 2, outside of the bathroom Ben's girlfriend is in. He plays a trivia game with Ben to see whether he'll go in and kill his girlfriend or not. After he beats the first question the killer tells him to go to the Hollywood sign within 10 minutes.
-Ben stands under the "H" in "Hollywood" and Christine's bloody gutted body hanging above him drips on him. The killer comes up behind him and stabs him in the back. He falls to the ground and is stabbed again in the heart.
-Gale isn't holding a seminar, she is on the set of Total Entertainment interviewing Roman Bridger when Detective Kincaid comes to see her.
-Instead of old photo's of Maureen left at murder scenes, its paper clippings of her murder in Woodsboro.
-Not just Sid and Stu's houses are re-created for Stab 3; theres also the Woodsboro Police Department and Casey Becker's home.
-The dialogue between Sarah, Angelina, Tom and Tyson is much different than the movie.
-Kincaid's parter Wallace is not on the set of Stab 3 on the first scene there, Gale is with him however.
-Dewey and Gale's conversation when they first meet is pretty different from the one in the movie.
-Gale is not thrown off the set of Stab 3, and theres no Jay and Silent Bob cameo.
-Sid's first scene is when she has the nightmare about Maureen/Ghost Face at her house--cutting out her scene immediately after the opening scene
-Sidney has scars on her wrist from a past suicide attempt.
-Immediately after Sid's nightmare the next scene is her calling into work. however, Ghost Face is the caller on the end of the line, not a troubled teen girl. There is alot more dialogue between the two, where he hints that he killed Maureen, not Billy and Stu. He then tells her that he is in Hollywood and he has his eyes set on a technical advisor named Dewey Riley. If she doesn't come out of hiding, he dies.
-Sarah is stabbed twice in the chest, then the throat, then hucked through a glass pane on a door and impaled by shards of glass.
-After Roman is arrested there is a scene where he is in an interrogation room and is asked lots of questions that were asked in the movie at the scene where he is arrested. Dewey and Gale stand behind the one-way glass and listen to him. They have the conversation that they have in the movie at the coffee shop, though it is much longer. Dewey reveals that the only reason he took the job as technical advisor to Stab 3 was because he knew someone was looking for Sid and he thought he could do some investigating of his own down here.
-When Gale and Dewey arrive at Jennifer's house after she pages Dewey, Tom is outside, drunk. He and Gale have a heated conversation.
-Unlike the movie, where the first time we see Jennifer's house it is daytime and the scene does not last long at all--this script is at nighttime and it is when Ghost Face attacks (like the second scene at her house in the movie)
-Tom pisses Angelina off and she runs out of the house. He finds her in a puddle of blood in the guest house. Ghost Face steps from the shadows and slashes Tom in the arm. Tom runs to the kitchen, the killer catches him and lifts him by his throat off of his feet, stabbing the knife into his chest, pinning him to the wall.
-There is a knock at the door. SOmeone comments they smell something funny. Dewey pulls his gun and goes for the door when the power goes out.
-Instead of Jennifer's fax it is her cell phone that rings. Gale takes it from her and the killer theatens her. She hangs up, and he flies out of the closet with his knife ready. Dewey fires six shots into his chest and he crashes onto a glass coffeetable, motionless. They turn their backs, Ghost Face is gone when they look back.
-Ghost Face comes out from behind the couch, going for Gale. Dewey kicks a chair into his path and trips him.
-Jennifer runs to the kitchen and comes back with a meat cleaver. She runs at Ghost Face, slips on some kind of liquid on the floor.
-Ghost Face grabs a lighter from the table and ignites the gas (what they smelled earlier and Jennifer slipped on)
-Dewey, Gale and Jennifer jump into the pool when the house explodes, not down the hill.
-The wreckage at the house is very bad; Tom's body was found but not Angelina's yet when Gale and Dewey are at Kincaid's office.
-Karen Colcheck delivers the tape to Sidney, not Martha Meeks.
-In the bathroom, Sidney doesn't meet Angelina, instead Ghost Face comes from the stall and attacks her. She avoids him and runs for the door. From a storage closet a second Ghost Face comes at her. Sid carries a knife and mace in this script. She stabs him in the shoulder and he falls back into the closet. She slams the door on him. The first Ghost Face swings at her and she ducks, his knife buries into the door. She runs for the small window at the end of the room, uses a trashcan as a booster, and gets out the window just as both Ghost Faces converge on her. As she runs for Dewey and Wallace, one of the killers comes at her again but gives up the chase. She does not go to the set of her house and get attacked there.
-When Dewey, Gale, and Jennifer go to Milton's office, Roman is not there, but John Milton is on the phone with him.
-Dewey, Gale and Jennifer hide in a closet outside Milton's office and wait for him to leave so they can search his office.
-Milton goes to the elevator, gets a call from the killer as he waits. They talk for a moment then the elevator doors open and Ghost Face is waiting inside. He slits Milton's throat and drags him into the elevator.
-In the dark office, Dewey breaks into Milton's desk. Inside he finds paternity tests, but before he can read aloud who his kid is, Ghost Face comes into the room. Jennifer tries to run, and is stabbed in the back. Dewey is smashed with the hilt of the knife and is knocked unconscious. Gale runs out the door and slams it on Ghost Face, knocking him over. She runs to the elevator, to find Milton gutted and hung from the ceiling. Ghost Face comes for her, and she trips him into the elevator, then runs for the stairs, down, out the door, and is nearly run over by Kincaid. She tells him what happened and he goes to radio for backup. Before he can though, Ghost Face appears and stabs him in the chest, and slits his throat.
-After Sidney is called by the killer, when she's at the police station, there is a small scene where he calls while she's driving, ordering her to go to the Sunrise Studios backlot.
-The killer calls her when she gets to the studio, however he does not have a metal detector he makes her use. He says "I wanna finish this where it all began. Woodsboro." and she says "I thought you wanted me here?" he hangs up, then she goes through a door, into a gigantic room with the sets for Stab 3; Casey's house, Sid's house, Stu's house, and the Police Dept.
-Instead of a foam dummy hanging where Tatum should be, Kincaid is there.
-At Casey's house Sid's phone rings. Dewey says he can see her, that the killer is looking for her. She asks where he is; he is tied up on the chair where Steve was gutted. She goes to him, finds him gagged and beaten like Steve, and near unconscious. Dewey's voice behind her signals the approach of Ghost Face. He runs at her, she flees.
-She runs to her house, locks the door, the killer pounds against it relentlessly. Gale is bound and gagged on Sidney's bed. She unties her and the killer smashes through the bedroom window. They run.
-Dewey frees one hand from his bindings.
-Sid and Gale run to Maureen's room, complete with blood everywhere and a bodybag on the bed. Ghost Face slams against the door, stabs his knife through it beside Gale's face. Sidney fires three shots from Wallace's gun through the door. The bodybag unzips and the second Ghost Face comes out. Sid goes to shoot him but the first Ghost Face smashes the door open and knocks the gun from her hands. The second Ghost Face grabs Gale and puts a knife to her throat. Sid leaps through the glass window to land below on the astro turf.
-She runs to Stu's house, closes and locks the door. Inside Dewey is there, gun in hand. Dewey opens the door, Ghost Face is coming. He fires his gun at him, but has no bullets. Ghost Face throws the knife at him, it embeds in his shoulder and he falls to the floor. Sidney kicks the door closed as Ghost Face comes for her. Locks it.
-Angelina's body falls down the stairs behind her where Billy fell, landing near her feet. She opens her eyes, pulls a gun on Sidney. She is led at gunpoint to the living room, where Gale is handcuffed and a TV is playing footage of Maureen.
-Ghost Face two comes out, has the same conversation as in the movie, and pulls off the mask to reveal Roman. It is revealed that Angelina is Angie Crick from Woodsboro, she was in Sidney's English class. She and Roman are dating--which is sick because she plays Sidney in Stab, and Roman has sex with her.
-Roman plays a message with Sid's voice about her killing herself after killing everyone else (framing her of course). He then reveals that Milton is his father; he screwed Rina (Maureen).
-Roman stabs himself in the shoulder, the stomach, the leg. It was he who gave Billy and Stu the idea originally on how to make themselves look like victims, survivors of a killer.
-Roman runs at Sidney, she runs away. Gale falls off the couch and Angelina kicks her in the ribs. Gale tells her never to use prop handcuffs to restrain Gale Weathers, and leaps to her feet, arms freed. She tackles Angelina into the coffee table.
-Roman chases Sid to the foyer--Dewey's body is gone.
-Gale bashes Angelina's head off the floor, Angelina retaliates with a knife to the side. Gale screams and tries to back away. She kicks Angelina in the face and she drops the knife.
-Sidney runs toward the laundry room. As Roman nears it the door flies open and Ghost Face emerges, planting the knife deep in Roman's chest. He pulls off the mask. Its Dewey.
-Gale gets Angelina in a headlock, throws her to the ground, and shoves the TV on her face just like Sid did to Stu.
-In the foyer where Roman lays, exactly where Billy was, Sidney takes a gun from the floor and walks up to him.
-Angelina is not dead, she comes screaming toward Sidney with a knife in hand. Sid shoots her between the eyes and she topples back dead. Sid turns to Roman, shoots him in the forehead as well.
-Dewey is again taken away in an ambulance, with Gale asking for another try at their relationship. Sidney is met by Wallace, and then she walks off the set, through Sunrise Studios parking lot, and ... Fade to Black.
-No conclusion like the movie, an epilogue.

The second draft's differences were:

-Cotton is not dating Christine, he is dating Sarah Darling. The opening of the movie is the same except that its Sarah not Christine in the shower, and the killer doesn't sound like a woman on the phone. Nor does he sound like Cotton at Sarah's house, he uses the voice we all know and love throughout the script.
-Takes place only four months after Scream 2, not 2 years like in the movie.
-Sidney is not in hiding, she is living back in Woodsboro with her dad. She works at a daycare center.
-Gale goes to the police station to meet Kincaid, he doesn't come to her seminar like in the movie.
-Dewey is a cop again, and Sheriffe Burke is in the script.
-Gale and Kincaid go to Woodsboro to see Sidney, unlike the movie where Kincaid has to ask around to find her for over half the movie.
-Dewey and Gale were married in between Scream 2 and 3 script, but are already divorced.
-Angelina comes to Woodsboro to talk to Sid, because she want to see who she really is, how she acts, for her portrayal in the movie.
-Stab is still in theaters during the events of the script. Stab 2 is in production, not Stab 3.
-At her home, Sidney is attacked in a remake of Scream 1's first attack on her. Up the stairs, into her room, using the computer, and all goes quiet. She opens the bedroom door after a moment, a gun in her hand. Ghost Face leaps at her, knocking the gun away. Sidney is nearly unconscious. She is taken away.
-Roman is playing Derek in Stab 2, he's not a director. Tyson is not playing "Ricky" he is playing Joel from Scream 2. The director is Gale. Steven Stone is Gale's bodyguard, not Jennifer's. We meet the cast of Stab 2 not on the steps of a house, but at a script rehearsal.
-Angelina is at the office for a meeting, not Sarah like the movie version. Her scene is like Sarah's except she is discussing on the phone that she wants a bigger part, and that Sidney shouldn't die in the movie. Unlike Sarah though, she is stabbed repeatedly in the back after being thrown through the door window, not just once.
-Roman is never arrested.
-Dewey, Kincaid, and Gale brainstorm the rules of a trilogy, they don't watch a tape with Randy telling them.
-The party at the end is for John Milton's 60th birthday, not Roman's 30th.
-After Stab 2 is shut down everyone goes to Gale's house, not Jennifer's house. Detective Kincaid comes too so he can question people. Tyson comes too (in the movie he didn't come to Jennifer's)
-Stone still goes out to investigate the trailer. In this script its Gale's maid's trailer, not Dewey's.
-The killer calls Gale's cell phone, threatens everyone, hangs up. Kincaid goes to his car to get a spare gun from his glove compartment, for Dewey.
-They run out, same as the movie it explodes, except Tyson is there not Angelina, and Ghost Face doesn't attack Gale at the bottom of the hill. Kincaid shows up at the bottom of the hill in his car.
-Milton is at his party, not kidnapped like the movie.
-Dewey looks at a book on the shelves, tries to pick it up, the bookcase moves. Inside is the Ghost Face costume.
-Jennifer goes to the basement with Roman, she tries to seduce him, he blows her off. She leaves.
-Gale and Dewey both have guns here, not just Dewey.
-Milton comes out of a door, not Angelina out of a painting. Gale thinks he is the killer (the costume found earlier) and tells him to stay away. He says they can believe him or not, he knows the quickest way out of the house. He runs around the corner and is stabbed in the chest by Ghost Face just like Angelina was in the movie.
-When Jennifer is behind the one way mirrors with Ghost Face killing her, Dewey and Gale shoot the mirrors out.
-After Gale falls down the stairs with Ghost Face, Dewey opens the door above the stairs, however, Sidney comes from the shadows and shoots Ghost Face 3 times in the chest. He is not wearing a bulletproof vest in this script. Sidney and Dewey unmask him. Its Kincaid.
-As Kincaid's body is taken away, Gale says something doesn't make sense. Why not kill Sid while she was tied up as his prisoner. Why kill everyone else instead.
-Back in Woodsboro, Dewey is at the police station at night. Sidney is at home in bed. Gale joins Dewey at the police station. Dewey says they got the autopsy report on Kincaid back. He was stabbed 3 times prior to being shot. Dewey asks if she turned away from the killer at any time after they fell down the stairs. Gale says when she was on the phone with Dewey upstairs, yes. Sid comes to the police station as well. Gale's cell rings. He talks for just a moment then hangs up. Gale star 69's him and gets Stu's phone number back.
-Gale goes to Stu's house, finds the phone off the hook. She hangs it up. It rings immediately. "Haven't you figured it out yet Gale? I don't want Sidney, I want you!" Ghost Face pops out of the closet, chases Gale through the house. Dewey is in the doorway, he tries to shoot Ghost Face but his gun is jammed. The killer throws his knife at Dewey, it hits him hilt first, knocking him to the floor. Dewey screams for Sidney to run. Sidney, outside, does just that.
-Sidney gets into Dewey's police car, just like in the first Scream she tells the dispatcher that theres a killer at Stu Macher's house. But she is not going through it all again, she tells them as an afterthought, "Send a hearse."
-Sid goes around the back of the house, finds Dewey and Gale inside, bound and gagged. Ghost Face enters. He tells Sidney he isn't after her, that he could have killed her at any time. That Gale deserves to die, she ruined Sid's life, his life. Our life, he says. He pulls off his mask to reveal Neil Prescott.
-Neil begs Sid to let him kill Dewey and Gale, and its over. She refuses. Gale gets free, knocks the knife from Neil's hand. Sid runs to untie Dewey, but her father smashes her in the face, stunning her badly, almost unconscious. Gale runs away.
-Neil chases her into the living room and knocks her over the couch. His gun drops, Gale goes for it, but he kicks her away and slashes her with the knife on the arm.
-Sid is untying Dewey while Gale and Neil are trading punches. Neil is winning. He goes to stab her but misses, the knife stays in the wall. Gale grabs it, saying "Lose something, asshole?" he says "Found something." and shoots her twice in the chest just like Roman did to Sid in the movie. Just like the movie, he turns his back, looks back again, Gale is gone.
-Gale grabs a letter opener and calls Neil's phone. She leaps from behind the couch and stabs him twice when it rings. She reveals her bulletproof vest, stabs him once more in the heart.
-Sidney enters the room, a gun in her hand. Dewey warns they always come back. Neal rises, charges them with a knife in his hand. Sidney shoots him four times.
-The epilogue is similar to the movie, except of course Kincaid is not there, and its at Sidney's Woodsboro house. Dewey still proposes, Gale accepts.

There was much different dialogue throughout both scripts--mostly the second script had huge dialogue differences--and subtle changes in events not listed. The above is just a generalization of both scripts.

Set a record in its opening weekend for number of screens in the USA; 3,467 (later surpassed by Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001) with 3,762).

Scream 3 cost 40 million dollars to make. It opened February 4th, 2000, and in its opening weekend alone it made back almost 35 million, total domestically it took in over 89 million, and overseas it made around 73 million.

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