Hello, here you can find all the interviews we have gave and had, linked below.. I hope in the future there is more to come for us and for others.

Red MaskGhostface.co.uk Interviews RJ Torbert of Fun World – October 21st 2010

White MaskGhostface.co.uk interviewed by Scream Franchise Examiner John Valeri – August 17th 2010

White MaskAn interview with John Valeri talking to RJ Torbert about Sightings-Ghostface – March 23rd 2011

White MaskGhostface.co.uk first time linked on any other site on Moviehole.Net – July 22nd 2008

White MaskGhostface.co.uk reveals possibility of another Trilogy to Moviehole.Net – Feb 23rd 2009

White MaskGhostface.co.uk on Horror-Movies.ca – Date Unknown, between 2007/08

White Mask= Outgoing link

Red Mask= Internal Link