Where can i get the Devil Face and Skele-Face masks ?

Originally asked ALOT in 2017 on the first release of the Devil and Skele Face masks.
Simply answered at this time….SEE ARTICLE LINKED ON THIS TEXT!

There are shops and websites listed for USA and UK
If you are outside the UK or USA then use the main ‘Contact’ link in the site navigation and then select either the ‘Devil Face’ or ‘Skele Face’ checkbox there….
I DO have Devil Face masks here on this site, just hit the CONTACT link and select the checkbox for Devil Face.

When is the MTV Scream TV Series coming to the UK ?  Where , or how can i watch it ?

You can buy on DVD.. But NOT Everywhere on searching… It is limited on whatRegion DVD players you can view it on.

ALSO AVAILABLE ON DVD (REGION 0) Click Here for Amazon.co.uk Link!     Click Here for Amazon.com Link! 

What material are the costumes made of?

A question i can only half answer as i dont have a Screen used one, What i tell everyone is the same.. “A Thick Black heavy material which contains Silver flecks which appear Glittery from a distance showing a sparkle all over the costume” The material is expensive and a single costume would total around $700 to make for us fans with the ACTUAL material. There is more info on this below from Nate Ragon. (Question 1, of Nate’s Q&A below…)

Where can i get a GhostFace®/Scream mask from that’s Genuine?

A Question that has become popular lately for some reason, To find a GENUINE mask i advise Ebay as the most common place i see them, Check pictures, ask questions, and make sure its not a fake rip-off mask, failing that look for your nearest Costume shop!

Also.. hit the CONTACT link on THIS SITE.. and i have some ‘Ultra White’ masks available.. GENUINE FUN WORLD MASKS.

On Mask types : What kind of mask do i have?  Can you Identify it ? 

A question i can only really answer with the help of a picture or two! …

(UPDATE) As of October 22nd 2015 i now request that fans PLEASE post in the forum section called ‘Mask Types’… PICTURES ARE A MUST!!!! Its very hard to identify a mask from written text… Try and get a picture of all areas of the mask, Mouth, Eyes, Chin Stamp, or other stamps on it… Shroud, any labels…


Valuable info for Fans from Nate Ragon.

Ok, Below we have some questions on the masks and costumes and general memorabilia, these are provided by Nate Ragon, a collector with some contacts here and there in Scream props/collectors merchandise, he has collected for over 10 years and knows his stuff with items based on GhostFace® and SCREAM. I thank Nate for his time and info he has provided here, it is much appreciated and valued and may stop some of us fans getting ripped off or scammed!

Question 1 : Why do the GhostFace® costumes I buy in a store look so different from the costumes in the films?

There’s several different reasons for this. There was never any “Father Death” or “GhostFace®” costume prior to the movie. Yes, the mask did exist prior to the film, but it was always sold by itself. All the killer was described as wearing in the script was a mask. The filmmakers knew that the killer needed to wear something else, or else the audience would be able to tell who it was just by the clothes the killer was wearing. So they designed a costume that covered literally every inch of the persons body. That way not only couldn’t you see their clothing, but you also couldn’t tell if they were old or young, white or black, male or female, etc. The costumes were all hand sewn by a seamstress, using a very unique (and expensive) black fabric with reflective threads weaved into it. They cost production an average of $700 a piece to make. This price range is obviously not practical for a mass produced retail Halloween costume, hence why the retail costumes are made from a thin, cheap fabric. The retail Fun World costumes design is also drastically different, and this was due to the fact that they simply didn’t have a production costume to go off of. So they had to do the best they could with what they could see on the film.

Question 2 : The demand for a movie accurate costume is there, so why hasn’t anyone made one yet?

Yes, the demand is there. I have often said that a movie accurate costume is the most requested Scream item of all time. However, considering what that would entail, and the likely final cost of such an item, the number of people who would actually buy one wouldn’t be as great as the number of people who request one.
Much of the look and quality of the screen used costumes comes from that fact that they are handmade and not mass produced. A few people have had very close looking replica’s made for them by a seamstress. And even using fairly cheap fabric, the cost was still in the hundreds of dollars range. The fact is that the movie costumes design looks deceivingly simple on screen. I assure you, they are not. They have several intricate details that can’t be seen on screen. They are also very large and heavy. One wouldn’t even fit inside a large costume bag.
Fun World has rumored to have kicked around the idea of doing one at some point but have made no official statements or announcements on the matter yet. Only time will tell.

Question 3 : What’s with the two different masks in Scream and where can I buy the other one?

The two different masks that appear in Scream are a regular Fun World mask, and a handmade look-a-like by KNB Effects. When Wes discovered the mask and wanted to use it in the film, they were unable to strike a deal with Fun World in time for production to start. So Wes had Greg Nicotero and Howard Berger of KNB Effects design a “close, but not so close that we get sued” mask for the movie instead. They designed a smaller version, with slightly different features. It was a quick production, so as soon as the masks were finished, they were overnight-ed to the set and they started shooting with them right away. Wes was never happy with the KNB mask, and they contacted Fun World again and finally struck a deal. Fun World sent them a bunch of their masks, and they started using those and the rest is history. The KNB still appears in the film because they did not have the time or budget to re-shoot the scenes and takes they had already shot using that mask.The KNB masks are extremely rare. Only 7 were made for the film. A few independent mask artists have produced replica’s, and those usually sell for a few hundred dollars.

Question 4 : Aside from the KNB mask, did all the films use regular, retail Fun World masks?

Yes. The masks molds have changed slightly several times throughout the years. It has also gone through several different names and tags. Here is a list of what type of tagged mask was used in each film.
Scream: Fantastic Faces tag | Scream 2: Fearsome Faces tag | Scream 3: GhostFace® tag | Scream 4: Deluxe Movie Edition GhostFace® tag, Walgreens Tag masks…(In stores 2011)

Question 5 : If they used regular retail masks in the films, then why don’t any of the ones I buy look the same as they do in the movies?

It’s movie magic! The masks used in the film are altered by the art department in order to achieve the look that Wes wants in each scene and shot. Also, as with all costumes and wardrobe in films, their are always people on set making adjustments when needed. Yes, we are to believe that the killer simply grabbed a mask at Woodsboro’s local Walmart and throws it on his head and goes a stabbing. But that ultra scary look of the killer in the films simply cannot be achieved by just throwing on a $10 mask. Ghosty goes through lots of prep and adjustments (just like the mask itself) in order to give him his super cool and scary on screen presence.

Question 6 : What can you tell me about GhostFace®’s knife? Is it a real world item too?

Yes. GhostFace®’s knife is modeled after a real world item. The movie knives are molded from a model “Buck 120” hunting knife. This particular model Buck knife has been discontinued for years. Funnily enough, because people complained that it was “too big” for gutting game. The exact reason why it was chosen for the film was for its long blade.A similar styled knife is however, readily available for around $45. The Buck 119. Same style blade, same handle, just smaller. You can find the 120 still on ebay, but due to their rarity they usually go for well over $100.

Question 7 : How much are these different GhostFace® masks worth? I don’t want to overpay.

I hear this question all the time from mask collectors. The true answer is that they are only worth what you are willing to pay for them. I am in no way trying to be the decider of prices, or maker of a price guide. The following values are based solely on rarity, and what I have personally seen these masks go for on ebay, and mask collecting sites.

-Fantastic Faces: Tagged $250. Untagged $150
-Fearsome Faces: Tagged $80. Untagged $50
-GhostFace® (1999-2002): Tagged $30. Untagged $15
Just be careful. Make sure you know what you are getting before you buy it.
Don’t ever overpay for anything.
If you need help identifying a mask, ask myself or someone else on here can help you.

Question 8 : I want to start collecting original screen used items from the Scream films. How do I start? How much does stuff go for?

Original props and wardrobe from the Scream trilogy are very rare. Not a whole lot ever made it out into the collectors market. Again, its very hard to put prices on things. But obviously screen used props are very expensive. Your best bet at obtaining a screen used item is to keep your eye on eBay and prop store websites around the time of Scream 4’s release.
Do your research before buying anything, especially if it’s from the original trilogy. I have been researching, studying, buying and collecting screen used props from the Scream films for over 10 years and I can tell you that there are a lot of fakes out there.