Well, early in the year there isn’t always lots to announce, but with the recent arrival of the Skele-Face and Devil Face i thought it may be all for now, but not so… we have a new Collectors box of Enamel GhostFace pins coming… Some details from Cavity Colors Website below… Click the banner for the page on their site!

Coming THURSDAY, MAY 18th! FULL REVEAL of the pins coming soon!

The collectors box will include 5 EXCLUSIVE pins:

  • *MOVABLE* Stab pin
  • The infamous GHOST FACE *SPOOF* mask
  • The iconic Blood Drip GHOST FACE
  • Silver Metallic GHOST FACE
  • *GLOW IN THE DARK* Ghost Face
  • Limited to 500 boxes worldwide – and will never return again after sell out.
  • Priced at $40 each collectors box.

*These particular variants are exclusive to the box only, and will not be sold outside of that*

We’ll also be releasing other color ways and variants throughout the year outside of the box set. STAY TUNED!

GhostFace Enamel Pins by Cavity Colors