It seems that many people/companies these days think they can get away with murder when it comes to GhostFace, luckily we have RJ Torbert to take control and issue advice to us webmasters and the like to warn us of these people who take or use the GhostFace® name and create something to try and sell to us without permission.. this time the company is Asmus Toys..

An unauthorized figure is listed on their site and they have been contacted about this, in the meantime we ask that loyal fans of the REAL GhostFace® stay away from it and resist purchasing or trying to purchase one of these figures, although if you do see the figures pictures you will see that the accuracy isn’t good at all, unlike the NECA figure which is authorized in which we should be seeing the full plastic version arriving soon! Remember, if it isn’t authorized by Fun World then it isn’t really GhostFace®,no matter what the listing title! Only buy OFFICIAL AUTHORIZED MERCHANDISE.