7 Years of GhostFace.co.uk

So, here we are then, Still here still after 7 years online! … hard to believe that after all that time we have seen a new movie come and go, and nothing but rumours surface every now and again for a SCREAM TV series…
also in the last few months we have seen Halloween come and go yet again which is sometimes my favourite time of year as its not as over-hyped as Christmas.. plus it means more chance of GhostFace merchandise popping up, old and new.. as in lucky finds in stores or new mask types.

New York & Port Jefferson (Long Island)

This year also saw a personal ‘First’ for me as it was my time to head ‘Over the pond’ so to speak, and head to NYC, and it was a damn nice trip to be honest, we saw quite a bit to say we only had seven nights there, followed after that by another 4 nights in Port Jefferson, in that time there i got to meet RJ Torbert and get a tour of the town regarding locations as used in his book ‘The Face of Fear’ and have a tour round other locations used just outside of PJ too, so we got to see what life was like on the American roads too. After the tour i was honored to receive an invite to Fun World, to see the offices and building as a whole and even meet some staff there too, its a big place where there is much going on, and i was walking round with RJ being told information about areas and what they are used for etc.. it seemed like a dream.. Some may recall a picture i added onto the mask page temporarily of the Gold GhostFace bust, thats actually bigger than i thought it would be too.

Whilst in Port Jefferson also i did meet Joey Z who owns ‘Z Pita’ and most of the staff, who were ALL very friendly and always smiling and happy to be there, in the front entrance is RJ’s book sitting proudly greeting everyone as they arrive and even the staff have polo shirts with Ghostface printed on there and the book title with some blood.. i did manage to get a picture too of those. When it came to the end of the holiday it was a sad time as we had to go away from the place we had grown to love with the city and PJ, finally i could walk round various shops and come across GhostFace masks and other merchandise, and be on the same island as Fun World and also be minutes away from RJ’s favourite place to be, and for many others i think too as the locals of PJ we did meet said people would get the ferry to PJ on weekends and other holiday times because it was such a nice place. and i can vouch for that now too.

Fun World Mask in New Movie?

Well, another recent piece of news is that Fun World were in talks with Warner Bros about the use of a mask in an upcoming film, Twitter user and GhostFace fan ‘Josh b’ guessed correct that the movie ‘Horrible Bosses 2’ would be the movie to feature the mask, what mask? Well we font know yet, RJ Torbert will be updating us all soon hopefully via twitter.. Watch this space basically!

Recent tweet from RJ below..

As @Paradox_2015 guessed,FUN WORLD 2 have Mask in HORRIBLE BOSSES 2 w/Jennifer Anniston sched 4 FALL 2014 twitter followers will B 1st 2 C


With regards to the site as always it will be here, and hopefully will always be here as long as fans keep viewing it, one of the most common questions lately via the e mails here are WHERE to get a REAL Genuine Fun World GhostFace mask, some of these come from fans from all over the world that dont always have the easy access to stores who have lots of GhostFace stock or maybe not even a fancy dress/costume shop close by.. Normally i recommend Ebay and sites like it to get a mask (As some would have seen on the newer mask page) but these days not everyone always has, or has access to an ebay account, so with this in mind i have put forward an idea to help fans get the REAL DEAL GhostFace masks from this site, but at this time i am in progress with an enquiry about that and hope to do a good thing at the same time by putting the site to further good use with regards to helping out a charity. More on this will hopefully come soon. Another thing to stay tuned on here and to again, Watch this space!

So for now, i say Merry Christmas and Happy New year to all who visit here!
Stay safe, keep the drinking to a sensible level and have a good holiday with family and friends!

Tim (GhostFace)