Tori Spelling, David Schwimmer, Jennifer Jolie, Joey Garfield, Luke Wilson, Austin Croshere,
DIRECTOR Fred Rifkin
WRITER Jerry Rapp

The film based on Gale Weathers book “The Woodsboro Murders” Miss Weathers wrote a book on Maureen Prescott, not knowing that it was just the start of a killing spree that continued one year after Maureen Prescotts death, leaving many teens dead, few survived including Sidney Prescott, Randy Meeks, Deputy Dwight Riley, Neil Prescott and Gale Weathers from “Top Story”

Stab 2extras

Starring: Tori Spelling, Lori Thomas, David Schwimmer, Jennifer Jolie, Joey Garfield, Christine Hamilton, Michael Neithardt, Henry Young, Sharon Batton, Gale Weathers (cameo)
WRITER Will Kennison

With a real life Psycho acting out their own sequel at the premiere of “Stab” it resulted in sunrise studios Sequel continuing sidney Prescotts troubled life, now for the REAL Stab 2! Tori Spelling and David Schwimmer return again.

Stab 3extras

STAB 3: Return to Woodsboro
Starring: Cotton Weary (cameo) Angelina Tyler, Jennifer Jolie, Tyson Fox, Sarah Darling, Tom Prinze
Roman Bridger
WRITER Will Kennison

Sunrise want to make a more successful film and decide to make “Stab 3: Return to Woodsboro”, Enter Tom Prinze and Agelina Tyler, with Sarah Darling and Tyson Fox, a Cameo from Cotton sees the production having started, but the film never gets completed due to the cast getting killed off for real.

Stab 4 poster dvd prop

STAB 4 : Knife of Doom… “You can’t kill a mask!”
Starring: ?
Director : Cary Granat
Written by Julie Plec and Richard Potter

In a small California town of Woodsboro, Evil Lurkes. Most of the town’s folk are peaceful and quiet,However a murderer lurkes among them, Who is the salvage killer and what does he want? Is no one safe from this mysterious masked serial killer. A young group of students fight for their lives as it seems a fleeting effort.
Can anyone stop the killers frenzy. Who is the killer among them, will the quiet town of Woodsboro ever be quiet again.