Hello again, well finally its coming to the favourite time of year for me and im sure others… Halloween…flesh colour mask gf
As mentioned in the headline below this we have a ghost hunt coming up on Halloween night, and again this will feature GhostFace running about scaring many people with the help of Michael Myers and the
Fisherman too..

But what about this Flesh Coloured GhostFace mask?? Well, to help raise money as always RJ Torbert has sent over a special mask very similar to the Gold hooded mask as seen on the Masks page, both masks have back stories, and RJ promises to share the story of the Gold Hooded Flesh colour mask pretty soon.. this particular mask WILL be placed in an online auction to raise money for Charity… (Auction ended).

Tweets from RJ… on September 23rd..

One of a kind Ghost Face mask 2 B shown 2 twitter followers 4 first time anywhere later today.
2 B auctioned off in U.K. courtesy Fun World

Here it is ….one of a kind Ghost Face mask. .story behind this coming in interview next week.
To B auctioned in U K