Ok, first off, Hello again, the site hasn’t had an update for just over a month but this place is NEVER forgotten, i check this every day to see all is ok and on the forum too.. another thing i check out most the time is EBay..

Sadly many CRAPPY NON FW versions of the mask still exist but as reported previously we hope they will be gotten rid of in the future.. now, onto the main part.. there are certain Ebayer’s out there who would, and actually DO write anything to make a gullible person who doesn’t know masks well buy what they think is something special..

With reference to what i mean is the new 2011 “Ultra White” (as described by many a fan) masks.. These have a few nice characteristics… firstly, and most obvious, these are a bright white shiny vinyl, the mouths are matt black, the back of the chin is “Stampless”, the stamp is there on the inside of the mask to the diagonal top left of the left eye.. they also have an elastic strap inside… shrouds are the normal black stretchy material we have seen for many years now on previous versions.. NOT LIMITED in number these masks.. many a store and EBay seller have had these types over the last few months.. The seller on EBay describes these as “Ultra Hero” version, that he/she describes as the same production mold used in Scream 4’s “Hero” masks.. NOT TRUE!!

It also ISNT another “Collectors edition” of the mask.. and isn’t RARE as Hens Teeth! Many stores worldwide have these masks.. if buying off ebay always try and ask questions first about EXACTLY what you are getting..

Some sellers may have old tagged stock like the purple ASIS tag, aka 97 tag mask.. others would have new stock, remember it doesn’t cost anything to ask questions, if they dont reply then obviously they dont care too much about selling items, or are just plain bloody ignorant!! Sadly some are… Be careful out there, and remember that if it sounds too good to be true it normally is!! A smooth chin GhostFace® mask ISNT rare! Not in this case! Just make sure all purchased masks are FUN WORLD made and dont pay over the odds for what is a normal run mask! The seller in mind ALWAYS put his banter in huge fonts normally in RED, some are currently in a Blue colour.. STAY AWAY…