karnivalcsGhostFace Merchandise from KARNIVAL HOUSE COSTUMES in the UK…

Karnival Costumes is a UK based company in Rochford, Essex and provides many a costume for all sorts of occasions, not just GhostFace merchandise..
I highly recommend to view their site and see what you think, all the merchandise here is priced sensibly compared to many other sites i have viewed over the years.. and best of all, they dont charge a massive fee for shipping..

After talking to the owner of this company many times i CAN tell you that he wants what most of us UK fans want.. MORE GhostFace items over here for sale, instead of us all trying to get things from different countries because they are unavailable here… Only time will tell if it is to get easier.. Links below connect to items currently in stock over there, there have been many other items on the site before like the Scarecrow GhostFace and the 25th Anniversary Silver Mask, but they are now sold out , along with a few other items that he used to stock, such as the Collectors Editions costumes….