Well its been a while since any new Scream 5 news came about and to be honest im not holding my breath for the meantime, it looks as though we need a damn good writer and even if found the fans may disagree with the choice.. myself included. It looks as though there is more on a ‘Scary Movie 5’ than a Scream 5..

What else then??

Well recently i tweeted to Marielle Jaffe and got a response.. below..

@MarielleJaffe Hi Marielle, how’s about a ‘Hello’ to the uk’s Ghostface site!? 🙂 I know you and Ghostface didn’t get on, but please.. 😉

To which i got a response.. ‘@Ghostfacecouk Oh so NOW you wanna be friends?? haha Hi Ghostface and everyone in the UK!! Sending bloody Olivia hugs your way! :)) ‘

The conversation continued a little.. see my Twitter link for more and go to the date May 27th..

In other news us fans still wonder what’s around the corner for Ghostface, for a long time now RJ has kept up his cryptic tweets and has spoke of a big ‘project’ thats going on.. a possible announcement around late June or early July could see us all being told what it is exactly and put us all at ease. Only time will tell.

Also… something i should have mentioned a short while back when ‘Steffen’ told me about this.. (Deadraofficial on Twitter) yes, another new version mask.. this time ‘GhostFace Mummy’ …
Looks to be a fabric mask instead of the latex rubber.. only recently released and not many online at this time, on Ebay there are some listed but the postage is sadly too high just for one mask.. $35 too high.. then you add the price of the mask on to that!! Shocking to say the least.. the mask is on Fun World’s new site in the costumes category. The mask will be added to the mask page in the very near future.

And a small update… just in now.. After just speaking with RJ he told me he had been getting questions about the recent TV Series of Scream.. i post below his quote he sent to me..

“I’ve been asked many times in regard to the proposed T V series that was in media recently, I can confirm to U that Fun World has not been Approached or contacted as of this date and if Ghost Face were to be used–obviously , they would need our approval”. R J

So there we have it for those that wondered about it.. Straight from the man himself.. so at this time the TV series of SCREAM’ is just as it was when first reported.. Thanks to RJ for the info! Much Appreciated!

Thanks for reading.. Tim