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Tim Wagstaff
Films: Arnold Scream 1-5
Since buying a camcorder in late 1999 i have been filming since the start,it was a joint idea of Me,Carl,and mark to do a “Killing” in the phonebox in Woodborough all those years ago. We still film there to this day and will be back in woodborough for "Arnold Scream 5":Final Hours.


Mark Ridgway (Original Killer)
Films: Arnold Scream
Marko has been with us from the start up until about 2001-02,He was our First Killer because of how he walked and acted when in the costume,he was a “Silent but deadly!” type and always loved playing killer. He settled down with his Girlfriend “Tina” and moved to Bestwood! He last played Killer in 2004 in a Rare Scene in Woodborough!
He has recently got married in July 2008 and i went to his Reception,a "Mini Killer" is now with him and Tina and they both seem very happy! His Footage of his last kills in Woodborough will be appearing on here soon...


Kevin Bleasdale
Films: Arnold Scream 1,2,5

Cheese First appeared in filming not long after we started doing it in approximately 2000,everytime we filmed he was more or less the first person we would kill off or even put as killer once in a blue moon.He has now Settled and recently Married his long time Girlfriend “Amy”He lives just round the Corner from Mark in Bestwood! Likes his Filming!
He does return for the 5th film for one last round with Ghostface!


Jay Daniels
Films: Arnold Scream

Jay was with us at the early footage stages in Woodborough,with Kev Crampton as this was their first time filming in Woodborough.All did go well in his first scenes and we killed him off and buried him all in one night in Woodborough! Kev visited him and Put 2 Daffodils down at a Random grave that was meant to be his! He continued to come out filming with us most the time but we dont see him very often these days!


Kevin Crampton
Films: Arnold Scream

Kev Started his Filming in Woodborough by going to the pub with Jay and coming out minutes later to see Jay Disappeared. After his Appearance there he continued to come out with us and did quite a bit of filming over the years,most of the 6/7 hours of original filming has him in! He works still in Arnold and gives out Parking tickets quite often.One bloke he ticketed threatened to throw him off the top car park too!
Wanted him back in Filming for the 5th but i think a Can of beer and "Doctor Who" might keep him out of it!


Carl Noble
Films: Arnold Scream 1,2,3

With us from the Start! Noble was the one we called “Noble Speilberg” because of all the Different ideas he would come up with,and once you gave him the camera to film he would get more enthusiastic,he was first killed off after walking down a random driveway in Woodborough. He enjoys filming when he does come out and his Girlfriend has recently had a baby,I wanted him back for the fourth film but it didnt happen,he has recently phoned confirming he wants in on the last film.Still trying to find a good time to get him out..


Richard Burrows (Bacon Batty)
Films: Arnold Scream 1,2,4

Mr burrows first saw me at School years back and had a sister in my year! She was always in a mood so i wouldnt talk to her much,but her brother “Bacon” was more talkative! Everytime i saw him he had a pack of Smokey Bacon Crisps! After Leaving School i didnt see him and one night down in Nottingham years after i met him again when i met his Mate “Geeson”. Bacon has left his mark in Filming as being “Probably” the most killed off and loudest and wackiest Laugh in our history of filming! He wont be forgotten easily by many! He expressed more interest in appearing in "Final Hours" Only thing is that he forgot he died in Arnold Scream 4!


Daniel Geeson
Films: Arnold Scream 1-4

Geeson was a Stranger to me before i met Bacon again in Town one night.He was the owner of a Crappy old Fiat Uno! Geeson likes his cars but cant find one as fast as mine im afraid! He started filming in approximately 2001-02 maybe before i cant remember! He replaced “Marko” as the killer and proved to be a good fit for his new role! Over the years Geeson has gone from looking 12 years old to looking “Early 20`s” but he has had some good times as killer,he was ran over near Dakins house at approx 30 mph by me for a scene which he was unhurt! Recently he hasnt been out too often and has yet to appear in Arnold Scream 5,whether as a killer or a victim!! I hope he will be back again.


Daniel Millington
Films: Arnold Scream

Danny was an old mate of mine from school,I met Kev from knowing him and we all got jobs at the same place years ago. Danny always watched filming when we showed him our vids and thought they were funny or mad! We all moved in together at one point and did some random mess about filming before we started our Scream Filming. He didnt come out much when we did our Scream filming though as i think he was under the thumb with his mrs at the time!


Craig Greensmith
Films: Arnold Scream 2

Ive known Craig for many years since school but he never was around much when we did filming.
He also knows danny and another mate called Alan Blant!
I saw him recently and gave him his copy of "Arnold Scream 2" He has expresseed interest in returning for "Final Hours" with Noble.. These scenes have yet to be filmed and hes still wanting to be in "Final Hours"


Lee Barson
Films: Arnold Scream

Lee got to know me,danny,kev from when we all worked together years back, he moved in with us and it was a good couple of years while it lasted and he loves his booze! Trouble is his taste in cars!!
He had an old Peugeot 309,and a Renault Clio which he still has now! He is remembered by me at least for his Collision with a tree in Nottingham! Something he wont forget! Barson only came out filming once and then it wasnt for a long scene! He is still around these days and hangs around with kev most the time!


Gareth Brown
Films: Arnold Scream 1-5

Gareth was unknown to me until i met back up with Bacon again,he has a little brother called adam and two other brothers. He likes his cars and used to own a Renault 5 GT Turbo that was a Bright Green Colour and he didnt have a License of any sort when he did have it so his Mate “Jordo” had to drive it! Browny has been a regular in filming since about the same time as Geeson! He has been victim many a time to killer and now and again been the Killer! He Recently returned in "Final Hours" but due to how some filming in Ruddington went the scene wont be being used.More than likely to be used as a deleted scene in the "Arnold Scream,Behind the scenes" coming to the website after "Final Hours" is complete.


Adam Brown
Films: Arnold Scream 1-5

Adam is Younger Brother of Gareth,Known him a long time from Bacons Old street! Adam hangs around With Geeson and Matty and Jordo when hes about,he recently passed his driving test and makes it out to filming when he can! He Is ready for the 5th films continuing scenes and always says hello now and again on MSN. We WILL be seeing him soon again! Adam did return recently too with gareth but we may be getting both back again for another scene or two..


Michael Jordan
Films: Arnold Scream

First met him through Gareth and bacon,Came out filming a few times and used to own a red Civic!
Jordo is a quiet lad most the time and enjoys his footy training!
Rumor has it that he is “Well under the thumb” nowdays and i myself dont see him much!
Latest News is that Jordo is now married,i wish him well and hope hes very happy,i doubt he will be back for "Final hours" though!


Nadir Prabatani
Films: Arnold Scream

An old work mate of mine from Showcase Cinemas! Nadir was the Head Usher and was someone i would call for Backup if needed quite regular! He managed to come out filming down his own area just the once but im sure he will always remember it! We did a few Scenes down West Bridgford
one night and he met up with me and a few others and had a good night! He now works as a family solicitor in Arnold and seems to be doing very well! A Good mate when i do see him! He wants to return for the last film "Arnold Scream 5" His Scenes are yet to be filmed and may prove difficult as he is a busy lad with work and i cant even get him out for a visit to the pub!!


Nick Dakin
Films: Arnold Scream 1,2,3,4

Another Ex-Showcase member of staff, i met him there and he would do impressions of “Roz” from "Monsters inc" on a regular basis and often entertain us with his Magic tricks whether its his “Fire wallett”
Or a pound coin where you can push a pencil or cigarette through it! He has been filming for a long time now and was in the car when i ran over Geeson! Shortly after Geesons Run-over scene we killed Dakin off! He still comes out today though as has found love on “”! LoL .. He has recently helped with scenes in Arnold Scream 4.. He does appear when he doesnt see his mrs now and again! He should be appearing again to help us with the last scene in AS5..


Mr Davey
Films: Arnold Scream

A lad who knew Carl Noble and was with him one night when we went filming in Woodborough! Davey only did filming that night but i saw him now and again around Arnold and at Cheeses old house when he had it! He fell out With carl and isnt seen lots these days but still lives local!


Paul Crampton
Films: Arnold Scream

Brother of Kev, Paul loves his booze and Footy! He supports either Chelsea or Everton,Chelsea i think.
Hes always either at home or up at “The Eagle” pub with Danny or Kev and lee.He did come out filming years ago down at "Lime Lane" with danny,lee,and original killer..
Sadly he passed away on 15th January 2008 aged 30.. R.I.P Paul.
Soon a Special page will be coming online to continue the memory of Paul,everyone remembers him and will never forget him,and the internet will help with it too with a new page..


Phil Marsden "Shakey"
Films: Arnold Scream 2,3,4,5

Known Shakey a while now,Used to live with his Family in West Bridgford.
Hid dad looks like “Tom green” from Road Trip film! He has recently moved in with Eden in Arnold,both will be happy there im sure,and i continue to see him on the odd occasion,he has filmed his part for "Final Hours" He has recently helped out with scenes in the later scenes of AS5.


Films: Arnold Scream 1,2,3,4

A long time Best Mate of mine and i knew him just after his “Ruffian Years” by all accounts! Not with us from the Start but it wasnt long after that he started to do some filming with us! Eden Knows most of my old mates now thanks to Filming,loves his cars too,He has had,Seat Ibiza,
Vauxhall Nova,Vauxhall Astra,VW Golf,Honda Civic,Toyota Celica,and Now a Newer Golf which he loves!
As mentioned above he has now moved in with Shakey in Arnold.

Phil and SaraImage

Phil Whyman and Sara "Spooks"
Films: Arnold Scream 4 + 5 (Archive footage)

Known Phil since Late 2006 when i was going home from my grandmas one evening, Was nearing a junction and saw a face i thought i knew.. Pulled over and had a quick chat,he mentioned his Website and the fact that you could go on investigations with him,Went to an investigation and have been to more ever since! Met his ladyfriend Sara for the first time at "Breedon on the Hill" whilst he was filming with us on June 3rd! All in all it was a Brilliant day for it and a good scene was filmed.. I continue to see them both when i go on Paranormal Investigations! All going well we should see them both back for "Final Hours" in 2008!
I am still hoping to get these two back for the last fim,but Job circumstances are preventing me from ending it how i want to,they have both recently asked what was happening with the filming and at this point nobody knows,i continue to help with Paranormal Investigations with them when needed and will be seeing more of them whenever they come to Nottingham.


Mr Matty
Films: Arnold Scream 2,3

A mate of Adams, he came out one night in Woodborough and returned a couple of times down at the river and once again in Woodborough!
He has been out and about recently and did more scenes in Woodborough!
Sadly these scenes wasnt needed in the end though as the film would have gone on too long!


Chris "Donut" Tumbleweed
Films: Arnold Scream 2,3

Known Donut for a little While From Nottingham,He expressed some interest in filming and did quite a bit at Highfields but didnt end up going in the lake like some cast members did! He did the First Scenes that Lee and Shakey did there too and ended up being in two films,I still see him these days and he always asks“hows filming going”! His mate is apparently starting to do a horror film too and has watched my films,im wanted to be in it so im told!


Lee Chamberlain
Films: Arnold Scream 2,3,4,5

Lee has known me and others for a while now from down town and visits to hooters! He first appeared in Filming with Shakey at Highfields and seemed to enjoy it! He too likes his cars and has a Golf that has had its share of problems and sold me his old cavalier for the engine! A Good reliable lad for filming and has been out alot lately! He DOES return for the 5th film thankfully!
Still one of the most regulars in filming,Lees character has seen alot and hes always game for some fun off camera.Sadly hes bought another SHED of a car with now makes 2 Sheds!! One day he will buy something decent!! Maybe!


John Pearson
Films: Arnold Scream 1,2,4

Ive known John For years since going down Notts when the cruise Scene was more alive, He saw one of my old Novas and wanted to swap his for it! Lucky he didnt because mine turned out to have a rotten underneath! He came out filming when he could and was in quite a few scenes including some rare Newstead Abbey and Calverton and also Hucknall Filming.. He still comes out when he can and recently finished his part in Arnold Scream 4!


Matt Foster
Films: Arnold Scream 2,4

A younger Brother of one of my Ex-Girlfriends... Little Foster expressed interest in Filming a while ago but i never saw him much and he was always busy either watching or playing Football!
Hes a big Forest Fan and tries to get out when he can to do some filming!
Spoke to Foster recently and hes ok with doing more filming in "Final Hours" just need the right time to get him out!


Keira Welch
Films: Arnold Scream 3,4

Keira works at a famous Pub/Bar/Restaurant i cant mention on here beginning with the letter H! Ive known her for a few years and shes always been the same to me! More recently i have seen her alot more since i sent her a message saying i needed a sexy girl in filming! I didnt think she would
agree but she did which was a nice surprise! More recently she Had a big part in Arnold Scream 3 opposite Dakin! She returns for the fourth but does work ALOT of hours,Im afraid she wont be back for the 5th due to her having a back problem,hopefully she will be available for the second part of the continuing cast interviews though...


Lauren Fletcher
Films: Arnold Scream 2,5

Known Lauren a little while off my mates “Sexpesting” website.. We travelled 100 miles in one night just to get her in Filming as she was still waiting for her new car to get an engine in it at the time! She has only done one scene in the second film but seemed to enjoy herself! I see her now and again and she seems a busy girl these days but i hope to get her in filming again! A Recent phonecall confirms she can return for "Final Hours"
Lauren and her best mate Helena have done some filming for "Final Hours" Previously a scene with just the two of them was planned but i think they have done what they can for now,both now have Boyfriends and are busy girls..


Mark Lunn
Films: Arnold Scream 2

Known him for a little while from being on his Website!
Mark is an Electrician by trade and knows his stuff! He first came out Filming quite a while ago when i was filming the Beginning of “Arnold Scream 2” He was nervous i think but enjoyed himself! He was in a scene too at Highfields which wasnt planned but all in all a good lad!


Sarah Boff
Films: Arnold Scream 2,3

Younger sister of one of mine and Edens old mates “Steve” We have known her for quite a while now and she has finally passed her test and is driving a “51 Plate” Fiesta! She has recently been in Arnold Scream
2 and 3 ! She always phones and says hello often and WAS a regular on here on the forum!


Greg Derbyshire
Films: Arnold Scream 4,5

Greg is an old work colleague who worked with me in Hotels!
Hes not been in filming much but has a role in the 4th! He has done more Scenes for the 5th film and has recently moved to Bedfordshire for a new job! He comes up here often to see his dad and do some filming.He may be returning from Bedfordshire again soon in time for the last scenes of AS5 and continues to keep in touch and pop back to Nottingham now and again.

John RSImage

John RS
Films: Arnold Scream 3,4

Not known him long but hes a long time mate of Keira, She brought him along to filming one night when filming the 3rd film! He recently just got his car back on the road and has also got his “Door Person” license too..


Kim Torrington
Films: Arnold Scream 2,3,4

She lives Not far from Dakin and hasnt been in filming Much. She likes Cats and my friend Jane who had 2 of my kittens has known her for quite a while too! She looks after cats like they are her own and often rings saying that “Her Tabby” is ok and growing! She has only done a couple of scenes but enjoys it i think!!


Sam Chamberlain
Films: Arnold Scream 4

Sister of Lee! she hasnt been in filming much as we dont see her alot becasue she works at Skegness! She has only done one scene and seems to have enjoyed it! She has recently had a child and is doing ok.

Fly MikeImage

Michael Brindley "Fly Mike"
Films: Arnold Scream 4,5

Known him a little while mainly from Eden and Sexpesting Site! He gave me a few ideas and locations to use for the 4th film and one in particular we will be going back to!! He has a good role in the 4th and proves to be a “Godsend” for the 3 main cast! Mike is still going strong in the films,and his character is looking to be all talk at the minute,also a coin was tossed to decide the fate of his dodgy character to see if he would live or die,Obviously i wont reveal the result!!

BMW KevImage

Kevin Colton "BMW Kev"
Films: Arnold Scream 4,5

Known Mr kev since May 2007,He knows his car bits and is always asked for odd jobs on engines.he went to Germany in August 2007 and has just returned to us now (April 08) he had a part in the 4th film and filmed bits for "Final hours" before his departure.. now hes back he will return again alongside mike (above) as his apprentice to help get the killer either identified or killed off.He has recently done quite a bit of filming alongside Mike and Newcomer "Rach" and continues to appear throughout "Final Hours"


Films: Arnold Scream 4

Known for quite a while from the Cruise Scene in Notts!
AJ loves his cars like anyone else and loves to clean them and keep them well maintained! He did have a Very nice Cavalier and not too recently sold it and purchased an Audi! AJ hasnt been in filming alot and says hes too important to kill off!!! We will see! LOL

Rachel KirkImage

Rachel Kirk
Films: Arnold Scream 5:Final Hours

I have known "Rach" for a while now,mainly from the Sexpesting side of things,on countless times i kept saying we had to get her in filming,but it never happened,so one day i managed to stick to it,we got her a scene and carried on from there,she has been out a few more times since and is mainly in the second part of "Final Hours" I hope she returns for the sixth and last film.

Amy GilesImage

Amy Giles
Films: Arnold Scream 5:Final Hours

A similar situation with Amy too, i always said i wanted her to come into filming but her work hours and the filming days/times wouldnt always match,Recently she has been out and done a couple of scenes,she seems to enjoy it,but the weather here at this time prevents us getting her back out. Another girl i want back for the sixth film.

Helena BoothImage

Helena Booth
Films: Arnold Scream 5:Final Hours

Known helena from the Sexpesting side of things too,She's best mates with Lauren and loves to go to the car shows and SP events,originally we was supposed to be doing a scene with her and lauren together which was going to start off "Final Hours" and continue onwards to Shakey but it was delayed and we ended up getting her out with Lauren and Claire in Colsten Basset.She has a Cameo type role,but it would be good to see her back in the sixth too.

Claire PerrotImage

Claire Perrot
Films: Arnold Scream 5:Final Hours

Another stunner from the SP scene,known her a short while and never realised she went to school in Arnold all those years ago,after seeing her a few times out with mates i asked her to come into filming a few times also,we finally managed to get her out with Helena and Lauren with Lee in Colston Basset,was a cold night but it went well.She recently said she would return in the last film but we need the end of AS5 finished before anything else happens.

Gemma CollinsonImage

Gemma Collinson
Films: Arnold Scream 5:Final Hours

I met Gemma around Mid 2008,She was the first girl i remember to ask to be in filming,this came as a surprise seen as i had to fight to get them into it normally,anyway,we got her out and filmed a scene which she did quite well in,although when getting the footage on Pc the wind was overtaking everyones voices,the scenes were filmed again and she arrives in the second half of the film,wanted back for the sixth like most the others now.. I hope to see her in it.

Paul GrantImage

Paul Grant
Films: Arnold Scream 5:Final Hours

Met Mr Paul from the SP scene again (Met loads i know) He has been out a couple of times helping us out as a killer on some scenes seen as Mr Geeson is well under the thumb at present time,i intended for him to be introduced as another character but he is a busy chap and i try to get him out when i can. I hope he returns too for the last film.

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