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Camp Scream

Posted: Thu Apr 09, 2009 3:55 am
by Ghostface
By "Venomrox"

A group of kids meet at a camp called Camp Chidos.
It is a normal camp, full of fun and happiness, until some counselors start to disappear from the grounds.
Some kids sneak out one night to go searching.
They come to the conclusion that somebody doesn’t want them to be found.
Then, they begin to be attacked by a someone who is out for blood.
The kids soon realize that only they can save themselves and take revenge into their own hands.

Michael Bolten- Jared McPhelia
Alison Scagliotti- Melissa
Sam Lerner- Blake
Dylan Sprouse- Lance Campbell
Cole Sprouse- Harrison Campbell
Josh Hutcherson- Will McPhelia
Dylan Patton- Riley
Alyson Stoner- Sam
Emily Osment- Alex
Emma Roberts- Caleigh
Arielle Kebbel- Counselor Jamie
Dustin Milligan- Counselor Derek
Ryan Sypek- Counselor Evan
Diora Baird- Lifeguard Molly
Kelly Rowland- Counselor Nashae
Nick Cannon- Lifeguard Curtis
Steve Austin- Ex-Cop Hunter Dallas
Timothy Olyphant- Bryan Vernon
Amanda Thorp- Girl

Opening Scene

----Camera zooms in on the woods. The camera goes around it, showing us the scenery. We hear the sound of branches breaking, falling. Then we hear the sound of fast footsteps braking the sticks on the ground. Camera zooms in a little closer to the back of a girl running through the woods. She is running from someone. Camera goes to the ground as the girl runs over it, breathing heavy. Camera zooms in on the girl who is hiding behind a very tall tree----

Girl- Phew. I'm safe now.... at least I think I'm safe

---- The girl breathes another sigh of relief and piers quickly behind the tree and moves her face back behind the tree. Camera zooms in on her body----

Girl- Where is he?

---- The girl hears the sound of sticks breaking. Camera zooms closer to her face. She hears the sound of rocks being kicked away. The camera shows the girl's body shaking. She is looking frantically to her right and to her left and in front of her. Suddenly, the noise stops. The camera zooms in as she brings one hand to the other side of the tree. Then she slowly brings her body out into the open. The camera then moves around her in a circle fashion. She screams as the camera drops behind a hand holding a garden rake----

Girl- Noooooooo!!!

---- The girl begins running again and the man with the rake chases after her. The camera shows her pass a tree and then the man pass the same tree. The camera zooms in and moves with her running feet. Then we see her trip over a very big tree root. She falls to the ground hard. She slowly looks up. We see it through her eyes as the man is standing over her. Camera shows the girl with a look of fright on her face----

Man: Allow me to introduce myself; I'm Bryan.

Girl: Why are you doing this?

Bryan: You tell me

Girl: What do you want?

Bryan: Blood

----Bryan raised the garden rake. The girl screamed as Bryan sliced her stomach and chest open with one fatal swipe of the rake. The camera shows blood splatter all over a tree. The camera then zooms through the open window of a nearby house. The man inside, ex cop Hunter Dallas quickly turns his head to the camera after hearing the scream. He walks out his back door and looks around, still standing on the steps----

Hunter- Hello

----There is no answer----

Hunter- Is anyone out there?

---- There is no answer once again. Hunter walks back up the steps and takes one long last look before shuting the door. Camera goes back to Bryan. The camera is focused on him. He is staring down admiring his work. Then he walks out of view. Then, the camera goes to the feet of of the girl. We see as the her feet are slowly moving out of view of the camera. She is being dragged away. Then "CAMP SCREAM" splatters onto the screen in bloody letters----


Scene 2

Maria Canals (Mrs. McPhelia)

----Camera shows the sun rising and the sky lightening. The sun goes behind a tree. The camera moves in front of a 2-story house, the McPhelia home. The camera goes inside one of the rooms, Jared's room. Camera shows him laying in bed, not facing the camera----

Mrs. McPhelia (voice only): Wake up honey, breakfast!

----We see Jared roll over and open his eyes. He stares for a minute----

Mrs. McPhelia (camera on her): Come on!

Jared (voice only): Alright, alright! I'm up!

----We see Jared get up out of bed, wearing plaid boxers and a white tank top. He yawns then stretches. The camera is following him around the room. He walks over to the clock. We see it through his eyes. 8:10. Jared stretches once more and then walks over to his suitcase. He takes out a red COLE HAMELS baseball jersey and black gym shorts and lays them on the bed. We see the back of him now as he takes off his shirt and sticks the other one on. He then slips his black shorts on over the boxers. He closes his suitcase, picks it up, and walks out of view. Camera goes down to the kitchen where a woman is putting breakfast on the table. She puts a plate of pancakes in front of Will, Jared's younger brother----

Will: Thanks mom

Mrs. McPhelia: You're more than welcome, honey

----Will begins to cut his pancakes as Mrs. McPhelia puts Jared's pancakes in front of his seat. Then, we start to hear footsteps----

Will: Jared's coming

----Camera is on the staircase as Jared comes down it. He drops the suitcase in front of the door and goes to his seat. He and his brother begin eating their pancakes----

Jared: These are amazing!

Will: Yeah I know

Mrs. McPhelia: Thank you. So, are you guys excited about camp?

Jared: Kinda

Will: I hear that they're gonna have sports contests and a trampoline that you can jump on into the lake

Jared (with a mouth full of pancakes): How far away is the camp?

Will: I think like a half hour

Jared: I'm happy that this is a all-summer sleep away camp. I can be with my friends again

Mrs. McPhelia: Don't talk with your mouth full

----We see Jared roll his eyes. He swallows his food and sighs. Will gets up and puts his plate in the sink. Camera shows from a side angle that Will has filled a cup with water. He begins to drink it. Since he's a little clumsy, he dropped the cup and water spilled on his blue "Thursday" band shirt, plaid shorts and his Airwalk slip-ons. We this all happen from a floor view----

Will: Great

Jared: Nice one, slick

Will: Shut up

----We see Will's hand grab a rag and wipe his outfit down. Camera is on Jared, with Will still in the picture as they hear a horn beep----

Jared: That's the bus

----Will drops the rag and heads over to the door with his brother and they pick up there suitcases.

Mrs. McPhelia: See you guys in 2 months

Will: Okay

----The brothers run out the door to the bus. We see this through Mrs. McPhelia's eyes. Then the camera switches to the path and we see Mrs. McPhelia wave one last time to the boys. Jared glances back and waves then gets on the bus. We see through Mrs. McPhelia's eyes as the boys take their seats in the back and the bus drives off----

Scene 3

----Camera zooms in on the bus as it passes a long line of trees. Camera goes to Jared who is starring out the window. He is gazing off into the distance----

Will: Hey

Jared: What?

Will: Are you excited about camp?

Jared: Yeah, but I'm so tired. I was out at the movies with Cole, Travis, Myles, Aidan, and Nick till 12

Will: It looks like you didn't get your beauty sleep last night

----Jared slaps his brother on the shoulder----

Jared: You're such a retard, Will

Will: I'm your little brother. It's my job

Jared: Anyway, do you know how much longer it'll take to get there?

Will: I think about a half hour

Jared: Oh well

----On that note, they stopped talking and both started to stare out the window. Camera goes to Will's face; then Jared's. We see Jared's eyes closing and opening. Closing and opening, closing and opening, trying to stay awake. Finally, his eyes closed. It seemed that only a minute went by until he was hit in the back with one of his brother's suitcases----

Will: Wake up sleeping beauty. We're here

----Jared's eyes opened as his brother continued down the aisle. He quickly got up, grabbed his suitcases and went down the aisle. We see as his body disappears down the stairs. Camera goes to Will. We see Jared get off the bus in the background. Will is starring up at the sign. CAMP CHIODOS. Then, the two brothers began to follow a large group of campers down a steep hill. They went past a huge forest, a lake and went over a bridge as they came to a stop in front of the administration cabin. Off to the left stood a big group of counselors and camp staff all talking to each other. Then, the administrator came out of the cabin----

Administrator: Welcome to Camp Chiodos!

----Everyone started to clap and things like yeah and woo-hoo----

Administrator: Some of you may have come here before, some may not, but my name is Kurt Thomas, and I'm the administrator here. Over there is your camp counselors and staff. Say hi

Everyone: Hi

----The counselors turned their heads and waved----

Kurt: Now after I'm finished talking, you will form and orderly line so you can come in and get your camp schedule and cabin number

----After he finished, everyone rushed to get on line. Camera is on Will and Jared who are close to the front----

Jared: I don't think they'll put us together this year like 2 years ago

Will: Why?

Jared: Cause we're brothers. They normally don't put siblings in the same cabin. But I don't really care

Will: Me neither

----Camera is on Kurt as he is handing everyone their schedules and cabin numbers. Then, he looks up. Camera goes to Jared----

Kurt: Ah, the McPhelia brothers. Nice to see you boys here again

Jared: Thank you

----Jared grabs his schedule and goes out the side entrance. Camera is on Jared's cabin number. B14. His brother comes out behind him. They start walking behind the cabin and go up the hill. They come to the top and start going down it. Then, they both come to a stop in front of Jared's cabin. Camera zooms in on B14----

Jared: I guess this is my cabin

Will: You're so lucky

Jared: Why?

Will: Because you're near the water

Jared: But you can't swim

Will: So? I still like it cause it looks awesome in the morning and at night. Last year I was in B2, all the way down there where I had a great view. This year I'm stuck in B29. (We see him starring at his paper)

Jared: So? I was in B19 last year. They had ant problems

Will: Well, I gotta go. I'll see ya later

Jared: Bye

----We see Will run up the hill and go past the hill they came down and finally he disappeared from sight. Jared then went up the steps, opened the door and went into his cabin----

Scene 4

----Camera is on Jared as he walks over the threshold. Camera then zooms in on his face as he is looking around at the cabin. Camera shows two other boys, about the same age as Jared, unpacking their stuff. Blake was wearing a light blue shirt and jeans while Riley was wearing a white tanktop with jeans----

Jared: I guess you guys will be my roomies for the next 2 months

Blake: I guess so. I'm Blake and this is Riley (points at him)

Riley: Hey

Jared: Hey

Riley: Have you been to Camp Chiodos before?

Jared: Yeah. Me an my brother come here every year for camp. He's staying in B29

Riley: Oh cool

Blake: Where are you from?

Jared: Philadelphia but I just moved to Huntington, Long Island 2 years ago

Blake: I'm from Amityville so I'm pretty close

Riley: Same here. I live 4 blocks down from Blake's

Jared: Have you ever been to that haunted house that people always talk about?

Riley: Yeah. It's pretty creepy.

----There was a moment of silence. Jared began to look around again. He walked over to a bunk bed and layed his stuff on the lower bunk. He started to unpack his stuff. Blake and Riley went over to their bunk and started to unpack again. Everyone started hanging things up on the walls----

Jared: I guess you guys wanted to decorate too.

Blake: Yeah. I really want to win Best Decorated Cabin this year. My cabin came in 4th last year so I really want to win.

Riley: Yeah and my cabin came in 1st so ha ha.

Blake: Screw you, Riley

----Riley smirked and continued what he was doing. Jared hung a Flyleaf poster on the wall beside his bunk. Camera is on him as he hangs a Cole Hamels poster on the other side of his bunk. He takes out a poster of Breaking Benjamin and hangs it above the top bunk. Camera goes to Blake as he hangs a Boston Red Sox pennant above the top bunk (his) of another bunk bed which he and Riley shared. He jumps down annd grabs a Bullet For My Valentine poster. Camera follows him as he hangs the poster next to the door. Riley then takes out 2 Mets posters, a Linkin Park poster and an AFI poster and hangs them around the room----

Blake: Why'd ya bring so many?

Riley: Because these are the posters that helped us win last year, retard

Blake: Like I said before; screw you

----Camera switches to a first person view. The person is watching the boys from the window. Camera goes to the ground as we see hiis legs and lower torso. He reaches for his pocket and pulls out a knife as the camera zooms in on it----

----Camera then switches to Will's cabin. He is talking with his roommates. Camera is on Will----

Will: I can't believe we got stuck in the same cabin

----Camera switches to Harrison----

Harrison: Yeah I know. I was hoping I was going to be with you and my brother

----Camera switches to Lance----

Lance: This is so great. I really wanted to be with you guys. For the next 2 months, I get to have non-stop fun with my brother and my best friend.

----Camera swtches back to Harrison----

Harrison: I had it the worst last year. I was with Freddy who annoyed the heck out of me. I was with Wade who kept acting like a baby and I was with Emilio who kept bothering me with his scientific facts and randomness.

----Camera switches to Will----

Will: I had it the best. I was right on the water and I was with Taylor, Dylan, and Ben. It was so cool.

----Camera is going around the room to look at the decorations that they already put up. We can here the boys still talking but it is too unclear for us to make out the words. Camera zooms in on a New York Jets poster. Then it switches to a Chamillionaire poster next to Will's bunk. We see a couple more posters but the camera isn't on them for long enough to tell what they show. Camera swtches back to Lance----

Lance: I have a feeling this going to be the best summer ever

----Camera goes to Harrison, then Will; both smiling----


Scene 5

----Camera is on Will, Lance, and Harrison. They suddenly hear a strange noise coming from the outside. Camera is on Lance as he starts walking towards the door. Suddenly, a teenager bursts through the door, knocking Lance over----

Evan: Sorry about that, camper

----Camera is on Evan. Then camera switches to Lance as Evan pulls him up----

Harrison: Who are you?

Evan: I'm your camp counselor, of course. What are your names?

Lance: I'm Lance, that's Harrison (points to him)

Will: And I'm Will

Evan: Great. I'm gonna be your camp counselor for the next 2 months. If you need any help with anything, I'm your guy

Will: Thanks

Evan: Well boys you better get your suits on and meet me down at the lake 'cause were goin' swimming

----Camera is on Will as he sighs----

Evan: What's the matter Will

Will: I can't swim very well

Evan: Come down to the lake anyway. You can just stick your feet in the water

----Camera then switches to Jared's cabin. Camera is on the 3 boys with their bathing suits on----

Jared: So you're gonna be our counselor for the whole summer?

----Camera is on their counselor, Derek----

Derek: Well I would think that you camp vets would know the drill by now

Jared: Well I'm just saying that because my counselor last year, Colin, left in the middle of July because he had to get his appendix taken out

Derek: Well I guess you know now (chuckles)

Riley: Yeah I guess so (chuckles)

Derek: So are you guys ready to go for a cool swim?

All: Yeah!

----Camera is on them as they wlak out of the house, all standing next to each other. Camera then veers off and starts going through the woods. It finally stops in front of one of the girls cabin, G9. Camera goes through one of the windows and shows a group of girls with their counselors. They are all wearing bathing suits. Camera switches to Alex----

Alex: I thought you normally only get one counselor

----Camera switches to Counselor Nashae----

Nashae: Well ya lucky; 'cause you got two of em

----Camera switches to Counselor Jamie----

Jamie: There were a few less campers then last year so some cabins had to have 2 counselors

----Camera switches to Sam----

Sam: I think 2 is better 'cause you get to have more fun

----Camera switches to Caleigh----

Caleigh: Yeah. What are we going to do at the lake?

----Camera switches to Nashae----

Nashae: Well, for those first year campers, we go down their and take a swimming test. Then, you can do whatever you want like a free swim, water tag....

----Camera switches to Jamie----

Jamie: Or you jump on the water trampoline. That's new. My dad just bought that for the camp. Nobody's tried it out yet so you girls will be the first

Alex: That is so cool

Sam: Yeah I know

Caleigh: Hey are you coming?

----Camera zooms in on a girl sitting on her bed, holding a book in her hand----

Melissa: Yes I'm coming. But I can't believe I got stuck with girls 2 and 3 years younger than me

Caleigh: Well how old are you?

Melissa: 16

Nashae: Come on Melissa; quit your whining and come down to the lake with us. It'll be really fun. You did this last year and you wound up having a great time

----Camera is on Melissa as she breaks a smile----

Melissa: Okay, fine (starts to laugh)

----All of the girls walk out together. Camera is on the same figure who was standing outside of Jared's cabin. He has an evil grin on his face. He ebgins to laugh, a strange but horrible laugh----

Scene 6

Ashanti (Ali)
Adam Brody (Craig)

----Camera is on the lake as fog is coming up from it. Camera then switches to the campers who are all standing by the lake. The counselors are standing together off to the side. Camera then switches to the 2 lifeguards, Molly and Curtis. They are sitting on their chair that overlook the lake. Camera is on Nashae as she walks over to Curtis' side of the chair----

Nashae: How you doin baby? I haven't seen you in so long.

Curtis: Well yall be seein a lot more of me now that i'm the lifeguard here

Nashae: Yeah. Maybe we could get some alone time here sometime

Curtis: Baby I can't talk now. I'm on duty

----Camera is on Curtis as he jumps down from his post and Molly does the same. They go in front of the campers----

Molly: Excuse me. Campers. You need to stop talking and listen to us

----No one seems to be paying any attention----

Curtis: Molly said be quiet! (blows whistle)

----All the campers immediately stop and face forward----

Curtis: Thank you

Molly: Hi. My name is Molly and that is Curtis. We are the lifeguards here. Now, we are going to take some swimming tests and then you can do whatever you want

----Camera switches to Jared. He keeps staring in the direction of one of the girls, Melissa. Blake taps him on the shoulder. He turns around. We here Curtis explaing the rules in the backround but we cannot make out what he is saying----

Blake: You see him?

Jared: Who?

Blake: Up in the woods

----They both turn and see a big and tall man watching them from the woods----

Blake: That's Hunter Dallas. He's an ex-cop

Jared: Why is he here?

----Riley quickly interjects----

Riley: He's convinced that he saw and heard someone get murder a couple of days ago

Jared: Hm. Wierd

Blake: Yeah

----The three boys then turn back to the lifeguards. Camera is on Molly----

Molly: The girls will come with me and the boys will go with Curtis

----The boys and girls split up. Camera switches to the woods. We see 2 camp counselors walking by----

Craig: What are they doing after this?

Ali: How am I suppost to know?

Craig: Not sure felt like asking

Ali: Your shoe's untied

Craig: You go ahead. I'll tie this

Ali: Whatev

----Camera shows Ali as she keeps going, down the hill and towards the other counselors. Camera then switches to Craig as he is tying his shoe. The killer then walks up in front of him----

Craig: What?

----The killer remains still----

Craig: Seriously. What do you want?

----Suddenly, the killer pulls Craig up by his shirt and slits his throat. Blood begins to gush out. The killer drops him. He then begins to drag him out of view. Camera then switches to Ali who is now standing next to Jamie----

Jamie: Where have you been all day?

Ali: Craig and I got stuck in traffic this morning. There was a huge accident

Jamie: So where is he?

Ali: Craig is just tying his shoe

Jamie: So where is he now?

----Ali looks up into the woods to see that Craig is not there----

Ali: Hm. I'll go get him

----Jamie sighs and turns back to watch the kids swim. Camera switches to Ali as she reaches the top of the hill----

Ali: Craig, where are you?

----No answer----

Ali: Come on. Come out, come out where ever you are.

----Still no answer----

Ali: Stop with the games. They're getting really annoying

----She walks forward and slips in a large pool of blood. She gets up and her eyes widen with fear. She is covering her mouth in shock to keep from screaming. Suddenly she starts to be dragged by Craig's killer away from the open space into the more crowded area of trees.She keeps screaming, but no one can hear her. Camera is on her as she is pinned against a tree----

Ali: What the hell. What are you doing?

Bryan: I'm going to kill you

----Before Ali could scream for help, she gets stabbed in the chest and immediately dies because the blade had pierced her heart. She drops to the ground. Then she is dragged away. She is dragged to the middle of woods. She is dragged into a small shack and her body is thrown next to Craig's and the girl's body that he had killed a couple of days before----