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Michaels Treatment 2

Postby Ghostface » Sun Dec 05, 2010 10:19 pm

Its no longer on the webpages but it is here...........


Scream 4 Treatment # 2

By Michael T. Kennedy


Sami and Rachel discuss a homework assignment concerning their English class and a book about Nostradamus and how it relates to today (nice jab at some famous “psychics”). As they speak, call waiting chimes in and both of them are now at the mercy of the voice that has been instilled in Sidney Prescott’s dreams for ten years. As he toys with the two of them, each not knowing who The Killer’s true target is, they try to calculate their escape from the perspective homes. Rachel escapes thinking she is safe but dies at the hands of Ghostface along with her boyfriend.

Sidney Prescott is on her way home from a meal with Gale and Dewey Riley. Here we learn that Sidney has finally beaten her ghosts. She is happier, fresher, single and loving it. She thinks her full release from her former life will come to her on the night of graduation where she is set to speak, coinciding with her 15 year class reunion. Her new life is not all roses being that her father suffered a mental breakdown after the attacks at Sunrise and now resides in a psych ward to combat his demons. We also find out that she is a Guidance Counselor at Woodsboro High School. We learn that Dewey and Gale are married and the parents of 2-year-old Tatum Riley. Dewey does crime scene investigation for his former employer, the Woodsboro Police Department. Gale is the lead anchor for KNVN 24, the # 1 news team in the Chico, CA area.

As they make their way to Sid’s house, the area is swarming with police and investigators. Sidney lives right next door to Sami and across the street from the first victim, Rachel. As she arrives reporters besiege Sidney, most notable Piper, the self-proclaimed nemesis to Gale Weathers (still her work name). And she notices Hank Loomis, father of the late Billy Loomis, is at the scene. As she is asked question upon question Gale turns from trusted friend to ruthless reporter.

The next morning Sidney arrives at the high school to a similar atmosphere that took place fifteen years ago. Reporters this time talk about Columbine and homegrown terrorism even though there is no connection (a slam to today’s cable news and network news and the unwarranted spread of fear). People talk of a copycat and how they knew this would eventually happen after Sidney returned to her roots 5 years ago.

Piper waits patiently to the side with her cameraman Toby. All other reporters storm toward Sami as she arrives on campus. But Piper knows that the real story is with Sidney Prescott. All others run from Sidney to avoid contact but Piper pounces on her like a cat. After a confrontation between the two Sidney is saved by Dewey.

In her office Sidney begins to question Dewey about Gale’s methods but they are halted by several parents that storm the office in anger over her being a part of the community again (a nice joke is thrown in here about how the principal has sprung town after the murder to avoid a fate similar to Principal Himbry). Another counselor, Owen Chambers, enters distracting the parents while Dewey takes her to Owen’s office...Owens first act of chivalry for his crush.

Sami arrives to her first class. Police almost immediately call her in to question her. Deputy White, along with Sheriff Burke and Owen, acting principal for the day, asks her a few questions about last night’s events. We find that her parent’s are out of town with her sick grandmother and that her brother just came home from college but went somewhere with friends.

Sidney sits in a room alone with Sami. Sidney wants to know her. She sees a younger version of herself in Sami’s eyes. Sami is like glass...she won’t break. Finally she speaks. Sami’s mom is dead too. Right after the revelation Sami’s boyfriend Robby enters. He hasn’t spoken to her since before last night. They hug and leave the room.

Sidney enters Owen’s office. She maintains her composure and the only thing she wants to know is why Gale betrayed her. Gale enters and Sidney and Gale rekindle their old relationship via some choice words. Gale states she has a child to feed while Sidney thinks Gale has an ego to feed. Sidney then blurts out that her mother died. They all know this but she responds...not hers, Sami’s. All the commotion ceases when Gale gets a call from her station...a website is playing the murder live on the Internet...The Killer taped his first conquest.

Sami, Robby, her friend Hattie and her boyfriend Zack eat lunch and discuss the murder and its effects on their local society. Zack talks of the hysterics of the first murder fifteen years ago and how most kids went about their lives but in today’s society if you bring a butter knife to school with your lunch you are placed on a terrorist watch list. Sami doesn’t find this amusing and asks him where he was last night. He reminds himself that if this was a movie himself and Robby would be the prime suspects.

Sidney arrives at home during sunset to find Hank Loomis standing on her doorstep and knocking on her front door. Sidney immediately steps to get back into her car when Hank notices her presence. She reluctantly talks to him. They talk of his son and wife through a heated exchange. Sidney does not trust Hank as far as she can throw him. Hank nearly threatens Sidney while she motions for some of the investigators for help from next door. Her calls go unnoticed and Hank disappears.

Gale is in her office watching the murder over and over again from her computer. Her co-anchor Michael and her boss, Ian, chat about their theories. Gale laughs at their elementary take on the new Ghostface Killer.

Sidney sets herself down at her desk and turns on her computer. Her phone rings. Dewey calling, checking in of course. They speak quickly and Sidney gets back to work. She checks her email and finds one from Gale. She opens the email. A grainy video appears. It slowly pans back revealing Sami alone in her house. It follows her wherever she moves around the house. Suddenly Sidney’s phone rings. It is him. The voice that haunted for years...it is back. She turns to the video, slowly moving closer to Sami. The killer taunts Sidney, talking of her and Sami’s similarities. Sidney immediately hangs up and calls Sami’s house. No answer. The phone rings immediately, the voice is back. The killer taunts her a bit further when Sidney turns to the computer and notices a date flashing on the computer - May 28, 2010 – LAST YEAR! Sidney looks all around her when one of the investigators from next door comes crashing through her glass door. He is very dead. Sidney sprints to the front door, swings it open and is face to face with Ghostface. He takes a swing. Sidney ducks under and slams the door on the killer as he attempts to enter the house. She sprints over the dead, the killer in hot pursuit. She runs out of the house through the broken door and to her backyard. She screams for help, turns around...the killer is gone. She sprints around to Sami’s house and runs into Hank Loomis. She pushes him and turns in the other directions running into two policemen. She tries to break free while screaming about Hank Loomis.

Sidney sits in an ambulance as Dewey arrives. He checks on her when Piper arrives with her cameraman. They hound Sidney but the police prevent contact. Sidney fights off other reporters that have been milling around since Rachel’s murder. She gets in Dewey’s cruiser and they are off.


Dewey arrives in Gale’s office. She’s still is in discussion with Ian and Michael over the video. Dewey tells them about the attack on Sidney and that the sheriff has implemented a 9 o’clock curfew. She immediately gets up to leave with Dewey when Ian stops her. She tells him how Sidney needs her and that’s he has to be there. Ian says that she has to go live, now, with an update about the curfew. Gale is torn between the two and ultimately chooses her job.

At the station Sheriff Burke talks to Hank Loomis in the same manner he did to Billy fifteen years ago.

Sidney sits with Dewey and Deputy White. They are talking casually about what happened but White slowly turns it into what is almost an interrogation. White asks her who she thinks it is, finding a way to turn every person she knows into a suspect, including her ill father. Sidney storms off while Dewey follows. She asks him where Gale is although she really knows.

Gale is giving the live feed from the anchor desk about the new events. She turns the story over to Michael. She watches the teleprompter waiting for her turn to speak. She looks down at her notes and up again. A screen behind the camera crew starts playing a feed of Sidney’s attack. The killer taped that one as well. Gale looks all around the studio, up at the control room and just in case, behind her. She realizes that the stage is silent. Ian is motioning for her to speak. She looks at the teleprompter and begins to read her lines. Suddenly across the teleprompter it reads: YOU’RE DEAD. Gale freezes, she looks toward a back exit door and sees Ghostface leave the studio. Gale jumps from her seat and over the desk screaming she saw the killer. Ian and others grab her and try to maintain her during live television.

Dewey gets a call about Gale. Dewey, Sidney, and Deputy White head to the news station (Dewey has his own rival in Deputy White).

Sami, Zack, Robby, and her friend Hattie watch another local station break the news regarding Gale weathers. Hattie rushes Sami to pack her things so they can get back to her house. Robby mentions that they should sneak out and have a party at the abandoned Macher house. Hattie brings him back down to reality and says, “While we’re at it why don’t we go explore the old Myers House in Haddonfield or watch that tape that kills you in seven days”. The phone rings and Hattie answers. Zack and Robby motion to them that they are leaving. She gives the phone to Sami. It’s her brother. Sami grabs the phone finding out that it is him, The Killer. She immediately runs to her front door and looks down the road. Not a cop is in sight.

At the station they find Gale in an office with Ian, Michael, and the station security officer. Gale is in a panic like we have never seen before. Not because of the killer was there but because of how she acted on television. Gale tries to convince everyone she was not crazy. Sidney believes her and just by a look in each other’s eyes their minor feud is over. They discuss the return of Hank Loomis and then Sidney tells Dewey her dad has been released. Dewey can’t believe she didn’t tell him sooner or the police. They bicker like real brother and sister. White threatens Sidney for withholding information. Dewey gets a call from Sheriff Burke. Hank Loomis has been released. Ian remembers the name Loomis...he was tipped about the website playing Rachel’s murder by a Billy Loomis. Sidney thinks only one thing...Hank. And then she remembers Sami.

Owen sits in his office with two parents trying to convince them to stay in town. We find out that many parents are taking this action for precaution. They don’t want more dead teens like fifteen years ago. The parents storm out over the indifference leaving Owen alone. His phone immediately rings, caller ID registering Neil Prescott. He answers. He now comes in contact with the voice Sidney has so fervently described to him. The killer taunts Owen, repeatedly calling him Himbry. The killer taunts him, knows about his love for Sidney. Suddenly the killer hops out of a closet. Owen immediately takes a swing, somehow connecting, and knocks the killer to the ground. He runs out of his office and to a set of exit doors. No luck, they are chained on the inside. The killer steps out of Owen’s office, looks down the hall. Owen is gone.

Two cop cars speed down Sidney’s street and pull into Sami’s driveway. Gale, Dewey, and Sidney hop out of Dewey’s car and Deputy White hops out of the other. They rush into the house. No one is around. Sami appears from behind a chair in a dark room. They all jump, startled. She rushes to them crying. She yells for Hattie to come out. No response. They begin to panic when a crashing is heard at Hank Loomis’ house. White checks it out. Sami screams for Hattie. No luck. The gang manages to pull Sami to the front porch and out of the house. They pull Sami to Dewey’s car when Sidney notices all of his tires have been slashed. They rush to White’s car. It is locked and he is nowhere to be found. Sidney gets a buzz on her phone. She has a video message. She hits play and it is a video of Owen being chased through the school as it happens. The Killer slams his head between two doors until it is a bloody pulp. Suddenly, Hattie appears at the front door asking if they are safe. As she finishes a knife comes crashing through her back and out her stomach. Sidney looks at her phone then up at the door. She now knows there are two killers roaming the town of Woodsboro.

They all run down the driveway and into the street towards a car rushing down the road. The killer follows as the car comes closer. Gale turns around and sees that the killer is gone but Deputy White is there. The car stops at them. It is a police cruiser. The officer gets out. Piper and her cameraman arrive just in time.


Sidney, Dewey, Gale, Sami, Piper, Toby, Deputy White, and Sheriff Burke sit in a large conference room. Insults and accusations are strewn about. Sidney looks at all the victim’s posted on a corkboard. Burke lets Sami know that her dad is taking the next plane from Boston back home. Two officers are eyeing Loomis and that Neil Prescott is nowhere to be found. Piper is surprisingly quiet until she chimes in about Sidney’s mother. Sidney lets loose on her. Gale and Dewey are taken aback but like what they see.

Gale then notices the victims. There is a pattern. The victim’s are dying in the same order as those killed by Billy Loomis and Stu Macher. Rachel and her boyfriend are this killer’s Casey Becker and Stephen Orth, Owen fills in for Himbry, and Hattie – a blow to Dewey’s heart – is this killers Tatum. Piper makes a joke that Toby, her cameraman, is next. Then Deputy White has a morbid thought for the group. Is this killers Sidney, Sidney, or is it Sami?

Sheriff mentions that Dewey, Gale, Sami, and Sidney are being taken to a safe house. Piper and Toby can head back to their lives. Sami watches as they all leave the room and asks Sidney to stay. Sidney sits down and waits for Sami to speak. Sami confides in Sidney. Sami knows this is about her and not Sidney. He’s going after her and her friends, not Sidney. Sami thinks what happened to Sidney and Gale was a way for the police and everyone to take their focus off of her. That the killers knew that’s the way everyone would react. She talks about the connections. She asks Sidney “Why Rachel? I barely knew her. We only talked because we sat next to each other in English class”. Sidney tells her about her past and how the killer is copying everything down to the finest detail. Casey Becker sat next to Sidney is English class. She pushes Sami to tell her what happened to her mom. There has to be a bigger connection. Sami finally cracks. Her mom died when she was 2. May 29, 1995. The same day as Sidney’s mother Maureen. Sidney wants to know how. Sami tells her suicide, took all of her sleeping pills. Sidney tells her it was murder. Sami panics, calling Sidney a liar. Sidney tries to explain that was the same day her mom was murdered. Whether it was Billy Loomis & Stu Macher or Roman she knows that is no coincidence. They killed her mother, too.

News crews cover the entire area outside the front of The Woodsboro Police Station. Piper and her cameraman position themselves outside the back door. Dewey and Deputy White exit with Sami, Sidney, and Gale. Piper immediately lays a barrage of questions on Sidney and Sami. She throws an insult at Gale and, on camera, practically lays the blame on all of the occurrences on Sidney’s mom. In an instant Sidney slams her fist across Piper’s left cheek, followed immediately by Gale laying a blow on Piper’s right. Piper falls back into her cameraman. Dewey mentions déjà vu to Sidney and tells Gale to watch herself.

Two vans drive down the street. In the first van Deputy White drives with another officer and in the van behind them an officer escorts Sidney, Sami, Gale, and Dewey. They discuss everything. Sidney begs Sami for more information. She won’t budge. Suddenly the van in front of them swerves back and forth in the road. They all notice and the officer driving their van calls for White on the CB. No answer. The first van comes to a halting stop in the middle of the road. The officer in Sidney’s van stops their van. He mentions for them to stay in the car. He gets out and slowly walks to the White’s vehicle with his gun drawn. He gets to the car and sees that White and the other officer have been killed. He screams to the others that they are dead. He slides open the side door and aims his gun inside. The other door across from it is open as well. The killer jumps from in front of the van and kills the officer. Sidney hops in the driver’s seat and goes to drive. The keys are gone. The just killed officer has them. They barricade themselves in the car, Dewey drawing his gun. They look around. The killer is gone. They look around outside the van. No one. Suddenly the window next to Dewey breaks and the killer pulls him out of the car. He lays blow upon blow with the knife on Dewey. Gale freezes while Sidney and Sami pull her from the car. The killer grabs Gale and pulls her inside the van. Sidney and Sami sprint down the street. The killer chases them down the street in the van while Gale lies lifeless in the backseat. Sidney and Sami run in zigzags to avoid the van when Gale jumps from the backseat causing the van to careen off the road and into a woody area.

Sami notices a house lit up through the woods. Sidney and her run to the light. Sidney notices where they are running. Stu Macher’s house. Sidney tries to get service on her cell with no luck. They run into the house to find Robby and Zack passed out in a drunken stupor. Sami slaps Robby waking him up while Sidney throws water in Zack’s face. The mention that one was there and the other must be around. Out of nowhere a knife comes flying though the air impaling Zack’s head. Sidney runs to the front door while Robby and Sami run toward the back door.

The killer cuts them off. They bolt to the steps and upstairs. The killer makes it to the top to find no one around. He disappears into a bedroom. Sami sees this and comes out of another room, as does Robby from another. Sami asks is he’s gone when The Killer appears behind Robby, grabs him, and throws him through the stained glass window that lies over the front door and to his death. Sami sprints down the stairs and meets Sidney. They move a bookcase that blocks the front door and step outside. After a long chase of cat and mouse between them and the killer they find themselves in the kitchen where Piper is standing. She puts a voice changer to her mouth saying, “surprise ladies!”. They are both stunned. Then Sidney’s father comes crashing through a door, his mouth, wrists, and ankles bound. Piper and Sidney have some choice words. Piper explains how she creates her stories and used this one to cash in the way Gale did just as Gale appears. Piper “Hi, Gale”. Sidney is dumbfounded. She thought she killed the second killer. Piper tells her she is wrong. That the second killer is there.

Is it Gale, her father, Sami? Sidney is in dire straits. She has no control and begins to cry. She begs for them to kill her. That with her alive it will go on and on. Then Ghostface walks in the kitchen the same way as Gale did. Piper has a huge smile on her face. The mask comes off to reveal Hank Loomis.

He is finishing what his son started. Promised him that he would make up for his mom abandoning him. Then the big secret is revealed. Billy killed Sami’s mom. She was fucking his father, too. Hank promised Billy that he would do the same to Sami as Billy did to Sidney. But Billy died. Sidney killed him and now he wants her dead.

After Sidney shows her will, saying she has no problem killing another Loomis, a cretin, Hank attacks her. In the commotion Sidney locks Sami out of the house. Piper storms the door, opens it to go after Sami when Dewey fires his gun at her killing her. He immediately falls to the ground. Sidney flees from Hank while Sami pulls Gale off of Dewey and away from the house.

Hank searches the house. He finds Sidney in the living room. Her back is to him as she looks out through another doorway. Hank slowly moves up behind her. He raises his knife, starts to bring it down when Ghostface appears, shooting him in the chest. He steps back, looking at his wound, and then up at the screaming mask. The mask comes off to reveal Sami. She points the gun at him when Gale grabs it and lays bullet after bullet into him, sending Hank to the ground below. Dewey appears in the house scaring them all. Gale runs to him, hugging him with all she has in her. They turn back and Hank is gone. Sidney steps put onto the front porch. She looks all around as the sun begins to raise. Hank is nowhere to be found.


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