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Scream alot more

Postby Ghostface » Thu Apr 09, 2009 3:53 am

By Sami

Casandra-My best friend Casandra
Randy Meeks-Jamie Kennedy
Stu Macher-Matthew Lillard
Victoria-Angel Serrano
Jenn-Christine Krause
Jordana-Sam Myers
Ashley-Natali Castilla
Madison-Kayla Pemolton
Heather-Davina Sanchez

I dont want really any famous people on here because that wouldnt be a scream story to me.


Opening Scene

Camera Fades in on a dorm room.A girl is walking around through her dorm,swaying to some music.

Girl-Halloween is in a couple days.I need the perfect costume for Patrick.

Phone-We could go shopping tomorrow if you want Ash.

Ashley-Cool sounds good.I have to go Pat will be here soon.

Phone-Alright Ill see you tomorrow.

Ashley-Alright bye.

She hangs up the phone.Theres a knock at the door.

Ashley-Coming patrick.

Camera goes to the door as she opens and shows no one there.

Ashley-Haha,real funny jerks.

She closes the door cursing and goes and turns the T.v on.

T.V-Today we are here with director,writer,woodsborogh and windsor college surivor Randy meeks.Producer and woodsborogh survivor Stu Mocher.Actress and Windsor 2 survivor Casandra Padlecki.

Man-Well gentlemen and ladies its an honor to have you on our show.

Randy-Well its an honor to be here.


Man-Well not only are you guys survivors of woodsborough and windsor but also last years massacre.

Randy-Yeah we'll after survivng that Stu and I decided not to hide anymore and even visited Sidney,Gale and Dewey.

Man-Stu you were accused of killing in woodsbrough.

Stu-Sidney is starting to blieve me more and more,and its good to get that behind me now.

Man-What happened to Sami?

Casandra-Well she needed to cool down and clear her mind.She's still at Windsor College going for a baclors degree in Theatre.

Asley-I cant believe that happened.

The camera switches back to the door as someone starts to knock at it again.

Ashley-Who is it!


Ashley-Come in.

He comes on and closes the door.He quickly goes to the bathroom.

Ashley-What are you doing?

Patrick-I want to show you my costume.

AshleyCan you belive this,Randy meeks and Stu Mocher wre dead and are really alive.

She walks to the bathroom just as Patrick is coming out.He was wearing the Ghostface costume.

Ashley-Nice,but a ton of people wore that last year.

Patrick-So I look good in it.

He walks by her and hugs her.She is smiling at him and hugs him back.The camera goes back to show them both hugging.Then Ghostface slowly raised his arm and pulled out a knife and swiftly brought it to her back.Her smile turned to one of pain and pushed him off of her.She ran to the kitchen and started to throw random things at him.

T.v Randy-I remeber the terror of maybe dieing.

Ghostface tackled her to the ground and slowly raised the knife.

T.v Man-Sami has actually accepted a movie deal for the movie"Stab again".A movie about last years killings.

Ghostface stabbed her right in the heart.Her head went back eyes open in a dead stare at the camera.The title flashed up with a knife cutting sound effects.


Windsor College
The camera goes through some dorm hallways and into a room.Where Sami was walking through her room getting her stuff ready.A girl with black hair and some red streaks and green eyes came in.

Girl-Hey Sami,your finally up.

Sami-Hey Victoria,yeah I had a hard time sleeping last night.

Victoria-oh,well guess what last night your friends were on t.v.

Sami-Yeah I was watching it.

Victoria-They seemed alittle mad about the whole movie thing.

Sami-I know I knew they would be,well I have to go to the theatre early.


Sami-I guess we need more producers and some extras.So we'll be showing a little onstage performance infront of some people.

Victoria-Is it all right if I can go.


The camera goes to the radio as Victoria turns some music on.The music all of a sudden stopped and switched to special news report.

Radio-A girl was found dead in her dormroom last night by her boyfriend.Ashley Myers,student at Moran university was found stabbed to death in her kitchen last night.

Victoria-Moran University thats only a couple miles away from here.

Sami-(Sighs)Lets go I really dont want to here about killings.


Drama Theatre

Camera swicted to people walking backstage getting ready for the show.The director(for the movie)was out with the rest of the audience which was basically alot of writers,producers and some people who were going to audtion for some extra roles and some leading roles.The camera went back to a door.It went inside to show Sami getting her make-up done.Victoria wakled in as the make-up artist went out.

Victoria-Guess who's here.


Victoria-No,Stu,Randy and Casandra!!

Sami-No way!

Victoria-Yeah way.

Sami-I cant go out there,they'll hate me more.

Victoria-You have to.Just forget about them.


Man-3 mintues till showtime.



The camera went to the stage quickly going to Stu,Randy and Casandra before going back to the stage.The performance went without a single mistake and the crowd gave a staning ovation.The director came up after the actors and actresses went backstage.He started to explain what they needed and what they expaected before taking questions.The camera went backstage as everyone took of there costumes.

Girl1-Nice job Sami.

Girl2-Yeah nice.

Sami-Thanks Heather,madison.

Victoria-Girl that was awesome.


The camera went to the backstage entranence and showed Casandra walking towards them.

Sami-Hey C. long time.

Casandra-The name is Casandra.I cant believe you.

Sami-Listen Im only doing my job.

Casandra-Your doing this for money.

Sami-What!no Im not.

Casandra-Then Why.



Victoria-Hey calm down.

Casandra-Who are you?

Victoria-Victoria,Sami's friend and roommate.

The camera goes to the entrance again as Stu and Randy come through it quickly finally catching up with Casandra.

Victoria-What is this a reunion?!

Stu-Sami,Hey its been awhile.

Sami-Hey stu nice to see you too.Randy.....Hi.


Sami-If your here to yell at me then save it.I thought you guys were my friends and would be with me on this desicion.I guess not.

Victoria-Come on lets get out of here.

The camera followed them as they left the building.The scene started to change as the sun started to set.The camera went back into the theatre building.It went to a dressing room showing Madison and heather.

Madison-Heather can you get my bag.

Heather-Sure Ill be right back.


Heather-No prob.

The camera follows her as she walks through the theatre.She finds Madison's bag and started to go back until she heard a noise coming from behind her.She slowly walks to the noise.

Heather-Hello anyone there?

The camera zoomed in on her face then zoomed out as she started to walk backwords and staright into Ghostface.She quickly turned around as they raised thier knife.She let out a terriefed scream.Camera went back to Madison still in her dressing room when she hears a scream and then silence.

Madison-Heather is that you.

The camera followed her to the door as she opens it and see's no one there.She looked back in her room.When she looked back Ghostface made a run at her,knife in the air.She screamed and closed the door before he could reach her.The knife going through the door grazing her face.He kept taking the knife to the door.Madison grabbed her cellphone and called 9-1-1.

Women-911 whats your emergency?

Madison-Please a killer is after me.Im in the Windsor College theatre.

Women-Dont worry help is on the way.


Camera shows Ghostface ramming into the door trying to get it open.Finally he got in and when he looked arounf Madison wasn't in there.The camera went up to show the open air vent.Camera goes through the vent to show Madison making her way through it.She was trying to keep quiet.She saw police lights ahead in the distance,she started for it.She fell on her stomach when the vent started to shake cause of the weight.Suddenly there was a metal breaking sound.Madison started to gurggling.She picked herself up alittle to see a knife covered in blood had gone through her stomach.Her eyes started to shut as the vent started to collaspe.The last thing she saw was police flashlights pointing at her.


Car scene

Camera was on Victoria who was driving. Her and Sami were talking about random things.

Victoria-Hey why don’t we go to the club.

Sami-Yeah sure anything to get my mind clear.

Victoria-Jenn and Jeff and Jordana should be here.

SAMI-Nice let’s go.


Camera closes in on the club lights bright. Music was blaring through some speakers. Sami and Victoria were walking through the people. Three people in there early twenties walked up to them. One was a girl with brownish-blackish hair and green eyes. The second one was a boy with black hair and red steaks. The next was another girl who had a skater-tomboy look about her. She has long sort of wavy black hair and brown eyes.

Victoria-Hey guys.

Jordana-Hey girlie.


Jenn-Hey Sami.

Sami-Hey guys.

The camera shows Jordana pulling everyone to the side. She has a worried-scared face on her.

Jordana-Did you guys here?


Jordana-Two girls were killed at the Windsor College theatre. One of the bodies wasn’t found though.

Sami-We just came from the theatre.

Jeff-Yeah they found Madison, but Heather wasn’t found yet.

Victoria-First Ashley, then Madison and Heather.
Jordana-There is some messed up stuff going on here.

The camera switched between them before Jeff finally broke the silence.

Jeff-Well um Jenn let’s go dance.

Jenn-We’ll be back.

The camera goes back to Sami as she turns to walk away only to bump into someone. It was a girl with sort brown hair and brown hair.

Girl-I’m sorry.

Sami-Its okay. My name is Sami.

Girl-Hi my name’s Dennis.

Voice-Hey Dennis!!

The camera quickly switched to a man running up to Dennis. When the man was close enough it showed.


Randy-Sami hey.

Dennis-Oh my god you guys have meet before.

Sami-Yeah a while ago.

Randy-Hon let’s go dance.


Dennis (excited)-Oh we’ve been going out for almost a year now. Our anniversary is coming up soon.

Camera shows Sami looking at the dance floor were Stu and Casandra were dancing looking happy with each other.

Sami-I’ll see you guys around.

The camera follows her as she walks up a thing of stairs that leads to a balcony. No one was up there so it was a little calm and peaceful. She looked down and watched everyone have a good time. The camera did a 360 angle across the whole club showing Stu, Casandra, Randy, Victoria with her boyfriend Mike, Jenn and Jeff dancing and Jordana hitting on some strange guy. There was a noise from behind Sami, a door closing. She looked there was a closed door behind her. She walked to it slowly trying to be cautious. She slowly opened it; blood was seeping through the bottom of it. The body of Heather was tied to a chair her eyes open in fear; she was dead. Sami started to shackling back away a door next to her opened and Ghost face appeared in front of her.


The camera went back to the balcony as Sami reached it with nowhere to go. Ghost Face came at her with his knife raised. Sami quickly grabbed the hand with the knife in it to further him from attacking her with the knife. They kept trying to stab her until Sami was lifted off the ground onto the balcony edge. Sami started to kick at him trying to get away. Ghost face finally got the knife away from her and brought it down missing her and getting her arm. The blood went an hit Jordana who was dancing underneath the balcony. She looked up and screamed when seeing Sami and Ghost Face fighting. The scream caught everyone’s attention and everyone looked to see what she screamed at.


Casandra-Oh my god.


Jeff/Jenn (stared opened mouthed in shock)

The camera goes back to Sami as she still kicks at the killer. While kicking her foot gets caught on the balcony edge and when she went to kick she pushed her off the balcony edge. She fell into a table below knocking the wind out of her. The table spun before falling from the weight. The group went over to check on her. A staff member went upstairs to catch the killer.

Staff-Hey someone call the police there’s a body up here. But whoever that was isn’t up here anymore.

The scene faded into black as the police arrived


The camera zooms back on the club as the police go around questioning people.The camera goes to the gang.

Stu-Dude what te heck is going on here?

Victoria-What do you think...Moron.



Randy-Will you guys stop fighting.We need to think everything over.

Victoria-Come on Sami,let's get out of here.These guys arent helping much.

Camera shows Victoria helping Sami up and them walking back to the campus.Camera switched from darkness to light as everyone was heading to class.Victoria was waking Sami up.

Victoria-Hey girl,how are you feeling?

Sami-Alittle better,as good as a girl who's getting chased by a crazy maniac could feel.

Victoria-Dont worr....

Sami-Dont say it.You shouldnt be near me you'll be killed next and in a bad way.

Victoria-Im not leaving ou here alone with those other friends of yours.

Sami-Thanks I think.Come on lets get to class before we're late.

Camera went to a Mr.Todds theatre Arts room.The class is up acting out a scene infront of Mr.Todd.He was a middle aged man with short brown hair and green eyes and a wacky personality to him.

Mr.Todd-Okay Jeff,Jenn and Jordana that was great you can sit down now.

Jordana-Hey Sami you okay.

Sami-Im great just going along with everything.

Jeff-Dont worry its probabley just some kid with a crush on you and you dumped him and now he wants revenge.

Mike-Yeah thats probabley it.

Victoria-Stop it guys.

Sami-Its okay V.

Mr.Todds cellphone started to ring.He excused himself and went into the back room.The camera following him.The camera then switched to Randy,Stu and Casandra.

Casandra-She really isnt talking to any of us.

Randy-She shouldnt have accpted that movie deal.

Stu-Its her life not ours.

Casandra-Yeah maybe we're being alittle hard on her.

Randy-How can someone just get over what happened.

Stu-I think whats more important is Ghostface,

Casandra-We have to make sure she's safe.

Randy-Okay come lets go.

Camera went back to Mr.Todd on the phone in the back room.



Mr.Todd-Who's this?

Voice-Who's this?

Mr.Todd-If this is a student your so getting suspened.

Voice-OO Im so scared.

Mr.Todd-Very funny who is this?

Voice-Someone who wants revenge.

Mr.Todd-Well then go talk to the goudiance counsler.

Voice-No I need your help.

Camera shows Ghostface come from behind Mr.Todd and grabbing his mouth tightly and stabbing him.Camera went back out to the students as loud noises come from the room.

Jordana-Whats wrong with Mr.Todd today?

Jeff-I dont know maybe he needs to get laid.

Jenn-You guys are sick.

Mike-Thats who we are.

Everyone is watching the door as the noises get louder.Out of nowhere Mr.Todd is pushed up against the door that has the glass on it.Blood was gurgling out of his mouth.The students start screaming and running out the door.When Mr.Todd falls Ghostface is in full view looking at a shocked Sami and Victoria.He then turned and dissappered.Camera goes to Randy and Stu and Casandra as they pull up to the college only to see people outside screaming and Mr.Todds body being taken out in a body bag.

Casandra-Oh my god.

Randy-I think we're alittle late.

Stu-Yeah just alittle though.


The camera fades into Sami's dorm room as she's facing the window watching everyone at outside.Victoria and her Boyfriend Mike came in.

Victoria-Hey you okay?

Mike-Yeah we were worried about where you went to.

Sami-Im fine I just wanted to be alone.I canr believe this is happening again.

Camera went to the door as thier was a light knock at it.Mike opened it and there stood Randy looking at them.

Mike-What do you want?

Sami-Mike it's okay.Randy come in.

Randy-Hey can I talk to you.........Alone.

Sami-Yeah sure.V I'll find you guys later.Mike stay close to her.

Mike-Dont worry I will.

Camera followed them to the door then it went back to Randy as he went over and sat on her bed.

Sami-Where's everybody.

Randy-Casandra and Stu are looking around.Dennis I told to stay home.

Sami-Oh.So what did you want to say?

Randy-Im sorry that we've been so hard on you about about the movie deal.

Sami-Its okay I expected it.

Randy-But why are you doing it?

Sami-Sighs-It's my way of showing people Im over everything and moved on.And that I didnt run away from everything.

Randy-We really missed you.You never called us.

Sami-I wasnt ready.I was still trying to get my life back.

Randy-Im almost 30 and have been almost killed three times.

Sami-Life must suck by now.

Randy-Yeah sometimes I wish I had just died.

Sami-Dont give up just yet.I think Stu would miss you to much.

They started to laugh at that thought.Camera went to Randy as he started to lean in towards her.She smiled and leaned up to him too.Just as thier lips gently touched BANG.Randy fell off the bed as Stu came through the door.

Stu-Laughing-Bad time?


Camera went back to Randy as he slowly got up and dusted himself off.Casandra came though the door.


Camera shows Sami walking over and higging her tightly.Casandra is alittle taken back but then startes to hug her back.

Casandra-I missed you.

Sami-Me too.

Stu-So whats the plan.

Randy-Stay alive.

Stu-Will do.

Randy-We need to get out of here.

Sami-Im not really safe anywhere.But you guys need to be safe too.Your all in danger I'll be fine but you guys need to go somewhere safe.

Casandra-Im not leaving you again.

Stu-Dont worry Ill protect you because..

Randy+Stu-I'm so buff.

Randy-Hey I have to go call Dennis.Make sure she's okay.


Sami-Oh my god I havent seen Jenn,Jeff or Jordana in awhile.I have to find them.

Camera follows her as she leaves to go find her friends.Casandra and Stu following close behind.


Scene Jenn and Jeff.

The camera went into Jeff's dorm room as he watched Jenn pace back and forth nervously.

Jenn-Im so freaked out right now.
Jeff-Just calm down.
Jenn-I cant this it too....Im giong to lye down.

Camera went with Jenn till she closed to the door to his room.Jeff sat on the couch and started to watch some TV.After awhile a noise came from his room.


No one answered him so he faced the TV thinking Jenn was asleep.The camers went back to the door as a weird sound like metal hitting something came from the room.Jeff got up and went in his room.The camera shows a figure laying in his bed with the covers over them.He went over and pulled them away and saw Jenn laying there eyes wide open with blood coming from her mouth with a stab would by her heart.Jeff backed slowly away from the body.Camera showed behind him as the door slowly and quitly closed showing Ghostface they wiped thier knife off and ran up to Jeff stabbing him in the back.Jeff screamed in pain and tried to get away but Ghostface pused him up against the wall and conuited to stab him until he became motionless and fell to the floor.Camera followed Ghostface as he went to the door and closed it behind them.

Camera switched to Sami walking around in her apartment waiting for Randy,Stu and Casandra to come back from picking Denise up.There was a noise coming from her bedroom.CAmera showed her scared face as she looked at the door but not moving.Her phone started to go off.

Police-Is this Sami.
Police-Well were sorry to report but the bodies of Jenn and Jeff were found in his room dead.
Sami-Oh my god.
Police-Were also sorry to report
Ghostface-You thought I wouldnt come back.
Sami-Leave me alone.
Ghostface-To late.Your looking tired have you slept lately.

Camera showed Sami standing there shocked as she dropped her phone.Ghostface popped up from behind her.She screamed and ran out of her room and turned the corner hallway running straight into MIke and Victoria.

Sami-Run.The killers in there.

Camera followed Mike as he ran to the room and looked in.

Mike-No ones in there.

Camera was on him and just as he said that Ghostface came out of another door behing him.

Sami-Watch out!

Too late as he turned around Ghostface brought his knife out and stabbed him in the stomach.Ghostface stabbed him 2 more times before he fell to the floor dead.

Sami-Come on V.

Camera followed them as they ran.A door opened and sami ran face first into it sending her down to the floor.Ghostface stared down at her and broght out his knife.Victoria tackled them to the floor.Camera went back to Sami as she started to come around and Saw Ghostface bring his knife up and stabbed Victoria right in the heart making her fall instantly.


Camera showed her starting to ccry alittle as she watched her friend die.She got up and started to run outside.Camera showed a car puling up to the campus.Sami ran to it as Randy,Stu and Casandra got out.

Sami-Guys help me!!
Casandra-Oh my god what happened?
Sami-Jenn...Jeff..Mike...Victoria...There all dead.
Randy-Are you okay?
Sami-No we have to get out of here.
Stu-Where ae we goona go.
Sami-I dont know but not here.

Camera followed Sami as she backed away slowly scared and crying never seeing Ghostface come from behind a tree to her.


Camera showed her turn around and a knife connected with her stomach.Sami looked up shocked as Ghostface stabbed her a few more times before she sank to her knees and then fell to the ground motionless in a pool of her own blood.


The camera shows Ghostface looking up at Stu,Randy and Casnandra.They stared back scared and shock written on thier faces.They turned around and started to run back into the Dorm room building.They kept running until they heard a muffled sound.They went into another room and found Jordana tied to a chair gagged.They quickly untied her and helped her up.

Randy-Who did this?

Jordana-I dont know?

Ghostface-I did.

The camera zoomed past them to show a ghostface blocking the doorway.He stayed there staring at them as they moved back alittle trying to get as far away from him as possable.

Stu-Who are you?

Ghostface-Your worst nightmare.

He pulled out a gun from his sleeve and quickly shot him.Sending Stu a few feet back.Casandra ran to him and quickly started to check on him.

Randy-Jordana run and get help.

Ghostface-I dont think so.

Randy ran and grabbed his arm and pushed it away from Jordana.She quickly ran away from the scene.Ghostface pushed Randy away not before Randy quickly grabbed his mask pulling it off.The camera quickly showed everyone's shocked faces as they loked at the killer.

Randy-OOo No....DENIS!!!!

Denis-Hi Randy Time to die.

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