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Scream again

Postby Ghostface » Thu Apr 09, 2009 3:53 am

By Sami

Casandra-herself(my friend)
Randy Meeks-Jamie Kennedy
Stu-Matthew Lillard
Chris-chris brown
Seth-Jared padalecki
Melssia-Amy Lee(evanscence lead singer)

Camera zooms in on a peaceful neighborhood and a white large house.

A girl was walking around the house holding a movie in hands.She puts the video in the VCR.She picked up the phone and dialed out.

Girl-"Hey Sami are you and Casandra on your way over I cant have girls night with out you guys"she said laughing

Girl-"Alright see you soon"She hung up the phone.

The phone rang again.


person"Hello who is this"

Girl-"who are you trying to reach"


Girl-"real funny sami come on just get over here already"

Person-"this isnt Sami RACHEL"

The voice changed to a hard metallic voice.


Person-"I think it is now lets play a little game"

Rachel-"What hell no what is this some prank call reacting Stab well haha you had your laugh now leave me alone."

Person-"This isnt a prank its real and you should know the rules then answer right you live,answer wrong you DIE"He said laughing.

Rachel-"To bad my friends are like gonna be here in two mintues"

Person-"sorta like steve orith uuhh now answer my questions and I wont hurt you"

Rachel-"fine,I'll play your little stupid game"

Person-"good now lets begin I see you like the stab movies well then these should be easy whose mother was the killer in Stab 2"

Rachel-"Billy's mom anymore asshole"

Person-"Your life is on the line you should watch what you say now lets continue who survived stab one but died in stab two"

Rachel-"Randy Meeks"



Person-"no he's very much alive but dont worry not for long and from the looks of it niether are you"

Rachel hung up the phone and muttered asshole.The lights started flickering and went out.Rachel walked to the door and was about to lock it when it was pushed open knocking her down.Looking up no one was there though.She quickly got up and went outside looking around,no one was out there.A gloved hand came out and grabbed her around the mouth and pulled her back into the house.Rachel started twisting and turning trying to get out of her captures arms.A knife came around and stabbed her in the stomach.She bit his hand making him let her go.She ran into the kitchen holding her bloody stomach and grabbing a butching knife and slide down onto the floor legs becoming weak.The killer started walking towards her and grabber her hair pulling her up.


She quickly swung the knife at him stabbing him in the arm.He grabbed the knife from her and brought his knife up and started to stab her over and over in the chest.

Ghostface-"Time for a new beginning and a new main charcter but this time I win."

He stabbed her once more in the heart.

The screen goes black

SCREAM AGAIN comes across the screen with sound effects of a knife cutting and a faint picture of ghostface.


Scene 2

Opening to see a hospital.Zooms In side the hospital to a cop asking to girls questions.

Dective-You're sure you didnt see anything at all.

Sami-Yes,we were going to her house to watch some movies and we found her there in the kitchen.

Casandra-We thought she was playing a joke on us again but I guess not(tears in her eyes)

Decetive-What are you guys doing here in California last I heard of you two is that you had finished a movie and was living in Flordia?

Sami-I promised my mom I would go to college so Im here to go to college and Casandra is already in harvard college she's here on an assigment she has to interview someone at a mental istitute,So we took a break on the whole singing and acting thing till our college is done.

Decetive-well good luck to you both,but I think this murder may have something to do with you.

Casandra-What,WHAT THE F*** DID WE DO.

Sami-calm down C,Why us.

Devective-simply your famous anger fans maybe,Rachel was a well loved person why kill her.

It was silent for awhile.

Decetive-ok I think were down here Ill keep an eye on you to you can leave now.

They got up and left.

Sami-Im going to find out what happened.

Casnandra-Me too I cant believe it why Rachel.

Sami- I have to get back to the campus before sun down I'll talk to you tomorrow and be careful.

They gave eachother a quick hug before departing in separt ways.Sami heading back to the College and Casandra to her hotel that was provided for her.


Scene 3
Camera fades in on Windsor College into film theroy class.

Professor-Okay class today we have a special guest.

Student-Okay we know Sami's famous,but she's here everyday.I dont think she needs a formal greeting.

Class laughs Camera goes to Sami's smiling face shaking her head slightly.

Professor-Very funny Chris and no its not Sami actucally its a director he flimed Stab 3 even after the horrible killings of the original Stab 3 cast,Mr.Randall Skeem.

A man in his late 20's walked into class with greenish eyes,glasses,and carrying a briefcase.The class started to clap loudly for him.

Randall-Thank you its an honor to be here now your professor told me that alot of you havent seen Stab 3 so tomorrow I got the movie threate to close one of the showings of Stab 3 so we can go see it.

Camera shows Class cheering loudly and high fiving thier friends.Camera zooms in on Sami's face with a thinking face on and hand on chin with narrowing eyes.It moves to a student raising her hand.


Student-How long did it take for you to become a director and what did you have to do?

Randall Had a smile on his face before answereing.

Camera changed to a differnt scene a mental institute.
Casandra walking the hall looking at the doors and finally stopping at one she opened it.It was a small room that had a small bed with a sink a mirror above it and a toilet and a table set up in the middle of the room.A man was sitting at it.She took the file on the table and looked through some of it before speaking.

Casandra-So hello there my name is Casandra umm,She looks through the file,Staurt.

Stuart-Hi and call me Stu.

Casandra-Ok Stu on your personal profile that you wrote it says you say your a pyscho.

Stu-I am.

Casandra-Why do you think that?

Stu-I killed a girl named Casey Becker and helped kill a couple more after that.

Casnandra-Casey Becker.Stu Macher,Your Stu,Your alive?!!

Stu-Nope Im dead and am now a zombie in a mental institute.He replied sarcasicly.

Casandra-Ahh how?

Stu-Well lets see here after I got electrified I was purnouced still alive and since they had no proof I killed those people I got sent here and since no one wants to know when a killer is still alive They didnt tell anyone.

Camera shows Casandra speechless mouth open alittle. Her phone starts to ring she gets up and goes out the door and looks at the caller I.D it said "SAMI" on it.

Camera switching between the both of them.

Casandra-Um hello sami

Sami-Your not going to believe who's in my film class right now.

Casandra-Oh Who?

Sami-Randy Meeks AKA Randall Skeem movie director.

Casandra-Ok I must be having a weird dream right now,


Casandra-Im talking to Stu Macher my mental institute patient.

Sami-What,Ok stay there im going to try get Randy to come there.

Casandra-And please hurry before I check myself into this place.

Sami-ok Ill try bye.

Camera shows Sami in a bathroom.She walks out and back into class where they were having the best movie ever made discousin.

Professor-ok class is over Me and Mr.Skeem will see you tomorrow.

Camera shows class getting up and leaving.Sami waits outside the door.Randall picks up his papers and puts them in a suitcase and goes to the door.

Sami-Mr.Skeem I have a question.

Camera follows the as they walk.

Randall-Yea sure umm

Sami-Sami,Sami Lita

Randall-Oh yea the actress and singer I thought I saw you somewhere,Whats your question?

Sami-I didnt know Sidney Prescott told you about the Randy meeks tape I mean I though only gale,dewey,and of course Martha meeks knew about that tape and seeing as how I am friends with her She told me that it was a private thing she didnt tell anyone about it and yet you seem to have known about it.

Randall-What are you applying?

Sami-That putting differnt colored eye lences in,wearing glasses,and changing your last name around it really noticeable to someone who has a good eye and Why are you here ALIVE?

Randy grabbed her hand and pulled her into the quad in the college and made sure no one was really close to them.

Randy-I dont know how you,out of all people,found out but this is only between you and me got it.

Sami-Fine then but first you have to explain how your alive your throat was slashed last time I checked that usually kills someone.

Randy-Im not 100 percent sure how I survived all I really remeber from that was getting pulled into a van feeling the worst pain I ever wanted to feel,Mrs.Loomis taking off her mask and then everything started to turn black then I remember hearing a scream and thats it.I woke up in a weird hospital I couldnt move without feeling pain I could see tubes in my mouth,throat and my stomach, and my chest was banaged up really tight.I guess I had been in a coma for about a year.All I could do was write scripts and go through alot of phsical thearpy.

Camera goes to Sami putting her hand on his shoulder in comfort and nodding for him to contiune.

Randy-I wasnt allowed to tell anyone,If something had gone wrong or anyone found out about the experiment the doctors could have gone to jail and lost there medical linence.They saved my life its all I could do to repay them.

Sami-Oh Im really sorry,but someday your going to have tell everyone,everyone who was hurt by this.

Randy-I know but not now I dont think Im ready yet.

Camera zooms in on Sami as her phone rings.


Voice-Im not disturbing your little reunion am I.

Sami-Who is this?

Voice-Someone who killed Rachel and wants your blood on their knife.

Randy-Who is it?

Camera shows Sami shaking and putting the phone down.

Sami-The killer the f***er who killed my friend last night.

Tears forming in her eyes she put the phone next to her ear again.Then she looked at Randy and handed the phone to him.

Sami-They want to talk to you.

Randy looks at her then at the phone before answering it.


Voice-Hello Geek boy still alive I see.

Randy looks around the college grounds.

Randy-Still not giving up I see.

The voice starts to laugh.Sami looks around and starts walking around looking for someone who had a phone.Randy wasnt paying any attention to her anymore.
Camera follows Sami as she quickly looks around.She looks behind her to see that Randy wasnt in sight anymore.She cursed under breath and started looking for him.

Camera goes back to Randy

Voice-Alone again isnt this how you died the last time.

Randy-I lived and alot smarter this time.

Voice-Really well lets see.The phone went dead.

Randy-What? He said looking around.

Camera shows Sami as she pushes Randy out of the way as a Fast car zooms past them where Randy had been standing.

Sami-Are you ok?

Randy-Yea,Yea Im ok Thanks

Sami-No problem we have to get out of here.

Randy-where are we going?

Sami-My friend wants us to meet someone and I think we're both going to have a big surpise when we meet him.

Randy-your friend knows Im alive too.

Sami-Yea I told her before in the bathroom now lets go before we get run over again.

Camera fades on them getting into Randy's black car and driving out of the college.


Scene 4
Camera shows Sami and Randy entering the Mental Institution.Casandra was pacing back and fourth by the door Obviously nervous.

Sami-Hey Casandra where here how is he?

Casandra-I told him about uuhhh,she was pointing to Randy.

Randy-Who is it?

Sami-we'll show you.

Camera shows Casandra opening the door to a Stu who was standing up watching Randy enter the room.They just stared at eachother not moving.Then Randy started to walk away only to turn around quickly and punch Stu in the face.Sami grabbed Randy's arms to keep him from hitting him again and Casandra stood in between them arms raised.


Stu-I guess me and you are alike.

Randy-Hopefully thats the only thing were alike in.

Casandra-We dont have time for this we need you help BOTH of your guys help.

Camera shows Casandra looking down and then pulling something out of her pocket.It was a picture.She hands it to Sami it was a picture of a ghostface mask covered in blood and on the top it said "New" on it in blood.

Sami-Where did you get this?

Casandra-When the decetive went to the bathroom I sorta BORROWED it.

Sami-borrowed it,do you plan on giving it back?

Casandra-Um no not really.

Sami-Then you stole it.

Casandra-Well it was the only thing I could think of.

Sami-well atleast we know who where dealing with and the costume.

Stu-Wow this whole ghostface thing is still going on I see

Randy-Yea because of you and the BILLY LOOMIS.

Stu-Well some people just cant forgive and forget.
Camera shows Randy about to answer when Sami stops him.

Sami-ok thats enough we're going to have to work together so you better start getting along.

They look at eachother not saying anything and they did alittle nod.

Casandra-Ok we have to find a way to get Stu out of here.

Randy-I think i can help in that I'll be right back.

Camera hows Him going out the door and walking down the hall.

Sami-Hey C call seth tell him we'll meet him at his house in a few mintues and tell him to get Melissa and Chris there to ok?

Casandra-Ok Hold on.She said going out the door.

Stu-whose Seth?

Sami-Casandra's boyfriend.


Camera zooms in on the door which is opened a couple mintues later by Randy,Casandra following behind.

Randy-Ok I got him out on a visit for a couple days

Stu-They can do that wow I never knew that.

Randy-Yea well now you owe me 500 dollars.

Stu-dont worry Ill.....probabley never pay you back.

Casandra-Seth said he's gonna call melissa and Chris and they should be there in a few mintues.

Sami-Ok good now lets get out of here.

Stu nodded grabbing a couple things from under his bed and a jacket and followed them.
Camera Zooms out alittle when they get in Randy's car and heading towards the road.


Scene 5
The camera slowly zooms in on a big two story house.Randys car pulling into it.Sami,Randy,Stu and Casandra get out and walk towards the door.Casandra knocks on it.A man with dark brown hair and really built answered and suddnely gave Casandra a big hug and a kiss.

Casandra-Stu,Randy this is Seth his going to help us.

Seth-Hey guys you can come in.He said opening the door wider for everyone to come in.
They all walked in and walked around the house looking at everything.There was Two people sitting down on the couch talking when they stopped and looked at them and got up and walked over to them.

Sami-Guys this is Chris and Melissa.Sami said pointing to them when saying there name.

Chris-Oh my god the Director from todays class is actually RANDY MEEKS.


Randy-I guess I am or I wouldnt be standing here.

Melissa-(laughs shly)Oh yea duh.

Chris-Whats going on Seth said you sounded urgent on the phone.

Casandra-Well The killer that was after Sidney I think he's after SAMI

Sami-Me?Why me?

Casandra-Because why would anyone come after me(She started to laugh)

Sami-No time for jokes.


Seth-C you can stay here tonight and Stu and Randy can borrow your apartment.

Casandra-Ok is that ok with you guys?

Randy-Ok with me.

Stu-I dont care its probabley better then that Istitition I was in.

Sami-Ok Im going to go back to Windsor I'll see you,Pointing to Randy,Tomorrow for the Stab 3 movie.

Chris-Im going to go to the campus too see you guys in the morning.

Seth-all right see ya guys.
Camera folloes Sami,Chris,Randy,Stu and Melissa as they left the house.Sami and Chris walking back to the College,Melissa going to her house and Randy and Stu leaving in the car to go to the Apartment.
Camera shows Sami getting on a big shuttle bus with the rest of her Film classmates and she took a seat with Chris.

Chris-Hey man Im psyched I want to see this movie.

Camera goes to Randy getting on the bus and taking a seat across from Sami and Chris.The bus started to move and head towards the threatr.

Randy-Hey guys

Sami-Hey whats wrong?

Randy-I was up last night thinking about the whole ghostface thing.

Sami-Oh it's going to be okay.

Randy-No its not this has happened 3 times already and to many people have died.
They stayed quiet for the rest of the ride except for Chris who kept trying to sing.The camera showed a large building with movie names on it STAB 3 being the biggest.They students ran off into the threate.Randy,Sami,And Chris walked to it buying some drinks and popcorn before entering the movie.The movie started with a eerie black screen little noises and a big house came into view.A women was taking a shower.Then it changed to a man driving up the road towards the house.The woman got out of the shower got dressed and went in to the living room when the door closed.

Women-Sweethart is that you?

Man-Yes and you wont believe what happened to me today.He came out to reveil ghostface.The chase scene started.
Two girls got up from their seat asking Mr.Skeem(Randy)if they could go to the bathroom.When they left everything got quiet again until ghostface started stabbing Cotton then everyone started to cheer and laugh some of them almost puking.The movie had gone on for another Hour and 40 mintues before finally ending and everyone getting up and running out of the movie into the lobby for the machines in it.

Sami-Hey where are those two girls they should be back by now.

Randy-Yea I know lets go check on them.
Camera shows them running towards the girls bathroom when Randy stopped and Sami entered and started lookinf for them.

Sami-Ross,Stacey are you guys in here.A squicking noise came from the bathroom in the back.

Camera Closes in on it as Sami walks slowly towards it and as she got closer the camera shows the floor as a red substance shows up.Sami walks closer to the back putting a hand on the door and pushing it in.The Camera shows Sami's face as she lets out a blood rising Scream.Randy and a couple security guards came in and pushed past the screaming girl and stopped when seeing both girls hanging by some wires from the ceiling.Stab wounds everywhere and Ross had her throat slashed.Randy quickly grabbed Sami and got out of the bathroom and hugged her as she cried.


Scene 6
Camera zooms over the threate turning on the whole site.There were cop cars evreywhere and an ambluance.Camera zooms in on cops questioning the students.Camera goes to a cop who just finished talking to Sami.

Sami-This is getting worse,First Rachel now Ross and Stacey who next.

Randy-Don't talk like that,it'll get better it always has.

Sami- Yea it got better,but everybody dies.

Randy-Come on Ill take you back to the school.
Camera switches from the threatre to Seth's House.It slowly goes to the kitchen where Casandra is writing a report about her Mental Patient(Stu).When Seth walks in and hugs her from behind.

Casandra-(laughing)Come on stop that I have to finish this by the end of this week.

Seth-You need to take a break,I'll help you.

Casandra-Not now.

Seth-Whats gotten into you.

Casandra-Nothing Im.....just busy thats all.

Seth-You're scared of me?

Casandra-No well Im not scared of you im just be cautious.

Seth-I didnt kill Rachel ok I could never do that.

Camera shows her looking deepply at him and smiling and nodding.He smilied and picked her up bridal style.She started to laugh and tried to get him to put her down.He carried her up the stairs into his room and closed the door.Camera Switched to Sami and Randy at the College.They were walking to the her dorm room.When she opened the door she almost screamed.Camera zoomed in on the room to see Stu standing there.

Sami-Jeez you scared the heck out of me.

Stu-Sorry I was wondering what was taking Randy so long to get back thought he would be here.

Randy-Well here I am and two more people have died.

Stu-We have to stop this and quick before we're all dead.

Sami-Randy do you have any RULES for this.

Randy-I cant think of any I mean its a quadrilogy but I cant think straight right now.
The camera go's around the room when Sami shouted.

Sami-What if its not a Quadrilogy.

Randy-What do you mean how can it not be.

Sami-What does the first 3 times it happen have in common?

Randy-The killer was going after Sidney.

Sami-YES she was the main character and the killer is not after Sidney so.

Stu-So its just a horror movie number 1 so the rules stay the same.No Drinking.

Randy-No Sex.

Sami-And no saying I'll Be Right Back.

Camera switches back to Casandra and Seth lying down.His phone startes to ring.He quickly gets up to answer

Seth-Hello....Yea I'll be there in a couple mintues.

Casandra-Who was that.

Seth-My Grandfather my grandma is in the hospital Im just going to see if she's okay.

Casandra-Oh ok I'll come with you.

Seth-No its okay I'll be right back its probabley safer here anyways then outside.
He tries to put on his pants when he gets his leg stuck and falls over.Casandra laughing helps him up.When he was finished getting dressed he kissed her on the cheek and left.Camera shows Casandra looking out the window as he leaves.She sits at the desk with the mirror provided and started to brush her hair and get dressed.The phone started to ring again.She quickly picked it up.

Casandra-Babe did you forget something.

Voice-Hello Casandra.

Casandra-Who's this?

Voice-A friend.

Camera shows Casandra sitting back down and looking in the mirror appying some make-up.

Casandra-A friend uh.

Voice-Yea a friendwho would like to see your blood.The voice started to laugh.

Casandra-Whatever freak.She hangs up the phone.
It startes to ring a again.She ignored it.It kept ringing after awhile she got mad and answered it.

Voice-That was a big mistake.

Camera shows Casandra looking in the mirror as the closet door behind her open and Ghostface come running at her with his knife raised high ready to strike her.She saw him in the mirror and quickly ducked out of the way of the knife.Ghostface almost tripped over her but regained his balance and ran after her.Camera goes to the bottom of the stairs as Casandra quickly runs down them and ,into the living room, grabbing the phone.There wasnt a dial tone she quickly hung it up as Ghostface came from behind her and tried to stab her again.She moved to the right the knife gazing her arm.She triend to get the front door open but it wouldnt open.Camera goes to the outside to see the door handle on the outside had been removed.Camera goes back inside as Casandra runs back upt hat stairs into Seth's room.She went to close the door when a weight knocked into it sending her back a couple feet.Ghostface layed on the floor not moving.Casandra went to the window opening it.Camera showed a car coming up the road.


Camera shows Ghostface getting up and running towards her.She screamed and started to climb out the window.Ghostface quickly grabbed her leg.She gave him a quick kick to the face making her loose her balance and falling out the window.She hit the ground hard and didnt due to shock.The car stopped and the passengers got out and went to help her.They checked on her and quickly called 911.Camera faded away from the scene as an ambulance got to the house.


Scene 7

Camera goes to Sami,Stu and Randy still talking when Sami's phone started to ring.She answered and after a few seconds her face expression changed to one of horror.

Sami-Yea we'll be right there.

Randy-Hey whats wrong,who was that?

Sami-It was Seth, Casandra is in the hospital Ghostface attacked her.

Stu-Come on then lets get to the hospital.

Sami-Guys I have to pick Melissa up to,So I'll drop you guys off and pick her up.

Randy-Ok but be careful.

Sami-Dont worry I will be.

Stu-Ooookk now come on Casandra needs us there!

Camera shows them running out to the car and driving away to the hospital.When they got there Sami dropped Stu and Randy off and went to go pick up Melissa to bring her to the hospital.

The Camera goes to Melissa's house and zooms into her house where she's getting ready for Sami to pick her up.She looks at the window when she hears something tapping on it.As she gets closer she walks slower.When she reaches the window she looks through it closely and see's nothing.She turns around and walks towards the kitchen.The camera quickly goes back to the window as Ghostface jumps up and breaks through the glass.Melissa quickly turns towards the window and see's ghostface coming after her.She starts to run but doesnt get far when he catches up and tackles her to the floor.She tries to kick him but it doesnt work.Ghostface raises the knife and slams it down into her chest.He does it again until she can barley breath.
Camera shows the driveway as Sami pulls up and gets out of the car.Camera goes back to Melissa as she pushes Ghostface off finally and runs in the kitchen and reaching the phone.As she dials 911 Ghostface comes back at her.

Girl-911 whats your emergency?


Girl-We're tracing the call now please hold on and try to get out of the hou....

The Camera shows Ghostface running up to her from behind and stabbing her in the back.Having no strength to fight back she falls to the ground and lays there not moving.Someone starts to knock at the door.Ghostface looks at the door and then the body.He picks it up and carries it away.Camera shows Sami knocking at the door.As she gets no answer she opens the door and looks in.

Sami-Melissa you still here?

She begins to look around and then notices the window has been broken and a couple feet away is a pool of blood.She quickly runs through the house looking for Melissa.She hears something moving as she goes near the kitchen.Ghostface comes at her from behind the door.She quickly starts to run into the kitchen where the phone is off the hook.As she runs past the counter she slips and falls.As she starts to sit up,she looks at her hands which are now covered in blood.Sami looks down to see she slipped in a pool of blood and her whole left side was covered in it now.She holds back a scream and gets up and runs.Ghostface was no where to be scene.She ran up the stairs franiticly looking for Melissa still.After checking the rooms she went to the stairs and stopped remebering Ghostface was down there.

Camera shows Ghostface walking towards her from behind.As she's about to walk down the stairs Ghostface reaches her and stabs her in the back.Sami, taken back,doesnt move mouth open in pain.Ghostface takes the knife out and stabs her again.He turns her around and raises the knife and stabs her in the stomach.Finally she cries out in pain,blood starts to run out of her mouth.Seeing she's still alive he takes the knife out and stabs her for the fourth time.Sami looks up and see's red and blue lights shining.With her last strength she pushes him off and the knife comes out.She slides down the stairs and lays there.The police start to open the door.The camera shows the scene through Sami's eyes as the picture of Ghostface fades into black along with the scene.

Scene 8

The camera zooms in on a hospital.It goes inside as Casandra comes out a room.Randy and Stu along with Chris and Seth are waiting for her in the waiting room.

Casandra-Hey guys Im okay just alittle shoken up.

Seth-I came as soon as I heard.He said hugging her.

Stu-Sami went to go pick up Melissa and they were coning here.

As he says that the camera goes to nurse at the desk.The emergency phone goes off.

Nurse-Hello......Yes we'll have a strecher waiting by the doors...bye.

Nurse-We need a two strechers,Two white women victims of stabs wounds are on their way in.Call was made from 132 Wagstaff Avenue.

Camera Shows Casandra her head looking up at the mention of the street name.

Casandra-Thats Melissa's Adress!!

Randy-Miss what happened are the victims alright.

Nurse-Sir we cant give information like that out to people unless you are related to the vitims.Im sorry.

Camera showed Casandra put her head back down and start crying.Stu rubbed her back trying to calm her down.Seth and Chris stayed silent but paced near the door where the strechers were waiting.It was getting dark but still seeable outside.After awhile of waiting the camera zoomed in on the hospital doors as an ambluance pulled up.The doctors ran outside with the strechers.The gang got up and watched from the doors as the first was lifted down and started to come in side.The camera showed that the person in it was Melissa.They checked her pulse and let go.They put a blanket over her whole body indicating she was dead.Casandra went down on her knees crying.Seth hugged her as she shoke and cried uncontrollable for her dead friend.The next strecher broughte had Sami on it.They checked her pulse.

Doctor-This one is still alive!

Camera shows then rushing her into thew emergency room.Casandra was on her feet again trying to go after the doctors.But Seth was holding her back.She tried to get out of his arms to get to her friend,but he wouldnt let go.After she had settled down everyone sat down in the waiting room, waiting to hear from the doctors.

Stu-We should have gone with her.

Chris-Man dont blame yourself it wasnt you guys fault.

Randy-He's right though if me and Stu went with her,We could have saved her and Melissa.

Camera went to the emergency room as a doctor came out with a file in his hands.He looked like he was looking for someone.Casandra looked up and when she was him got up and ran over to him.When everyone saw where she went they went over too.

Casandra-Is she alright?!

Doctor-Well she's lucky to be alive 4 stab wounds,She should have died.There was alot of blood loss,but we managed to stich up the stab wounds.She has atleast three broken ribs.

Casandra-Can we see her?

Doctor-Of course,she's resting right now though.

Camera follwed the group as they went to Sami's room.It showed her sleeping on the bed.Casandra went to her bed and took her hand.Chris and Seth took a set on some chairs.Leaving Stu and Randy to stand and watch Casandra.Hours seemed to pass when she started to wake up.Everyone got up from where they were sitting and went next to her as she woke up.

Sami-Hey guys

Casandra-Hey your awake how do you feel.

Sami-Like I got stabbed alot.

Stu-(laughing alittle)Well you were,so that explains why you feel that way.

Sami-Did they find Melissa in the house.Is she alright?

Camera shows everybody avoiding Sami's eyes when she looks at them for answers.When they dont tell her,she put her head down finally getting why they didnt say anything.Tears started to form in her eyes before they fell.Casandra hugged her as she cried the guys stepped out of the room so the girls could talk.

Casandra-We have to stop this before more die.

Sami-Who would do something like this.Kill for fun.I HATE THIS!!!!!

Casandra-Shh its okay we're going to stop whoever it is doing this.

Camera switched to what looked like a storage closet.A man entered,a janitor,it was looking at the selves looking for something.Something fell a couple alies down.He went to see what it was.It was a box full of tapes,Stab fell out of it.He picked it up and looked at it before putting it back.He found the paper towels that he was looking for and started to grab some.Unnoitced to him though was Ghostface walking slowly from behind an aile.The camera went to the sleeve of as he pulled a knife from it.It shinned from what little light was in the storage room.When the janitor got up,Ghostface grabbed him from behind and held his mouth shut and cut his throat.The man grabbed at his throat and looked at his killer,trying to say something but he couldnt.He fell and layed still.Ghostface wiped the blood off of the knife and reached down grabbing the keys that were on the janitors belt.He left the room locking the door so no one could get in before leaving.
Scene 9
Camera is back on Sami and Casandra.

Sami-Where did those guys go?

Casandra-They went to get something to eat and drink.Guys.....Always hunger.

Camera shows Casandra flicking through the channels on the T.V.But on almost every station was the news and a camera on Melissa's house."The terror has contuined as two people were brutally attacked,one dead and one in the hospital with major injuries."A news reporter said.Casandra changed the channel again A horror movie trailer caame on."Summer Scare 9 art students in a camp its a horror movie come alive,StarringAmanda Crew,A.J Cook,Ali Larter, Jamie Kennedy,Danielle Harris Ian Somerhalder,Shaun Sipos,Ross Thomas,Jesse Moss.Directed and written by Horror Queen Sam Myers.

Casandra-Hey that looks good.

Sami-Yea another good horror movie.

Camera shows the light beginning to flicker through the whole building before going out.

Sami-Whats going on?

Casandra­-I dont know but it doesnt look to good.

Sami-We have to find Randy,Stu,Seth and Chris.

Casandra-No I'll go find them,you shouldnt move.

Sami-What!!!!no,You're not going alone.

Casandra-Well you're hurt,I can take care of myself.I dont want anything happening to you so......
She put the covers over sami's head.

Casandra-No one will see you.
She left the room,not before locking it on her way out.

Stu and Randy

Camera folloes randy and stu as they walk along the nearly darkened halls.

Stu-Where is everyone?

Randy-They must have went the wrong way when the lights went out.

Chris and Seth

Seth-Come on Chris we have to get back to everyone.
Camera shows behind,No one is there.
Seth-Chris,Man where'd you go.


Chris-Hey,guys where are you.
As he passes a door,that is marked security,it bursts open knocking chris off his feet.Ghostface appears at the door knife in hand.


Chris quickly gets up and charges at Ghostface.Ghostface moved out of the way kicking him as he went by.Chris stumbled but didnt fall.He got his footing and came back fist raised.Ghostface lifted the knife and chris fist came in contact with the knife.Chris let out an agoninzing scream.The knife had gone through his hand and came out a couple inches later.

Randy and Stu
Chris's scream rang throughout the building.Camera shows randy and stu running through the building trying to find Chris.They came to the spot where chris was attacked.There was a load of blood there but no body.Blood was coming underneath the door.

Stu-Dude thats alot of blood.

Ranyd-Open the door.

Stu-No you open it.
Randy opened the door to the security room.A secruity guard was slopped over in the chair.Slowly randy pushed it around and the guard fell to the floor a pen through the heart.

Stu-Oh my...
Another scream could be heard faintly.Randy hearing started towards it.Stu still in light schock stood still.The door behind opened again.Ghostface grabbed his mouth from screaming and stabbed him in the back.Stu muffled a scream in pain,Ghostface stabbed him again and dragged him out and put him on a sctrecher.With one last look he took off down the hall.


Camera showed casandra walking through the halls looking for everyone.She heard the scream again,she walked slowier more scared now.
Casandra-Guys come on.
Voice-Casadra,is that you.

Casanra-Randy,what's going on.

Randy-I dont know.

Casandra-Where are you?

Randy-Right here.

Ghostface came around the corner.Casandra screamed as Ghostface came at her.She quickly ducked when he swung the knife at her.She pushed him into the wall and ran for it.But stopped when she saw blood on the floor.A couple feet away was stu on the strecher.She ran to him to see if he was okay.He tried to say something but couldnt due to the blood in his mouth.Ghostface popped up from behind her.He brought the knife to her shoulder.She cried out in pain and sank to her knees.Ghostface gabbed her hair and brought her body back and stabbed her in the stomach.She scream and fell back no longer moving.Ghostface bent down towards her and carassed her cheek before getting up and looking for thier next victim.

Sami's room
Camera showed the door as it became unlocked.Ghostface slowly walked in and raised the knife above the bed before bringing it down.Nothing happened.The closet next to the bed popped open and a cart was rammed in Ghostface.Sami quickly ran out towards the door and down the hall.Ghostface following from behind.

Sami-someone HELP ME.

She came to stu and casandra.She checked casandra,she was still alive.A cough was heard,a couple feet away was CHRIS.He had obvisioily been dragged back there.Sami sat on the floor next to him and put his head on her lap.

Sami-Hold on,you'r going to be okay.

Chris-No...Im not,They stabbed an ateri,Im dieing.

Sami-(crying)Im sorry,I couldnt help.

Chris-I...always'd loved Melissa,now I can see her again and feel no pain.Im your big bro,dont forget that,I'll watch over you.

Sami-Tell melissa I said I love her.I love you.

Chris-Love you.

He took his last breath and closed his eyes forever.Crying she put his head down and looked at Stu and Casandra.She checked Stu's pulse he was still alive.She walked into the door with the secruity guard dead.She looked for something and finally found it...A gun.She picked it and placed it next to casnadra.She started to run further down the hall looking for Randy.


Randy was walking around searching for any signs of life.His cellphone started to go off.


Voice-Randy is that you?

Randy-Sami where are you.

Voice-Behind you.

Camera shows as Randy is pushed from behind.Ghostface raised a gun at him.Sami could be heard alittle way's down screaming for Randy.Randy tackled him trying to get the gun away from him.


Hearing nosies she ran towards the room and pushed it open.To see ghostface and Randy fighting over a gun.


Randy-Sami get out of here.

Ghostface gave him a good kick to the stomach.He then raised the gun towards sami.He pulled the trigger.Sami was knocked off her feet by a force.She looked down at her stomach expecting to see a gun wound but nothing was there.She looked to her right to see Randy on his side,holding it,and a gun shot wound.


She bent down towards him and held the wound.

Ghostface-You and sidney really are alike,everyone you love DIES.


Camera goes back to Ghostface who is slowing taking the mask off...........Its SETH.


Seth-(laughing)Revenge,hatred,for the fun of it.

Sami-What,.....I never did anything to you.

Seth-Not you,see you and sidney have more then one thing in common.Her mom was a slut and your father was a killer.

Sami-What did he do?

Seth-What,you dont remeber.

Seth-Let me remind you then.Where to start.

Camera goes to seth again who has the knife to his chin in a thinking way.

Seth-Oh yea,3 years before you were born.Your father got drunk,cheated on your mom and got the woman pregant.She didnt want it so when the little girl was born your mom took her in and raised her like her own.Then you were born.Everything changed,both of you wanted fame,you got it.

Camera shows Randy, beginning to come around from beging shot.

Seth-You moved to Miami,next to my family.Hilary wasn't excalely the best sister ever huh.Your father started to get real rough with your mom.

Sami-SHUT UP!!!!

Seth-My parents went over one day to see if everything was okay,He had a gun.My parents tried to help.......he shot them.Told police that my parents were hurting your mom and they believed him.Your mom had so many brusies they had to believe him.She never told......scared.You saw everything,but you blacked out and after that you shut completely up.

Sami-Why come after me,and not my father.


Sami-I never recovered,I forgot everything that night,I had TO GO TO THREAPY.

Seth-Well then,TIME TO DIE.

Camera showed him leap at her.She quickly ducked and pushed him away.She quickly pucnhed him and started to kick him.He pulled her legs out from underneath her.She came back at him.He quickly grabbed the gun and hit off her head.He held it up towards her.Randy was finally fully awake and crawled next to her.

Seth-How sweet,now I can kill you both.

Sami-Seth dont do this please,Im your friend.

Camera showed him calming down and slowly putting the gun down.


He brought the gun back up and fired at her.The bullet hit her in the shoulder sending her flying back.


He ran over and tried to help her up.Seth moved closer gun raised at Randy now.

Seth-Your turn,say goodbye.

A gunshot was heard,Seth stumbled and turned around.There stood Casandra gun in hand.Stu was on his knees, at her side,holding her around the waist to keep himself from falling.

Casandra-Good-bye,son of a bitch.

He gasped and fell on his back,blood flowing from underneath him.Casandra gave the gun to Stu,to hold she helped him stand up.

Randy-You guys alright?

Stu-Yea but in alot of pain.

Casandra-Sami,you okay.

Sami-Could be better,let's get out of here.

Camera showed them walking away.A loud scream was heard.Seth was up on his feet again,running at them with the gun raised.Stu turned around and shot him in the temple.

Stu- I helped start it,now I finished it.

Camera was back on them again as they stumbled out of the hospital.They were greeted by the police who had finally arrived.Camera shows them a couple hours later getting thier wounds banaged up.

Casandra-What now?

Stu-I have to go back to the Insititute.

Randy-I dont think so,you saved us,that should count for something.

Sami-I have to go back to the college,I still have atleast two more years there.

Casandra-Where am I going,my harvard classes are over.

Stu-Hey you can come live with me.

Sami-Where do you live?

Camera shows him thinking it over and then turning to Randy.

Randy-UUUHHHH Fine.


Sami-I guess,I'll see you around then huh.

Camera shows them giving her a hug.

Sami-Take care of them.

Casandra-Dont worry I will.

Camera shows sami walking towards the campus.
The screen fades on her back into black.Ghostface pops up for one last scare,The credits start rolling.

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