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Screen 3 By Ghostface

Postby Ghostface » Thu Apr 09, 2009 3:52 am

Screen 3
By "Ghostface"
(Unfinished,by far)
An Old Cinema in a New Community!

Sarah Michelle Gellar:Amy
Rose Mcgowan: Hannah
Leighton Meester: Naomi

Its a dark night in Nottingham,Rain is pouring and thunder is clapping with lightning continuing to Fork onto the half empty streets.. We zoom towards a building thats an old cinema, it looks old and scary and is in need of some renovation work to bring it back to life....

Scene 1: Inside Screen 3
Camera goes inside to see a film coming to an end... 3 people are sat there watching it and munching whats left of their popcorn and sweets... This is where we meet Hannah,Amy,and Naomi....
Hannah: This film is weird....
Amy: Why is that then?
Hannah: Because everyone is afraid of a killer with a mask, Why doesnt someone just pull it off???
Naomi: Because that would be too easy... The audience has to wonder who it is, its called "Mystery"
Hannah: Yes but in loads of films we see culprits faces all the time,and then the audience has to watch the movies with the detectives trying to guess who has killed who, meaning we know all along and have to watch the cops figure it out...
Amy: yes, thats why they have a masked Git here.. So we have to figure it out and the characters do too... makes it more exciting..
Hannah: Right.. Sigh.. (Looks at popcorn container which is now empty)
Naomi: (looks up towards the projection booth window) Its about finished anyway now.. the light sure is dim in that window...
Amy: well it has to be doesnt it.. otherwise we would see shadows all the time...
Film goes off without warning.... Theatre goes black....
Naomi: What the fuck is happening??
Hannah: Naomi,Hold my hand..
Amy: Dont be such a Scardy cat.. Probably just a power cut or fuse blown...
Naomi: Fuck this.. Come on , Switch your mobile phones on to give us some light so we can see where we are going...
Girls light up there phones and head towards a poorly lit Exit sign..
on getting to the exit they push on it and it appears to be locked...
Amy: Shit... Typical old crappy place, nothing works anymore how it should do...
Hannah: Shit, Shit, Shit, i dont like this..
Naomi: Shut up, "Youre still holding my hand arent you" !?
The girls have only 3 little flip phones lit up to see where they are going, in a silent theatre the atmosphere seems to change and a cold breeze wafts by causing them to look towards the exit they were at...
Amy: Wheres the breeze coming from??
Hannah: Think its the door we was at..
Naomi: I do too.. Keep hold of my hand....
A voice comes across the silence from a distance away..
Hey!! (The girls all jump!! )
Its the owner of the theatre... all they can see is a shape outline of him in the doorway... the corridor behind him appears to be lit and with power..
Theatre owner: If you want out , then i suggest this way, that fire Exit has been playing up for some time....
Amy: thats a hazard you know, We could Sue you if it was a real emergency and we had to get out because of a fire or whatever...
Hannah: Yea...
Theatre owner: Is that right??
Naomi: Yea... Show us the door and we will forget it...
Theatre owner then shines a torch down the walkway inbetween the seats and guides the girls to the corridor.... they all slowly go up and towards him bunched together all holding hands.. Theatre owner just smiles and waits patiently...
He closes the doors behind them and dusts off the sign for the Screen.. a Dusty "Screen 3" sign hides underneath....
Amy: Dont know why your doing that,most people know this place off by heart for screen numbers round here..
Theatre owner: I know... Place is due a complete overhaul,may not be around much longer... Anyway, lets get you girls home...
The theatre owner leads them all out to the main front entrance and lets them head out towards home.... He then gets his big bunch of keys and proceeds to lock up! On locking the main door hes left in an empty theatre, he heads to the projection booth to turn off the 6 projectors,he peers through each window to see the lights go out in each screen and gets to the last Screen to have lights turned out! Screen 3!
While looking through the window he sees a shadow in the corner,it moves slowly and without much movement,almost like its gliding.. his terrified eyes watch it as it goes from right to left.. his first instinct is to think its someone else caught out by the power cut... he leaves the projection room lights on and heads towards Screen 3... Finally he gets to the corridor,he opens the main doors...
Whos there??
We had a power cut!! Others have left through the main front entrance!!
NOTHING!! Power goes Completely out...
All of a sudden footsteps are heard fast approaching but he cant see nothing, he turns to run and "BANG"
He hits the floor... Someone has shot him, he looks upwards and sees only a shape.. hes fading fast and cant focus... A knife outline appears,hes continually stabbed... after a last breath the owner is dead..
Camera zooms in to a dark figure with what looks like no face....
The gun is still smoking and then blown on and we hear a blade being wiped... Screen goes black and we see
"Screen 3"

Scene 2: Movies Diner

Amy: Well thanks for an Interesting night so far... I never thought i would see a film only three quarters the way through!!
Hannah: Quit moaning Bitch! Its not like we havent seen it before anyway!
Naomi: Yeah! Plus, it gave us a chance to get here earlier and eat some proper food instead of the Cinema Crap that they serve!
Amy: It could have been worse,the owner of the theatre needs someone to advise him better though... his snacks are like his theatre! OLD!!
Hannah: He doesnt seem to care though...
Naomi: He did seem very relaxed when the power went out,almost like he was used to it..
Amy: Most likely is by now...
Hannah: I think the whole place is totally fucked when it comes to reliability! I mean, Dusty Signs everywhere,Fire Exits that dont open!! Power that goes out when it feels like it... Im sure that when he dies,the cinema will too!
Naomi: Id like to own a Cinema! Entertain people and get money for it! Other people can take the crap the customers give you though,I will take you both on and you can tell them Straight!! SHUT UP!! hahahahah
Amy: Yea right, you cant afford the wages id want!!
Hannah: Same here... Then again, we wouldnt be split up... we could always see each other all the time and not have to worry about Bosses like we would if we got seperate jobs....
Amy: Great!!! All we need now is for someone to kill off the owner so our rich Daddies can buy the place!!
Naomi: If only!! I doubt the owner has long left anyway...
Hannah: Look outside,Police cars are outside the Cinema!!
Amy: Jesus! , How many do they need!?!?
Hannah: Why is there a Coroners van??
The girls lean forward peering out the diners window,Police are all over the area stopping pedestrians and sealing off the cinema,a body is wheeled out on a stretcher,the stretcher falls off the kerb and is caught by the paramedics but the jolt unveils the theatre owners face.. The girls all look at each other with shocked faces.... They then look back at each other and all smile thinking maybe their plan to work together might actually come true!!

Scene 3 : Hannahs House
The family of three are sat round the table having breakfast...The papers are filled with the news on the theatre owner... Mr Wheat, Mrs Wheat, and Hannah all know the news of the theatre owner and there is concern about Hannah's ideas as she has always wanted her own movie theatre since being a child..
Hannah: Dad.... ?!?!
Mr Wheat: uh huh...
Hannah: You know that me and Naomi and amy all want to stay together??
Mr. Wheat: Yes, how could i forget!!
Hannah: well with news last night i hoped we could all get what we wanted ..
Mr. Wheat puts the paper down with the theatre owners headline showing upwards...
So you can end up like him?!?!
Hannah:No! . So we can all be together as friends and have a life together instead of us all drifting apart...
Mrs Wheat: i know you 3... When together anything can happen.. Not always good either.. But if you have the right people guiding you...
Mrs Wheat looks over to her husband with a sympathetic look....
Mr Wheat: Hmmmmmmm.... He looks at Hannah and closes his eyes to think...
Settled then...
Hannah: Whats Settled??? "Eager look on her face"
Mr Wheat: If the property comes on the market then ill buy it.. With the Right Manager of course....
Hannah:Whos Manager then dad????
Mr Wheat: You! After i put you through Training of Course... Thats if i get the building!! If the worse comes to the worse then i could always build one...
Hannah: I prefer the old one.. its Authentic... Old and used and in need of work but its what i want...
Mrs Wheat: Im sure your father will do what he can honey.. Now eat up and get off to college...
Hannah eats up her food and collects her stuff for college.. Her father shakes his head and picks up his paper again.. Mrs Wheat collects up the pots and heads for the kitchen..

Scene 4: Pine Grove

Hannah walks up a slight hill towards the end house of the Cul De Sac named Pine Grove,Amys house is at the end right up a long driveway secluded by bushes and trees,its a fairly nice day and the sun is out,Hannah cant help thinking of what now may lay ahead for herself and her friends.She starts to daydream about the possibilities of the old cinema..
Naomi: Boo!!!
Naomi has been hiding in a bush for about 5 minutes waiting for her friend as usual.. Obviously Hannah is startled.
Hannah: You Fucking Bitch!
Naomi: what? Surely you must know me by now!
Hannah: Yes, to an extent..
Naomi: why so jumpy anyway? You got your own world to sink into now?
Hannah: NO! Just thinking about last night,and how it went from a normal night into a strange night!
Naomi: You mean with the power cut in the cinema or because the owner was killed after we left?
Hannah: Both! I mean,c`mon,here we are watching a film,the power goes out,we head to the diner and all of a sudden theres someone killed where we was, its almost as if we was pushed out of there for the owner to be killed with nobody seeing..
Naomi: I suppose it is kinda weird,So does this mean your dad will buy the place now? I know you have loved that place since i can remember..
Hannah: Nice to see your so sensitive Nao,A man dies and two seconds later you are already thinking of us all taking over there..
Naomi: Says miss innocent, tell me you and your dad didnt mention it to each other this morning already,and if not ill give you some credit,but something tells me you have been on the subject because you were day dreaming pretty deep..
Hannah: Ok Ok! so we talked about it.
Naomi: HA! i knew it! so what did he say?
Hannah: he said i would have to be trained and that with us three anything can happen,but im sure he will buy it if it comes on the market..
The girls come to the end of the driveway,as they round the corner they see a police car and both look at each other with curious faces..
An officer exits the house,its Sheriff Rosenburg, behind him is Amy and her mum...
Sheriff Rosenburg: you two take care now,ill be back if i need any more questions answered i can think of
Hannah and Naomi walk up towards the big wooden white porch,Sheriff Rosenburg winds his window down,
Sheriff Rosenburg: Hey Girls, how are you?
Hannah: Fine thanks
Naomi: Yea fine officer..
Sheriff Rosenburg: I understand from little Amy here that you two were with her last night,
Hannah: yea
Sheriff Rosenburg: Well if you can both confirm it then she may be out of trouble.
Naomi: Why? Whats she meant to have done this time?
Sheriff Rosenburg: Nothing too serious this time,just that old cinema owner was killed last night and we all know that little Amy hated his guts dont we!
Amy: Jeez, i know i made a point of hating the old son of a bitch but i wouldnt kill somebody!
Sheriff Rosenburg: Well you kids today can be full of surprises..
Amy rolls her eyes and storms inside.
Hannah: She was with us Sheriff,we all went to the movies diner after the power outage at the cinema,then we saw you guys rolling up about fifteen minutes later finding the old man.
Sheriff Rosenburg: Thats right,Anonymous phonecall,you sure you three didnt make that now?
Naomi: Quite sure sheriff,we were as surprised as anyone to see what we saw when the stretcher was wheeled out.
Sheriff Rosenburg: Good, well i think i can believe you gals this time then,just be aware that i might be coming back to you at College if i need anymore questions answered..
Hannah and Naomi both nod their heads,Amys mother (Mrs Patterson) looks at them sympathetically,knowing they wouldnt lie. The Sheriff drives off and leaves the dust to settle back on the driveway..
Mrs Patterson: You girls coming in? Or you waiting there?
Hannah: We can wait here.
Mrs Patterson: You sure now?
Naomi: we`re sure..
Amy exits the house,her mother kisses her before she leaves,Amy pulls away as she does not wanting to look like a baby infront of her two friends.. Mrs Patterson waves and then heads in.The girls start back down the driveway.
Hannah: So,your tomboy days still haunting you then amy?
Amy: Shut up, not my fault we have an overly suspicious sheriff,as if id kill someone.
Naomi: Well with your history of a bad temper i guess they always have you in mind..
Amy: What the hell do you mean by that?
Naomi: Well, you know, theres not many girls you hear about that beat up boys now is there?
Amy: well im just protecting myself, thats all, im not about to let any male asshole think he can walk all over me..
Hannah: I agree Amy but having a temper like yours has lead to you getting your nasty bad girl rep..
Amy: Because thats how i like it..
Naomi: Can we change the subject girls please?
Amy: Why? oh wait let me guess, so we can talk about being together in something that wont happen?
Hannah: what wont happen?
Amy: Look Hannah,we are 3 different types here, you are a spoilt daddys girl,Nao is a sensitive girl with stunning looks and im a bad girl with a bad rep who is tougher than most guys,doesnt that seem all too much of a bad mix to lay into a new business together?
Hannah: NO, i dont, i see it as three life long friends staying together instead of us all splitting up and never seeing each other again after college life!
Amy: who says we wont see each other again? You girls moving away or something?
Naomi: Im not going anywhere...
Hannah: Me neither,but if i dont decide on something in life then my father will,seen as he sees you as a bad influence Amy,he likes Nao though,but i dont want us splitting up at all..
Amy: So put your foot down bitch,lets get this cinema shit sorted out,i can be the head of security or someting, a pushy role..
Naomi: I can be something like a mangeress or something.. anything that keeps me from cleaning up kids sweets and candy..
Hannah: Thats more like it girls.. C`mon,we`re running late..
The girls continue down the street to college,they round a corner and get out of sight,out of the many trees surrounding the street either side comes a view of somebodys legs from the waist down,we see the bottom half only slowly going in their direction,then disappears in the opposite direction at the roads junction.

More to be added soon.

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