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Welcome to - GhostFace-The icon of

Ghostface The icon of Halloween
Someone has taken their love of Ghostface onto a website.

Welcome to the Website!
The Home of GhostFace®. "The Icon of Halloween®"
This site is here today to serve as a main attraction for GhostFace® and all his fans.

Since mid 2010 the site has been in touch with RJ Torbert (Fun World) who kindly gave us permission to use the new official logo for GhostFace®, and also the new Registered trademark "The Icon Of Halloween®" in which im entirely grateful.

This Website is here for reasons being that i love the Ghostface® mask/Character and Scream Movies, for a long time ive owned a costume and many masks and merchandise based on the films, in recent years i decided to center my website more around GhostFace® as a character/icon. Since late 2006 til present day the site has become known among many fans and i have spoke to many of them online about Mask's and the movies and the new book from RJ.

So far its been a good ride for the site, i hope it continues for a long time to come.

Thanks for reading, Tim Wagstaff


In recent time there have been a few E mail's sent to this site asking about selling GhostFace masks, as in trade sales, and where to get masks for people's shops they may own, and even people asking about getting permission to use an image of GhostFace and addressing the E mail to RJ Torbert... THIS SITE ISNT PART OF FUN WORLD, it is a FAN SITE based in the UK, for enquiries in relations to GhostFace or ANY kind of trade sales please contact the Fun World website directly.. They DO have a 'CONTACT' link there.. ThankYou.


Below is just a small highlights list of some of the info featured on this site, Learn things you may not have known before, particularly about the Mask types and Ghostface brand itself.. this mask we have come to know over the years hasnt always been named GhostFace!


GhostFace Mask Info

Learn about the many different mask types of GhostFace, in the VERY early years people knew of this mask as the 'Peanut Eyed Ghost' or the 'Weeping Ghost' before finally getting the simple and fitting name of Ghostface!

Browse through Movie info on all the SCREAM movies, Posters, Soundtracks, Original Movie Score info, Filming Locations, Cast profile and ratings, Deaths and Violence ratings... etc

Scream Movies


Check out real and Genuine facts on GhostFace and the Brand and even what measures have to be taken to help protect from fakes, also why some masks are limited and only made in small amounts, also links to Wikipedia pages on GhostFace and the Scream Movies..

RJ Torbert is the Director of Licensing at Fun World and ALL things involving GhostFace have to go through him, except this time he has wrote a novel with GhostFace involved, a thrilling story fills the pages here as Detective's Powers and Johnson try and solve crimes in Port Jefferson, in Long Island New York.
A second book is on the way too this year.. i urge all fans of GhostFace to read this..

The Face Of Fear By RJ Torbert

GhostFace Forum

Since the sites first ever day online we had a community forum here, today a different type board exists and fans can register and post away on all things GhostFace related and SCREAM movie related, Find masks for sale or add your own fan made posters or videos, since Scream 4 has been and gone its quieter with some fans but the board is always open.. Browse through many fans posts still there since August 2008..

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